Cheap Summer Fun

Let’s continue in our Time2Educate Series, written by resident blogger and homeschool director Mandi!

Summer is a great time to teach your kids lots of things by having Fun!  (Make sure to check out the list of Summer Reading Programs HERE)

Here are some websites with Summer Fun Ideas for kids of all ages:

  • KidSource Online:   This website is new to me but has such great ideas.  They give ways to keep your children learning through everyday activities like looking through newspapers, watching the weather, and going to the grocery store.
  • Scholastic:  Traditional-schoolers and Homeschoolers alike know the name “Scholastic.”  They offer tons of ways to keep your children reading through the summer.  Don’t limit yourself to the “Parent” portions of their site.  You have access to most of the “teacher” sections as well and they can be a goldmine for ideas!
  •  This site gives ways to help your children “not forget” all of those things they have worked so hard to remember this year!  They offer easy, printable lessons to guide you and your child through things that they have learned.
  • WAHM – WorkAtHomeMom:  This mommy blogger is budget conscious as she gives ideas for inexpensive summer projects and other fun ideas to keep your children learning through the summer.
  • FamilyFun:  This Disney affiliate is not new to most of us but shouldn’t be forgotten.  I have used so many of their ideas! will be sure to get your family thinking of great ideas for the entire summer!

Tell us what websites or other sources you go to for ideas!

Don’t be afraid to make goals for your children, your family, and you for the summer!

  • Race your kids to read! Whoever finishes their book list first gets to pick the game for game night!
  • Have each family member pick one new skill to learn and have a “Talent Contest” at the end of the summer.  Invite family friends and other family members to join or just come to enjoy the show!
  • Pick out a short play and have each family member memorize a part to be recited together at an end of summer picnic.  (For the little one’s, start with the 3 little pigs.  Help them make masks to match their parts!
  • Have each person in your family learn about a different local monument.  Take a city tour to the monuments and have the new “expert” teach everyone else about it!  You learn and retain more when you teach a subject to someone else!!

What fun, education things have you done with your family?

Time2Educate is written by resident homeschool expert Mandi Johnson.  She’s a blogger here, for Time2Save Workshops, as well as a wife, mommy, and educator.  She homeschools her children and is a Tutor and a regional Director for Classical Conversations, a Classical Christian Homeschool program.

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