Update Price Drop: Chi Ceramic Flat Iron 79%–82% OFF!! As low as $39.68 (Reg Price $190)





 Have been waiting to find a good price on a CHI flat iron?  Well, today’s your day. This is a great price I’ve tried other flat irons and they make my hair frizzy and dry.  I bought my CHI several years ago and paid way more than either of the ones listed below.  Mine was over $100 and I bought it from my hair dresser at her cost.


Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron

Discount Price:  $51.68 Now $39.68
List Price $190.00
You Save:  $138.32 (73%) Now $150.32 (79%)


Straighten * Curl * Flip * Style

Versatile “all in one” ergonomic design.  Flash quick heating with swivel cord.  Creates silky shiny hair instantly.  Still wondering if it really works?  The model listed above is the umber one best selling flat iron and beauty tool on amazon.


Click below for the Chi Flat Iron that is $40.41





CHI 1″ Original Ceramic Style Flat Iron by Farouk

Discount Price $46.85 $40.41
List Price $219.96
You Save $173.11 (79%) Now:  $179.55 (82%)


The Original Undisputed Champion of Ceramic Hot Irons!

CHI Irons reach an operating temp of between 350F and 410F.  360 degree Tangle Free Swivel Cord. The heat plates are recessed from the edges to prevent skin burns. Moist Ceramic Heat with Ceramic Plates and Coils will maintain even temperature throughout the plates and prevents “pulling” of hair. Squeeze sensitive means a tighter squeeze will direct more ceramic heat to the hair. Ceramic heat will not only help maintain moisture levels in the hair, it also produces Negative Ions. These negative ions will help to push the Silk Molecules permanently deep inside of the cortex.


  1. Frugal Mom says

    Nevermind, I found one for $39 but it did not qualify for the suoer saver shipping, but still a great deal. Thanks!

  2. Frugal Mom says

    I cannot seem to find the 39.?? flat irion. When I click the link to add it to my cart it is over $50. Can you help please?

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