Check me out on News 12 WDEF: A Couponing Christmas!

Hi Guys, this is Jamie here – your resident blogger for the Time2Save Workshops Website!

If you didn’t know I existed until 2 seconds ago, that’s my fault…  I’ve been meaning to write up a little introduction for some time now, but I always find something much more interesting to tell you about than me.  I’ll make this short and sweet – so we’re not strangers anymore:

My name is Jamie Miles – I’m 29, have 4 boys (ages 3-9) and am married to a fantastic grizzly bear of a man named Matthew.  (Mmwwwa!)

He drug me to Cleveland, TN from my Old Kentucky Home (Lousiville) after we were married, and we’ve been cozy here every since.  I formerly wrote the blog ChattanoogaCheapskate, which I still keep up and running to remind folks about our Bi-Weekly Coupon Swap-Meets…

Nowadays, I work with Kasey and Kelly to help you save money and hold your hand a little as you go from “Newbie” to Seasoned Veteran of the coupon world.  It’s nice to meet you, officially!  Now that we’re Best Friends Forever- can I tempt you to go see a little news clip I was in Monday night about Holiday Shopping Tips?  Yes??!  YAY!!

Last week, News Channel 12′s Joe Legge (Frugal Joe) came by to get my take on Holiday Shopping Strategies.  I told him that I don’t really have one – unless saving money all year, and stocking up when I find good deals counts as a strategy.  He thought that was good enough – and included me in WDEF’s Holiday Shopping segment on Monday night! 

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