Contact Companies for Coupons! (New Weekly Series)


Contacting companies is a great way to get coupons!  Why?  Because 99% of the time, they will reward the time you took to provide them with feedback with coupons!!   Each week we’ll be contacting various companies, and hopefully getting high-value coupons!

1) Watch our short silly Slideshow HERE on “How-To-Contact-Companies
2) Find a huge list of company contact info HERE

Here is who we contacted this week:

- A big thanks to Saving for a BetterLife for sharing this contact info with us!


  1. Christine says

    I contacted Mayfield because I had a problem with their product. The milk plastic was very thin and see through on the handle. I was very nice and explained the issue. I received nothing. :(

  2. Kim says

    I did this with numerous companies & all I got in return was a thank you for your wonderful feedback…is there a trick to actually getting coupons or something back?

  3. says

    I just started doing this as well! I spend the Campbell Soup Company a letter on August 30, and September 17th, I got a $3 off coupon from ANY of their products! Talk about a score!

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