Cheap Weekly Donation Ideas: The Drop-Off Dilema

Written by: Time2Give Team Member, Heidi

If you’re like me collecting donation items is the easy part – getting them to their destination is the hard part.  A few weeks ago I saw a donation box for the local food bank in the mall.  The next week I pushed the double stroller and my husband carried two boxes of food into the mall only to discover the donation box was gone.  So I’ve had a growing pile of food and toiletries accumulating in my laundry room.  It’s easy to pick up a few extra items to donate when we’re out shopping.  It really doesn’t take much extra effort or much money at all.  In fact, with this weekly list of items that are only $.25 or less, we could easily donate 20 items or more each week and only spend $5!  The problem is that the items don’t do anyone any good if we don’t get them from our house to the donation site.

Usually in November and December there are donation spots set up in malls and grocery stores – places we all visit frequently – so it makes it very easy to drop them off.  But the rest of the year it’s not as easy – especially if you have small children that you have to take with you (imagine pushing a double stroller and carrying 2 boxes of food by yourself!).  I am interested in hearing ideas to make this easier.  One thing I thought of was gathering donation items with a group of friends.  Once a month or so, all of you get together with your donation items and put them together in a big pile.  Take turns being the designated “drop off” person to the charity of your choice.  That way each person only has to worry about the “drop off” part every few months.  As an added bonus, not only do you have an excuse to get together more often, but you can each encourage each other to donate – we all know it’s easier to be consistent with something if we’re not doing it alone!

As this year is drawing to a close and the new year is almost upon us, let’s make this one of our New Year’s Resolutions!  The world will be a better place because of our actions!


  • McCormick Gravy Mix – B1G1 @ $1.29 (.65 cents)
    Use .25/1 from 11/7 RP
    (makes it .15 cents)



Rite Aid

Buy (2)-Cetaphil Cleanser 4ox $5.49 ea
Use (2)-
$2/1 PRINT
(Makes it FREE + Money Maker!)

  • Dawn Dishwashing Detergent $.99
    $1/1 from Organize In Style
    (makes it FREE!!!)
  • Dial Hand Soap $.99
    $1/1 from Rite Aid Booklet
    (makes FREE!)
  • CVS

    • Complete Multi-Purpose solution 12 oz $9.99 ~ Get $9.99 Ecb (limit 1)
      (makes it FREE)
    • Suave invisible solid 1.4 oz $0.89
      $0.75/1 from 11/14 RP
      (makes it $0.14!)
    • Buy EOS Lip Balm $2.99 ~ Get $2.99 Extra Care Bucks (Limit 1)
      (like getting it FREE!) *Fun stocking stuffer!
    • Buy Old Spice Fresh Collection Deodorant $4 ~ Get $4 Extra Care bucks (Limit 1)
      (like getting it FREE!)


    • Buy:
      Salonpas Pain Relief Patch $5.99 ~ Get $5.99 RR Back
      (2) Vicks DayQuil $10 ~ Get $5 RR Back
      (1) Box of Puffs Tissues (Will be free with coupon below)
      SubTotal = $15.99

      $3/$15 Purchase Walgreens Coupon
      (2) $1.50/1 Vicks from 11/28 Proctor & Gamble Insert
      (1) FREE Box of Puffs wyb (2) Vicks from 11/28 Proctor & Gamble Insert
      Pay $7.99 ~ Get $5.99 Register Reward from Salonpas and
      $5 Register Reward from Vicks
      (Makes it all FREE + $3 Profit!)

    • Natrol Meltonin Time Release 5MG Tablets 100′s $3.00~Get $3.00 Register Reward
      $2/1 from 10/10 RP
      (makes it FREE + Money Maker!!!)
    • Salonpas Pain Relief Patch $5.99~Get $5.99 Register Rewards
      (makes it Free!!!)
    • M&M’s 4/$10.00~Get $5.00 Register Rewards wyb 4
      $1/2 from 11/14 RP
      (makes it as low as $.25)
    • Neoteric Cream Healing $7.99
      Mail In Rebate printed at register
      (makes it FREE!!!)
    • Scotch Magic Tape BOGO $1.99($.99)
      $1/1 from Winter Family Savings booklet (from Publix)
      (makes it FREE!!)
    • 3M Command Adhesive Products $1.50
      $1/1 PRINT
      or $1/1 from 11/14 SS
      or $1.50/1 from Winter Family Savings booklet(from Publix)
      (makes it as low as FREE!!!)
    • Buy (4) M&M’s (9.9oz-12.6oz) @ 4/$10 ~ Get $5 Walgreens Register Rewards
      Use (4)
      $1/1 M&M Pretzel Candies PRINT *You can print 2 per computer, you’ll need 2 computers to get 4
      Other available coupons: $1/2 from the 11/14 RedPlum Newspaper Insert
      Pay as little as $6 ~ Get $5 Register Rewards Back

      (makes it as low as $.25 each!)



    1. gammygigi says

      Try calling a hospice in your area. The social workers are often scrambling to get food for families that have not yet qualified for assistance. They will be very thankful to get the items thru out the year. Our local food pantry only allows one bag of food a month and it cost
      $5 for a paper bag partially full. I know how much you ladies can get with that amount of lute. Also, last year Hospice of chattanooga requested and even placed ads in newspaper for samples size bottles of shampoo, soap, shave cream, ect. The families often had 2 people working when the illness struck one, and the other is taking care of patient. Going from 2 incomes to none, hard to handle. Especially with the reality that just came about. The larger the Hospice, the more social workers they have and the families in need are abundant. I tried this year to pick up all the sample size items before the coupons expired that I could and also sent off for all the free samples possible. Hospice of Chattanooga made nice little gift baskets for tpatients and their families last year. The patients range from Children, to someone your age, to nursing home residents. Just a thought. God bless you all for having such giving hearts and God Bless Time to Save for making Time 2 Give an important part of their ministry. We can change the world, one pinto bean at a time. .

    2. crishelle says

      Try purchasing a wagon. It is quite easy to push a double stroller with one hand and pull the load in a wagon behind you with the other hand. Also, if you’re kids are old enough to sit up, the wagon is alot easier to pull the kids in than push a double stroller, especially in and out of doorways. And you can now get one with set belts for about fifty bucks, alot cheaper than three years ago when we bought ours. However, as a parent/foster parent of four 3 and unders, it is my favorite thing I have ever bought!

    3. Deal Detective Kim says

      2 different churches that I attended in the past had food donation programs. One specifically collected rice–whether the bulk bags or boxes of Uncle Ben’s Country Inn, it didn’t matter. That church worked directly with an aid group that picked up the donations regularly.

      In the 2nd church, we collected non-perishable food in a plastic storage tub, and when it was full someone who had volunteered dropped it off at the local food bank. At both churches, you brought your collection offering forward–as both pastors put it, “We ask you to give, we don’t come take it from you!”–and the food donations were part of our offering to God.

      If you live in or near Chattanooga, the Food Bank is just off Amnicola Highway, and they have a donation box (kind of like a mailbox or night deposit, so it’s secure from theft) outside that you can drive right up to.

    4. Tiffany says

      I drop off at a local pantry – that serves my community. I do like to donate to the food bank – but knowing that my regular donations go to help my neighbors makes me smile even more. It is right down the road – and they are open most days to accept donations.
      But I like the “donation carpool” idea – that is great!

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