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Chantal’s Saturday Savings Report: Bi-Lo Week of 12/28

I love the meal deal this week and had to pick up a few things so I went to Bi-lo on 12/28/11. This will probably be the last shopping trip of 2011 for me. ( PROBABLY is the key word lol). I had to split it within 5 trips to get the best deal.

50 carefree liners
50 nesquik
10 marta white coffee cake
5 tortilla chips
5 hand soap
20 community coffee
20 texas toast croutons
1 kraft dressing
1mt.dew 2L
2 fritos
1 snickers-  (brought my 3 year old shopping with me)
1 nerds-( thanks to my 3 year old as well)
1 sprite- (for me this time)
2 prego
1 a1 sauce
21 Nissin big cup
1 cheerwine
2 playtex cups
10 suave professionals shampoo/conditioner
2 shredded cheese
1 meatballs
1 pizza rolls
3 TGIF entree
2 digiorno
1 fat boy ice cream
1 burgers
2 flounders
1 lettuce
1 sweet dream cookies
2 peanut butter cookies from bakery
Total spent: $101.80

Total saved: $422.77 

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  1. do you think that 50 carefree liners and 50 nesquick r enough y didnt u just clear the shelf y ur at it. 20 coffee and 20 croutons seriously ??? i never thought t2s promoted dramatic purchases like this. sounds to me like the begings of hoarding.

  2. Bi-Lo, I miss you. I just moved to a town which has no Bi-Lo, at least we have Kroger! but I still miss my Bi-Lo and the cashiers and the manager. Happy New year Chantal, you have helped me save @ Bi-Lo!

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