Coupons and Giving: Where do you like to give?

Being a couponer means being able to stockpile things at their lowest price -  the unexpected bonus being that you suddenly have enough extra that you can give some away.  We’ve talked before about some of our favorite places to give – but we’d love to hear some of YOUR favorite places to give!  First, lets take a look at some great ways to give…

The following excerpt is taken from Kasey’s article on giving for Scripps Media services:

Giving can be anything you want it to be for your family. The reality is no matter how you choose to give, the act has the power to bless you in amazing ways.  To get started, here are some examples of items to buy and places that always need help:

■ Grocery/personal care items/household items: food banks, homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, local church pantries, Salvation Army, United Way

■ Pet food: animal shelters, churches

■ School supplies: schools, day care centers, Salvation Army, churches

■ Baby items: teen pregnancy centers, food banks, homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, churches, Salvation Army, United Way

Other ideas for giving back:

■ Help homeless people: Make bags of personal care items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, nonperishable food such as snack crackers, ChapStick, shampoo, etc. Keep the bags in your car, and distribute them as the need arises.

■ Adopt a U.S. soldier: Send care packages filled with some of these items: Gatorade, Crystal Light, beef jerky, beef sausage, canned meats, candy, chocolate, cookies, gum, mints, aspirin, cough drops, dental floss, disposable razors, Kleenex, Neosporin, mouthwash (without alcohol), ChapStick, batteries, pens, local newspapers/comics.

■ Be ready to respond to a natural disaster: Collect items such as water, personal hygiene items, baby wipes, diapers, nonperishable food items, feminine hygiene products, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, pet food and cough drops.

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So, let’s hear it – what are your favorite ways to give?


  1. Lorie says

    I am going to check on some local nursing homes. The people there are really Special if you have ever had a family member or a friend. You completely know what I’m talking about. Alot of them don’t even have visitors. Really a sad Situation!!

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