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 If you are tuning in after viewing our segment on WDEF News 12 this morning I’ve included the information we talked about this morning below!  Thanks so much for stopping by.

Recently, made some changes to their site.  Unfortunately, it seems a little slower to load and thus far seems less user friendly.  Just in case you missed our previous post, a hot tip on how to click through pages of coupons faster you can read it here.

Often times we find new printables listed under specific zip codes.  Since changed their site, we’ve gotten several emails asking how to search for a specific zip code.  I’ve included a couple of screenshots below to show you how.


1.  This is what you’ll see at the top of your screen.




tutorial2 copy


3.  Enter Zip Code, then click the orange arrow button.

tutorial3 copy


4.  Click back to COUPONS, by clicking the first tab.  You can also scroll through categories of coupons by clicking either food, health care, personal care, etc.  (see arrows below)

tutorial4 copy

That’s the scoop.  It’s super easy!! Click to try it.

Just a reminder, right now you can get a FREE 1-Year Subscription to the Savings Club!  This normally costs around $30 per year  and gives you access to higher-value coupons than normally available to print.  It’s an exclusive club for couponers only – and for a limited time only – they’re giving away free membership here.

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