CVS: $10 Gas Card Scenario for 6/5 (Coffee & Chocolate!)

Coming this Sunday, 6/5, the new CVS weekly ad will feature another FREE $10 Gas Card wyb $30 in select products.  You can see all the items in this week’s CVS Coupon Matchups HERE – but here’s the scenario I’ll be doing.  It involves bringing home LOTS of cheap coffee and chocolate…. at just around $1 per item!   (This makes me very, very happy)

NOTE: I have you using FOUR Folgers coupons, because you probably have two from last month and two more from June. (Since they’ve just reset these coupons on  If you don’t have 4 of these – you can sub out Dunkin Donuts coffee (See note at bottom)

This List Has Expired
Spend $30 in Select Items ~ Get $10 Gas Card FREE


  1. stephanie says

    Well I have decided that I am not supposed to have the coffee. But in still searching my many zipcodes I came across this one zip code58947 has a coupon for a Del Monte Gold Extra sweet Pineapple buy 2 get $1.25 off. No cans a real pineapple. Love it when you can find real fruit!

  2. stephanie says

    I have tried every zipcode I can think of. I still can’t fint the coffee. I need my coffee!

    • Jamie says

      Stephanie – I just did zip 37311 again and it’s still there. The Folgers picture is of a big can – but it’s for the 10.3 oz and up. Search under beverages if you don’t see it :)

  3. Carolyn says

    Will the $1/1 Folgers Gourmet coupon work, that seems to be the only one I can find on ebay? I’m assuming it wont.

  4. Jill says

    I don’t see the Dunkin Donuts coffee coupon from the link you posted, can you help me? Thanks a ton!

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