Chik-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day July 8th (= FREE Food!)

(Me *jamie* with my troops, enjoying our free chicken!)

It’s that time of year again guys…..Cow Appreication Day! The day when normal, sane people like you and I dress ourselves and our offspring in cow attire from head to toe. The time when business people on lunch break slip into restrooms to don home-made cow masks with floppy ears. When bored college kids paint their faces with spots and tape tails to their pajama pants. Why, you ask? For free food!

July 8th is Chick-fil-a’s annual “Cow Appreciation Day“! Come to any Chik-fil-a dressed as a cow from HEAD-TO-TOE (They take that seriously guys, there are guidelines!):

  1. Adults get a FREE COMBO MEAL
  2. Kids get a FREE KIDS MEAL
  3. Dress in “partial cow” for a FREE ENTREE
  • Besides the food, last year there was a polaroid photo-op with the cow mascot and a chance to spin the wheel for small prizes!
  • Go HERE to get some ideas for your costume, print out a cow mask template, and check the guidelines.
  • Go HERE to find your nearest restaurant and check if they are participating. cow1


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