Chantal’s Bi-Lo Trip

bi-lo trip 117


I am super excited that yogurt is on sale at Bi-Lo this week. My daughter hasn’t been able to have any milk products in almost a year so now that her doctor just released her to have yogurt and cheese, I am excited she can have them again and took advantage of the sale.


Transaction #1

1 apple juice
4 greek yogurt
12 yogurt

Transaction #2

1 apple juice
12 greek yogurt
12 yogurt
4 ragu
4 cheezit
6  hashbrowns
3 grits
2 oatmeal
10 simplait yogurt
1 tea
1 ground beef
1 ramen noodles


Total spent:$33.82

Total saved:$79.50

To see the coupons used in this trip visit Chantal over at TCMS  We want to see your trips too, feel free to share in the comments!

See all the Bi-Lo Deals for this week, and the coupons you need to get the deals above!

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