Chili’s: FREE Brownie Sundae!!

My birthday was last week – and I’d sort of forgotten about all the birthday clubs I’d signed up for – but then THIS beauty came in my inbox…. FREE Brownie Sundae at Chili’s! I am all excited about going there with Kasey one night after we hit Bi-Lo and getting our chocolate on…

Sign up here for Chili’s eClub – and you’ll not only get a Brownie Sundae on your b-day – you’ll get a FREE Skillet Queso Dip and Chips Appetizer right now!  Man -  Cheese & Chocolate all in one post…  I’m pretty sure I just gained a pound thinking about all that yumminess…. :)

Read more about all the Birthday Club Freebies you can sign up for!


  1. says

    Hi Jamie, My name is Karen Henville-Thompson. My address is 300 s Saunders ave, Tyler, Texas 75702. I won your contest for the Bi-Lo $25.00 gift card. Sent my address several time since July 2. I haven’t receive it yet. Having trouble now with e-mailing. They are being refused. Love your website. Has help me a lot. Would love to receive my prize. Thank you for your cooperation. Going on vacation & I am looking forward to spend & using my coupons in a Bi-Lo chain.

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