Couponing for the Rest of Us

Chik-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day = FREE Food! (July 12, 2013)


Just a reminder – get your cow costumes mooooving tonight – so you’ll be ready for your FREE Chick Fil A meal tomorrow!

It’s that time of year again guys…..Cow Appreication Day at Chik-fil-a! The day when normal, sane people like you and I dress ourselves and our offspring in cow attire from head to toe.…. For free food!


July 12th is Chick-fil-a’s annual “Cow Appreciation Day“! Come to any Chik-fil-a dressed as a cow from HEAD-TO-TOE (They take that seriously guys, there are guidelines!):

  1. Adults get a FREE COMBO MEAL
  2. Kids get a FREE KIDS MEAL
  3. Dress in “partial cow” for a FREE ENTREE
  • Besides the food, last year there was a polaroid photo-op with the cow mascot and a chance to spin the wheel for small prizes!
  • Go HERE to get some ideas for your costume, print out a cow mask template, and check the guidelines.
  • Go HERE to find your nearest restaurant and check if they are participating.

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