Chantal’s Bi-Lo Trip: Cereal, Meal Deal and more!

I have been super busy planning my daughter’s birthday bash. So busy that I totally forgot to lay something out for dinner so I had to make a trip to Bi-Lo. Here’s my quick trip.

4 cinnamon toast crunch
8 water
1 lindor truffle
1 oreo
2 nutter butter
2 chili
1 OJ
Meal deal
2 plastic bowls
paper towels
3 kitchen bags
1 toothbrush (not pictured)

Total spent:$23.23

Total saved:$58.75
* Plus I got 2 free movie tickets from the cereal purchase.

We want to see your trips too, Make sure to share them with us by commenting!

See all the Bi-Lo Deals for this week, and the coupons you need to get the deals above!

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