Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas: DIY Candy Bowl

Valentine's Day Candy Bowl


If you are hosting a Valentine’s Day party or just want to get into the spirit, you are going to want to round up cute Valentine’s Day ideas! And while you might think that equals spending big bucks, you might be surprised! The truth is you that you will find many cute Valentine’s Day ideas can be whipped up for just a few dollars or less.

In fact, take a peek at this adorable Valentine’s Day candy bowl! Looks are quite deceiving with this project! With just a few easy supplies, you can create one yourself in no time. Here is how!


  • 3 King sized Kit Kat bars
  • 1 pound bag of M&Ms
  • 1 Canister of frosting (any flavor)
  • 1 Roll of ribbon
  • 1 Glass bowl, medium sized


Valentine Candy Bowl (1)



  • Turn your bowl upside down on cake plate or platter. Otherwise, you’ll need a lot more bags of M & M’s!!
  • Glue your Kit Kat bars around using your frosting as paste.
  • Make sure that “Kit Kat” wording is all facing same direction so it looks uniform! (I tried standing the Kit Kat’s up against the bowl at first but almost lost my religion – then I started “gluing” them on with a dab of icing. Perfect!)
  • Wrap the ribbon around the outside of the Kit Kat’s and cut, leaving about an inch of extra ribbon.
  • Use your icing again as paste and put a few small dabs on your ribbon. Keep the dabs small or they will show through!
  • Grab the spool of ribbon, tie a nice bow and cut. Attach the bow to the ribbon with a glob of icing as shown.
  • If you use a medium bowl, all you need is one bag of M&M’s to fill it up! Voila!


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