Christmas Clearance: Coupons to Print Ahead of Time

 Christmas Ziploc bags

The weeks following a big holiday are one of the BEST times to pick up ordinary items to stockpile in your pantry. 

For instance, you can stock up BIG TIME on Ziploc bags in the aftermath of Christmas -  while everyone else is running for the toy aisle, you can be making a beeline for the baggies!  Here is a little list of items to hunt down – as well as the coupons you’ll want to print out.  You might want to keep in an envelope or special binder-pocket and bring along as you hit various stores over the next couple weeks.  You never know what you’ll find – so keep your eyes peeled!


Air Fresheners/ Candles

Facial Tissue (in those Christmasy boxes)

Paper Plates, Napkins, Foil

Toothbrush or Toothpaste in holiday packaging

Plastic Storage & Freezer Bags, Plastic Wrap, Plastic Cups

Shower Gel/Hand Soaps (in Holiday Scents like Cranberry Mistletoe something-or-other)



Baby (Christmas Printed items)


Cake Mixes, Frosting, & Decorations,Candy

Coffee & Coffee Creamers ~ Seasonal

Cookies ( packaged & refrig. )

Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing, Gravy, Ham & Turkey

Sparkling Juices & Other beverages


If you get out there in the fray and find any clearance great deals with coupons that match – send us a tip or comment on this post!


Don’t forget about these hot tips while you’re out doing your clearance searching.


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