Christmas Clearance? Need some tips?

I have never been one who got excited about Christmas clearance. In my mind, I already had enough decorations and enough Christmas lights to last a long time. I don’t buy next years winter wardrobe now, it’s hard to think that far in advance. Not to mention, I love clothes. I could buy an entire wardrobe now and not like it one bit by the time next year rolls around.

However, through the sobering reality of our own financial situations I have learned the value in shopping Christmas Clearance. Just in case you are in need of a little push or are lacking inspiration, I hope this helps.


  • Any kind of chocolates or other candy that you like.  For example, kit kats, snickers, M & M’s etc.  I unwrap all the candy and chop it.  Then, I either freeze then, or set aside for baking.  A cup of chopped up candy bars added to a package of chocolate chip cookie mix turns a regular old chocolate chip cookie to an incredible gourmet melt in your mouth surprise!  For those of us, who have determined to cut back on our sweets we can go ahead and mix up the cookies, scoop the dough onto a cookie sheet and place the cookie sheet in the freezer.  Once the cookie ball is frozen, remove from cookie sheet and place in zip lock bags.  Now if you are having a sweet attack you can grab one cookie out of the freezer instead of cooking an entire batch.
  • I found a recipe here, for Halloween Candy Bark (see photo above, YUMMY).    Of course, it could also be any old time of the year Candy Bark she just happened to use left over Halloween Candy.

  • Do you have a favorite candy that you see on clearance?  I personally LOVE soft peppermint sticks.  I can buy them for half off at $0.44 a pack or pay a $1 or more throughout the year.  Last year at 90% off I got my favorite peppermints for only $0.10 a pack!! 

Childrens & Baby Items


  •  Christmas Pajamas – I bought my son a pair of Christmas pajamas for $2.50 the other day at WalMart.  Pick up a couple of extra pair while you are getting such a great price to set aside for future shower gifts, kids birthday gifts, etc.  It’s a great time to start a “gift closet.”  We’ll cover the details involved in creating a “gift closet,” in upcoming posts.  

  • Christmas bibs, babies first Christmas outfits, burp cloths, blankets, etc.  These will all come in handy for baby showers and birthday gifts.  


  • Several years ago when my daughter (now 7years old) was a baby.  I found Christmas Passey’s at Kmart for $0.25.  We still had several packs left when my son was born. 


  • Babies First Christmas Stocking, Ornaments, etc


  • Next Years Christmas Outfits or Christmas Dress.

I’ve got a ton of other ideas for you that we’ll pick up on tomorrow.  If you’ve got any suggestions leave a comment and share:)


  1. Tonya says

    when my kids were small this is the time of year that I would start buying clothes for the next year. I would usually buy 2 different sizes of clothes just in case they grew faster than expected. I would give them as gifts or to someone in need if I did not use them but you can’t beat getting pants or shirts for 25 cents or maybe $1.00.

  2. Crishelle says

    I always buy my kids’ birthday gifts along with a few others for birthday parties we get invited to throughout the year and put them up in the attic. We save a ton on their gifts this way.

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