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She Expo 2010 – Time 2 $ave Community
We are back at the She Expo 2011 this weekend.  If you stopped by our booth – thank you it was great to chat, we love to hear how couponing has impacted your life.  So many new people have stopped by the booth interested in attending a workshop.  We’ve recently booked several new workshops that are listed below.  We recommend attending a grocery store workshop first, then you’ll be ready to jump into the wild world of Drug Stores.  Preregister online to guarantee seating.  Register by clicking on the green calendar in the right side bar.

Couponing Workshops – Just Scheduled!


We teach a balanced view of couponing – it doesn’t have to take over your life to be successful.  You choose how it fits into your life.  Remember it’s not supposed to make your life more stressful, instead to bring hope to your families finances.

Where to Register?
To register online – look for the green calendar in the right side bar.  Click the workshop you’d like to attend and register online.  The registration fee is $10 pay at the door.  Online registration helps us prepare for the number of attendants.

Grocery and Drug Store Sale matched with Coupons
You can check out our grocery store and drug store match-ups – click here.   You’ll see a list of grocery, drug and national retail stores – from here, click the store that you shop at and you’ll be directed to that stores weekly sale items matched with coupons.   Don’t worry we walk you step by step through the process at a workshop.

Learning the “Lingo” & Tutorials
The “lingo” seem confusing – don’t worry we’ve got it all listed out for you here.  Even better – we’ve got tutorials here that really simplify the process and to help you understand that it takes learning to shop differently in order to see different results, if like most of us you felt like couponing was a waste of time before.  Trust us, we really do understand.

Awesome Freebies
Did you miss our list of FREEBIES yesterday?  Look no further – you’ll find this sweet treasure here.

Don’t Miss a Deal!
We update the blog all day long – you don’t want to miss out on the HOT deals we find.  Some are very time sensitive – in that case twitter is a great way to be notified each time we update the site.  Join our facebook community of almost 17,000 and growing strong.  It’s a great place to connect with other couponers, share your deals, ask each other questions, and of course see deals that we ONLY post on facebook.  Of course you don’t want to miss our daily FREE newsletter that summarizes that days posting here.

Here is a big shout out to JAMIE – our faithful Headblogger and Webmaster.  Jamie is amazing – we couldn’t do it without her dedication and heart to truly reach out to each of you.  Show her some love today – leave a comment below – let’s give her a big o surprise of love and thankfullness today!!


  1. Carolina says

    Hi, I was looking to attend the drugstore workshop for Dayton. On the website it says the 16th of August, but when I register it shows the 18th of August. Which date is the workshop?

    Thanks for all you do to help us save money!

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