ConAgra Child Hunger Ends Here: Enter Codes to Donate Meals!

There are 16 million children in America facing hunger today.  Isn’t that heartbreaking?  Check out a couple interviews with kids who are actually in this situation HERE.  Many of us are blessed enough to have plenty to feed our families.  In fact, through couponing, many of us have been enabled to “coupon it forward” by sharing with someone less fortunate.  It’s sort of the Couponer’s Code around here – get a little extra, give a little away.

Well, ConAgra is taking this same principle to American children on a HUGE scale with their Child Hunger Ends Here campaign (click here to enter a code).  They are donating up to 3 Million meals to hungry kids through Feeding America Foodbanks – and all you have to do to help them reach their goal is reach inside your pantry, pull out any of the select items containing special codes, and enter that code on their site.

Each code entered =  1 Meal Donated to the Feeding America Foodbanks!

So next time you find a good deal on a Healthy Choice meal, Peter Pan Peanut Butter, or Chef Boyardee Ravioli’s (among many other items) – just remember that by purchasing it, you are not only feeding your family – but you’re feeding another child out there as well!  We love it!