Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas: Animated Photo Cards only $.99 Shipped! (Reg $6.29)



If you’re still dragging from the holidays, it may be hard to come up with any cute Valentine’s Day ideas – well we’ve got you covered!  (Visit our growing Valentine’s Day Ideas category) Here’s a perfect example:

For a very limited time - get a Snapily Animated Photo Card for only $.99 + FREE Shipping when you use code VAL99!!

(Reg $3.99 for the card and $2.30 for Shipping). This offer is only good for a couple days – it ends on Jan. 28.

These animated cards are so cool – the photo changes as you tilt them back and forth – see them in action HERE!


To get this deal:

  1. Head over to Snapily and browse the designs, pick one your like
  2. Choose an animated card or a 3D card
  3. At checkout use code VAL99 to make it only $.99 Shipped!

Want to get more than one… or a birthday card, anniversary card, thank you card, etc??  You can use this code on up to *4* cards with code VAL99, just not in the same transaction.

Photo Tip:  If you don’t know of 2 photos that would go well together – you can just pick a design in which the CARD graphics change when you turn it from side to side – there are several of those options available too!  Check out all the fun designs HERE.


  1. Chelsey says

    Just so you know, you can get as many of these as you want! :) I just ordered 10. I had to do them one at a time but it worked! There is no limit! As far as I know! :)))) So excited to see them in person!

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