Christmas Giving: Printable Planning Page #2

The second printable page for your Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas Planner is here!

(If you’re just joining us for the Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas Series – start at the intro post HERE. See all posts from the series by clicking the Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas button in the sidebar.)

  • Page #2. A Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas: Giving  Kid Version
  • Page #1. A Purposeful Peaceful Christmas:  Goals

Click HERE to print the downloadable E-book Christmas Planner

Before we get into the hustle and bustle of all the present planning, meal supplies lists, craft ideas,sales, etc…  let’s take a moment to pause and plan how our families want to give this year.  At workshops and on our website we encourage everyone to become purposeful in giving, to include your children, and to make it a way of life.

Christmas Giving: Printable Planning Page #2')"> So this year before we make any other plans, let’s reflect…..

  • What do we want our family’s vision of Christmas to be this year?  How can we incorporate giving?
  • Whether you have a young family, are a grandparent, a single person, or somewhere in the mdidle – there are people everywhere that would love to be adopted for a Christmas giving project!  Consider the elderly, families at shelters, kids at your church Angel Tree… and beyond that, friends or neighbors who would never ask – but are hurting financially this year.
  • If your kids are old enough to think this through, print the kid-friendly page for them and see what they write.   Then sit down together as a family and go over your goals together!

If you’re a blogger -  we invite you to join in our Christmas Planning Series!  Go HERE to see how you can benefit and contribute!

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