Chantal’s Bi-lo, CVS, and Target Trips

It’s been a long week. I stopped at several stores Tuesday to grab things for our 4th of July Party.  Here’s the rundown of it all.



2 lays chips
2 OM hotdogs
1 tomato3 buns (1 burger 2 hotdog)
1 strawberry
1 pkg. grapes
1 sierra mist

Total spent: $19.77
Total saved: $4.80


Next I stopped at CVS for a few things I needed, which I split into 2 transactions.

Transaction #1
4 Dr. Pepper
1 sprite
1 coke
1 Charmin fresh mates
1 Aussie anti freeze
1 just for me detangler
Total Spent: $1.83 ($1.31 of that was tax)
Total Saved: $25.65

Transaction #2
1 foam plate
1 napkin
1 cup
1 plastic fork
Total spent $0.74 ( all of that was tax)
Total Saved: $12.46

My final stop was Bi-lo

1 watermelon
1 burger patties
1 cole slaw
2 purex
2 hefty baggies
1 lettuce
Total spent:$20.07
Total saved: 20.18


 My overall totals:

I spent: $42.41
I saved:$63.09



We want to see your trips too, Make sure to share them with us by commenting.
To see the coupons used in this trip or for other shopping trips, Please visit This Chattanooga Mommy Saves.

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