Couponing for Gifts: A Reality Check….

I try to save money in all areas of my life where it’s possible – including buying gifts for family and friends.  However – this week, I got a reality check via my brother.  I’d been thinking how much he’d love the new Crocs I bought him during a recent Zulily Sale (They were 50% OFF, and I even had credits to use!)…..  then today he sent me a link for a birthday gift he wants from this website:

(Yes, that wolf is running with a bandsaw blade in his mouth.  That has GOT to be worse than running with scissors!)

For one of these things:


SIGH…..  There just aren’t that many good daily deals, coupons or discount codes for bandsaws, now are there?

So I guess I learned my lesson (or was reminded again) that with some people, it’s best not to shop for bargains, but to wait and let them simply send you a link to their heart’s desire…..

Have you learned any couponing life lessons along the way?  Please share them in the comment section!


  1. Kendra says

    I keep in my mind that I am saving everywhere else so I have the ability and funds to buy something I can’t find with frugal ways.

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