Chattanooga Times Front-Page Story: Rising Food Prices & Struggling Families *Please Read*

Image & Quotes courtesy of Chattanooga Times Free Press

I don’t know how many of you read the somber article “Biting Our Budgets” on the front page of Sunday’s Chattanooga Times, but it stopped me dead in my tracks.  I saw the story again last night on the news.  The rising cost of groceries is an issue gripping more and more families every day.  Sadly, families who used to “just get by”…. well…  they simply aren’t anymore.

I felt something catch in my throat reading the grim statements below:

“We ain’t got nothing to eat. “We usually just try to struggle through it, but we couldn’t make it this month. I never thought it would come to this.” – Tron Coots, 33

“Every time I go to the grocery store, the prices go up.  I find ways to buy groceries with the money I have one month and, by the next month, it isn’t enough.” – Gina Headrick, 26, mother of 2

Doesn’t that make you want to cry?  I mean, seriously!  We need to reach out to these people!

The article went on to reveal some sobering facts:

  • February had the largest monthly increase in food costs in 2 1⁄2 years
  • Gas prices rose more than $.40/ gallon this year
  • Food banks have seen a large increase in families dependant on them for monthly boxes of supplies

Graph above shows rising cost of commodities from August 2010 – Feb 2011.  Includes Cereal, Vegetable Oils, Meat, Seafood, Sugar, Bananas, and Oranges Price Indices. – Courtesy of

Here’s the deal, guys.  I feel extremely blessed to have learned about couponing in time to help steer my family off the road we were headed down.  And I know that we couponers, as a whole, are doing okay in an economy where many are not.  We’re pushing through and weathering the storm.  We’ve taken it upon ourselves to learn new survival tactics.  And strangely enough, couponing is a HUGELY effective survival tool.

Don’t you wish we could reach out to folks who are drowning?  Teach them how to keep their heads above water,  show them how to ride it out?

We do too!!

I would love you all to tune in at 4:15 pm as Kasey & Kelly go live on the air with David Karnes on radio station WPLZ 95.3 FM.  If you don’t live in the Chattanooga listening area tune in here to listen online.  I’m also putting the word out on Facebook – for people to flood Time2Save’s facebook page with their personal testimonies.  Just tell your story, honestly, briefly – and show how things can be different.

Just imagine if someone who NEEDS to hear this comes to the website or the Facebook Page to find out more – and is met with the confidence and encouragement of our community of readers and friends.   What kind of hope might be kindled in someone, just by reading your story and connecting on a personal level?

Please take a moment – leave a testimony here in the comment section – and if you will, on our Facebook page here as well.

Thank you!!

(We ask that you keep your comments positive, without judgement of those from the story.)


  1. Sam Burgess says

    I saw T2S on Chattanooga Parent about 1.5-2 years ago, and googled it the next morning…. Jamie, Kasey, Kelly, and all you guys who post comments here CHANGED MY LIFE! Seriously! I have DONATED TONS of food/ hygeine items, and I never thought I’d be able to do that! Growing up, I remember always being on the receiving end of the donations, so I know how much it helps people!! I am in my 1st trimester of our third child, so I’m ridiculously tired right now when I’m not working one of my 2 part time jobs, in class, or parenting. Basically, unless I HAVE to do it- right now, it’s not getting done. Thanks to my stockpile, I (gasp!) haven’t stepped foot in a grocery or drug store for more than produce/milk (not even meat!!) in about 6 weeks, and it’s barely dented our stockpile. I would’ve never imagined that couponing could’ve changed my life in such a way! Thanks, Time 2 Save

  2. Deal Detective Kim says

    One suggestion I have made before (if you are able) is an idea I got from “Couponing to Disney”. She takes what she saves from couponing and puts it in a fund towards a Disney vacation for her family. Coupon to a computer! I know not everyone will be able to do that, but if you can put even HALF or a smaller percentage of your savings into it, it will quickly add up.

  3. Kerri says

    Through using coupons, I not only save money for my family on groceries, but was able to make gift baskets for family members this past Christmas, where there would have not been any gifts otherwise. I love that the heart of many of these couponing blogs is to have more to share with others. It’s not just about how to help your own families, but how to help others as well!

  4. alisha says

    I go to my local library to print coupons for .15 per page. I have a printer at home but ink is so expensive, and I need more! Couponing has changed my family’s life, I am so thankful for a close friend telling me about the Time2Save website. Kasey and Kelly are such an inspiration and I love the fact that they are incredible chriistian women. I know that there have been times when we have had very little money to get by on for the week, and if it weren’t for couponing we wouldn’t make it at times. Thank you so much Kasey and Kelly, what a blessing you both are. You are truly angels sent from above, you have no idea of the impact you have had on me and many others!!

  5. Cheryl R. says

    Will local libraries allow people to print coupons on their computers? That may be a way around having to purchase a computer.

  6. Deidre Ward says

    One thing I had trouble with when I started couponing was obtaining coupons from the internet. Those savings are huge but I had to make a big investment when starting out. I bought a new computer and printer ink is a big expense for me. If you can think of a way around these issues for less priveledged people, that would probably be a big help. Maybe really push the start up of new “coupon sharing” groups.

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