Christmas Day 2013: List of Stores Open



Wondering what stores are open on Christmas Day?  If you need to run out on Christmas day to grab something your choices are limited.  Below is a list of stores open on Christmas Day 2013.  If you were hoping to run out to Walmart, Target, Toys “R” Us, or Best Buy®they are all closed today but you can still shop online! Please make sure to verify with your local store, as there may be regional variations!

Open On Christmas Day

Drug Stores:

  • Rite Aid – Open 9am – 5pm (some pharmacies open)
  • Walgreens – Open 8am to 6pm & select Pharmacies (24-hour stores open as usual)
  • CVS – Open call 1-800-SHOP-CVS to check verify hours of your local store.

Other Store Openings:

National Restaurant Chain Openings:

All of the store names listed above are linked to each company’s website.  Click the store name for a list of store locations in your area.

Other Helpful Links

  • Christmas Clearance Watch Lists and Tips here
  • Amazon’s 800 Number here


Note:  Please check your local store locations for store hours.  I cannot guarantee that every store listed above will be open on Christmas Day.  Although I have tried to research to provide you with the most accurate information, it is subject to change. Please check your local store location.

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