Combining Netflix + Hulu = A Frugal Alternative to Cable/Satellite!


We talked a couple months back about how using Netflix, or a combination of Netflix and Hulu, is a heck of a lot cheaper than paying for Cable or Satellite.  Lots of you responded, telling us that it’s exactly what you do!  For those of you who missed that discussion – I wanted to recap and remind you that you can try either one out for free!

I went into greater detail about why I love Netflix HERE . We’ve also talked about what’s great about Hulu Plus HERE.  (And in case you didn’t hear – Hulu Plus recently launched Hulu Kids to make it an even better option that before!)

Here are the pros & cons of both – you’ll see why so many people would rather subscribe to both of these services than pay for Cable or Dish.

Netflix Pros & Cons:

Netflix:  $7.99/month, with a 30-Day Free Trial HERE
PRO: Stream a huge selection of movies and T.V. instantly. I especially love it for the GREAT Kids’ Section.  No commercials
CON: You have to wait awhile to see current seasons of television shows

We love Netflix for all the great family -friendly stuff available.  The kids have VeggieTales, iCarley, Avengers, Backyardigans, Spongebob, etc…. The “Just for Kids” section of Netflix means you don’t have to worry about the kids picking something weird to watch – and makes it simple for them to navigate.

Also – check out the unexpected stuff, like Exercise & Workouts (Gaiam Yoga anyone?).  Documentaries on history, wars, wildlife, natural wonders, etc… (This is where we first saw Planet Earth).  Or hit up the Romance genre for a date-night-in anytime.

Hulu Plus Pros & Cons:

Hulu Plus: $7.99/month, with a 7-Day FREE Trial HERE
PRO:  Stream full current seasons and a huge library of back seasons of your favorite shows.  Also movies, documentaries, etc… and new Hulu Kids.
CON: commercials

I think of Hulu Plus as Netflix’s younger, cooler teenage brother.  It’s the place to be for everything new and popular – but not quite as mature and user-friendly as Netflix.

I use Hulu to catch up on New Girl, Up All Night, Community, Once Upon a Time and Downton Abbey, among others….
While it’s not perfect by itself, it provides what Netflix is lacking – current seasons of television shows – as well as the occasional movie/documentary that Netflix doesn’t have.

Do you use Netflix or Hulu Plus?  What do you think about using them together vs. Cable or Satellite?


  1. sara says

    ohhh what a great way to save! Does Hulu also have instant stream movies like netflix? I have never heard of it till now!

  2. Rena says

    we use netflix and I use hulu on my computer. we still pay for direct tv only because I am unsure how to get channels like ESPN my husband and 2 sons love to watch sports if we could find our way around the sports then we would love to ditch direct tv. we do love Netflix but like you said it doesn’t have the current shows. alot of times I will watch stuff on hulu on my computer while they are watching sports on the tv.


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