Chattanooga Area Coupon Swap!

Call up the gals and dust off your scissors – there’s a local coupon swap going on this weekend for all you Chattanooga- Area Clippers!

September 18th from 12:30-4, Kelli & Corrie want to invite everyone to a coupon swap at Middle Valley Church of Christ! Go HERE to say if you’ll be attending – or just leave a comment below.

If you’re hosting a local coupon swap – send me an email at time2saveworkshops @ gmail dot com – I’ll be happy to post them!  Another great way to get a group together is to announce it on our Facebook Wall and ask people to join you!


  1. lillie says

    I just posted under coupon organization because I didn’t see this earlier. I want to organize one to help out others but don’t want certain ones to hoard all the good ones and just leave the rest. You can read my post. Any suggestions?

  2. Angela says

    I might try and swing by if I can. I have some other things to do as well and I am just not sure how it will work out time wise, but if I get the chance I’ll be by with a few coupons to swap. :)

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