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  1. Rebecca Hardin says

    I go grocery shopping on Thursdays – and always check here before I go! I have a binder with the coupons I plan to use and the ones I keep a look out for. Ore-Ida steak fries at Bi-Lo were on close-out for $1.84 and I remembered I had a printed coupon for those so I went thru my binder – and had one for $1 off! I got a NICE bag of the Ore-Ida steak fries for $0.84!! It was great!

  2. Stacy Trenum says

    Hi ! I am part of the EXTENSIVE Trenum family ! I am married to one of Gary Jr.’s cousins. Anyway, we live in a suburb of Indianapolis. I was wondering if you guys have thought of expanding. Alot of what you guys have are for your local area. You have stores that we don’t & vice versa ! I am volunteering to help you with that if you would like. Maybe it is something to consider in the future!

  3. Marva says

    Are you still doing couponing workshops? Will you be doing another web version? I am in Lilburn Georgia area- near Tucker where I see you did a workshop last year.

  4. Sunshine says

    I tried the Aveno deal but did not get my Monthly up rewards. I called Rite Aid & was told that that only applied to California, Washington & a few other states in that area. That stinks!

  5. Rebecca says

    I cannot scroll down past the Pediasure post. What am I doing wrong? Also, when I’m on that page the home page, the “stuff” on the right side doesn’t show up like I see it on this page. I’m going into panic mode. Please help!

  6. Jane says

    Know I am late but I wanted to share a recipe for turkey leftovers that I LOVE! Maybe someone will be able to use it after the Christmas turkey is prepared or if they have frozen leftovers. :)

    Creamed Turkey
    4 cups broth (or combination of broth and milk)
    ½ cup butter
    ½ cup flour
    2 cups diced turkey
    1 can mushroom soup
    1 small onion
    Salt and pepper
    Strain (if necessary) and heat broth. Melt butter in a large saucepan, stir in flour. Add hot broth gradually. Cook until thick, stirring frequently. Add other ingredients. Pour over biscuits.

  7. TAMMY says

    Hi, can you tell me how long it takes for the All You magazine subscriptions to start coming to our home after we purchase them after your classes? I bought two, one for me and one for my daughter back in mid October when you came to the YMCA in Dayton and we still haven’t received a copy yet. Just wondering if you can give me any info on this. I loved your class!!
    Thanks in advance,

  8. brenda says

    Thanks for all the hard work you do for us!!

    Can you help me with one one thing! At christmas I like to put movie tickets in my 3 married children stockings, are there some place I can get them at a better price?

  9. says

    I just got the most amazing deal at Kroger!!! I had coupons for $3 off of any Similac product from their website . Kroger has selected Similac ready to feed formulas on sale for $2.97 each. If you have the $3 off coupon that makes each one a 3 cent money maker!!!

    Happy Shopping!!!!

  10. Jessica says

    I was wondering if you knew of any website that will track deals on a particular item (in this case a Norelco Shaver my husband has asked for). I know they are sold at several stores and would like to track if they go on sale at any of them.

    Thank you.

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