Christmas Poll: Extended 1-More Day!

You guys absolutely blew us away yesterday with your comments on the Christmas Poll.

We knew that God had impressed this on our hearts many months ago, but had no idea the response it would receive.  We’d like to extend the poll one more day to include as many people as we can.  For each one of you that expressed stress and anxiety, there are hundreds more that feel the same way.  Help us to reach as many people as we can so that we can work together each week towards a common goal – A Purposeful Peaceful Christmas.
Check out Facebook - send this link to everyone in your inbox – post it on your wall.  You never know what kind of difference you can make in the lives of other families just by helping us spread some HOPE.
No matter what your comment was – whether you already enjoy Christmas or find yourself desperately wishing you could -  this purposeful planning-ahead will benefit you.  Reading over your comments has made us even more determined to help our little community work toward a Peaceful Christmas Season!

So far, in reading your comments, these seem to be the biggest stress factors:
1. Budget
2.  Buying gifts
3.  Holiday meals and baking
4. Traveling
5. Creating purposeful traditions with your kids and family and being able to relax & enjoy them
So again, we ask you pass this link along to your friends and family, inviting them to join our Time 2 $ave Community as we take a Step-By-Step approach to Christmas Planning.  Tomorrow morning, when you wake up, the first installment will be waiting for you!  Subscribe to our daily email updates so you won’t miss anything!


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    Kelly here. Thought I’d join in on the Christmas discussion. My heart was stirred as I’ve read through your comments. I can truly empathsize with many of the struggles. For my own (list maker that I am), here goes:
    - overscheduling and taking on too much for myself and my family
    - wanting to protect the innocence of Christmas in my children’s world
    - my primary love language is Gift Giving…you can just imagine the nightmare that makes Christmas
    - money…I lose sleep at night thinking about the difference that could be made in the world from all the money spent at Christmas
    - bills…things are still really tight in our household. We have definately been blessed in many areas, but there’s not extra for extravagance here.

    This year I have a different perspective. My step mother saw my struggles of years past and she and my Dad gave us some extra cash last year to go away for Christmas. They insisted. Again it wasn’t anything elaborate…just a few days at the Red Roof Inn in Piegon Forge ($39.99 rooms!) So we loaded up, packed our bathing suites and at the last minute decided NOT to take any presents…or my coupon binder! I must admit (& shout from the rooftop) that those days were probably the best 3 days we’ve ever had as a family, certainly the best Christmas. No holiday baking, no shopping, no running around, no decorating…it was such a breath of fresh a normally stressful season. On Christmas Day, we swam together, ate pb&j for Christmas lunch and after naps had a party in the hotel lobby. I’d gotten a cake from Wal-mart (gasp!) and it was great because we were able to invite the other kids staying in the hotel. A day to honestly celebrate the birth of our Savior together with our family and new friends. Our kids never asked for presents and to this day they ask at least once a week when are we going back.

    All that said, this year I’m in a position of trying to be purposeful as a gatekeeper of my family’s time and schedule…trying to decide what I’m going to allow back IN. After stripping away from the craziness and finding a place of peace, I find myself not ever wanting to go back to the chaos. It is challenging me not just to evaluate what is TOO much, but looking at each committment, tradition, activity and expectation to see is it Worthy of the cost? It is a simplier place to be…nothing is a given when we are starting over. Rather than trying to find a stopping place, I’m trying to think through each piece that I allow in and make sure it deserves a place in our holiday season…Christ’s holiday.

    Who knows…we may head back to the Red Roof!

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