CVS: $6 Gillette and Venus Double-Dip Moneymaker!

In our weekly CVS deals – I suggested combining the Gillette Men $5 ECB deal and the Gillette Venus $5 ECB deal.  Well I went in today to do exactly that – and here’s what I got!

Gillette Sensor 3 Mens  4-pk $9.99  ~ Get $5 ECB for Gillette Men’s Razor Purchase (Limit 1)
Gillette Simply Venus  4-pk $8.29  ~ Get $5 ECB for Venus Razor Purchase (Limit 1)
Used the BOGO Gillette Disposable Razors coupon from the 8/5 RP
The coupon deducted $12.99 *Keep reading
I paid $5.29 ~ Got back $5 Venus ECB and the $5 Gillette Men’s ECB
(makes them FREE + a $4.71 Moneymaker!)

*I mentioned to the cashier that the register had taken off $12.99 instead of $8 or $9.  She said that she wasn’t prompted to enter an amount and that they’d be reimbursed for it.  The outcome will vary for some of you, but if your coupon deducts $12.99 automatically, then this is a really great moneymaker!

If your coupon doesn’t deduct $12.99 – you’ll still be paying under $10 and getting back $10 in  ECB’s = FREE Razors

I got this email from reader Daniela – she went on Sunday and got an even better deal!
She bought:

Gillette Men’s Custom 3 Sensor 4ct – $8.39
Gillette Venus Embrace disp.- $8.39
Used BOGO coupon from the the machine took off $12.99!
She paid $3.69 and received $5 ecbs + $5 ecbs
(makes it FREE + a $6.31 Moneymaker!)

 - I loooooove cvs!  thank you so much for the alert… with appreciation daniela


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  1. Jamie says

    Heather – the coupon that I used here does not specify Gillette men’s razors – simply Gillette disposables. Also – I specifically told my cashier that the register had deducted more than the item was worth – and she would not re-ring it. If that is the case as it was for others as it was for me and Daniela – then I am simply factoring that into the math. I agree with you wholeheartedly that coupon misuse is not okay.

  2. Heather says

    I disagree with how this is being done. The coupons that are being used are bogo for either buying two Gillette Mens razors or two Gillette Womens razors. Just because both products are made/distributed by the same company does not mean that we are allowed to cross them. There are clearly pictures and wording on the coupons. Misuse is one major reason that coupons are being narrowed down so much. As we all know we are not supposed to rely on the registers to be our guide. Just because that is what the registers allowed does not make it okay.


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