Celebrate Summer with Thirty-One: Get a Large Utility Tote for only $10 with a $35 purchase!


I usually say no to online catalog parties, simply because of the number of requests I receive.  However, this time I had to say yes to my sweet cousin Katy.  Sixteen and a half years ago, Katy celebrated her 10th birthday by my side as one of the flower girls in my wedding.  When she was little, I remember her renaming my mother “the love cooker,” as she enjoyed her homemade biscuits fresh from the oven.  When Katy contacted me and asked if I would be interested in an online catalog party, I just couldn’t turn her down.  Personally, I love Thirty-One products and have carried various products from their collection for years.  


Also, for June only, the Large Utility Tote is available in the Fun Flops print. Great bag to take to the pool or beach!

Celebrate Summer with Time 2 $ave Workshops, by shopping the online party here.

To place your order or browse products online, simply click the above link and shop or browse by category. Don’t forget to take advantage of the amazing customer special this month–for every $35 you spend, get a Large Utility Tote for just $10! These are great for all that “junk” in the trunk of your car, sorting laundry, storing kids toys–and they’re easy to clean!

Have questions before placing an order? Visit Katy’s site for contact info.

Need some inspiration?  Trying to get your home, car, and life organized?  Katy has some fun suggestions below. I can tell you, she definitely did not take after her unorganized older cousin!  This girl has got it together!  I told her I *might* need an intervention!

Summer is coming and for many of us, that means one thing: BUSY! Between birthday parties, cookouts, family vacations, and running errands with the kids in tow it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the day-to-day of the dog days of summer. Enter Thirty-One! Long before I ever became and Independent Consultant for Thirty-One, I loved staying organized and I loved using Thirty-One products…the two go hand-in-hand for me. My friends and co-workers often comment “you’re so organized” or “I wish I was as organized as you are” and I’m here to tell you, it is easy!

Let’s talk about the car. Do you have road trips in your future? Maybe you’re planning a long drive to the beach. Maybe just driving to the grocery store or doing errands around town feel like a long drive to the beach. Wherever you’re going, getting the car organized is the #1 way to keep your sanity in check and breeze through summer!

3787691J0000_large (1)

First, keep things clean in the car with a Mini-Utility Bin as a trash catch-all or use your Mini-Utility Bin to keep tissues, moist wipes, hand sanitizer, and a mini-First Aid kit organized in the car. These bins are made of durable laminated polyester (read: easy to clean!!), with two handles, and they’re collapsible so you can easily store them under a seat when you’re not using them. The Mini-Utility Bin is also perfect for holding snacks like homemade granola bars, bottled water, or trail-mix for those of us who are constantly on the go.


Next, keep the kiddos occupied! Let’s say your schedule is taking you to the doctor’s office or to mechanic’s shop for an oil change. Now imagine that even during the wait, your kids are not even phased by the amount of boring the waiting and waiting and waiting can cause. How? They have their own activity packs! The Fold and Go Organizer from Thirty-One is the perfect in-car art set for when errands mean waiting! The zipper pouch on the inside is perfect for crayons or colored pencils so your children can draw scenes from their trips on the re-fillable note pad in the center. Plus, the elastic pouch on the right flap is perfect for keeping their folded art work to show off at the next stop. The Fold and Go Organizer includes one note pad, and folds together to easily store away, or it will fit like a charm in the Mini-Utility Bin or your purse so you’re never without some great creativity away from home.


Don’t forget about yourself, though. The best way for me to stay organized, especially when running errands, is with the good old-fashioned To-Do list. The Fold and Go Organizer is perfect for you, too because you can write your To-Do list, stuff the bills in the elastic pocket, and keep coupons or receipts in the zipper pouch. It fits nicely in your purse or diaper bag, and my personal favorite part—no more receipts or papers crunched up in the bottom of your bag with those long-lost Tic-Tacs and those weird crumbs that end up in the bottom of bags (how do those even get there, anyway?).

littles carry all

Maybe your little ones aren’t so little or the thought of crayons and colored pencils in your car makes you panic. The Littles Carry-All Caddy is perfect for storing books, small cars, snacks, handheld gamers, headphones, iPods, chargers, and all those other “things” America’s youth can’t travel without. Hopefully you’re seeing a pattern here: keeping kids in charge of their stuff and making it easy on them! Plus, each of these solutions is easy to clean and folds flat to store.

best buds

Finally, let’s talk about the junk in the trunk! Right now, my car has a picnic blanket, a first aid kit, and some posters from a road trip to Huntsville, AL. It also has a Large Utility Tote—my most used and abused Thirty-One product! The Large Utility Tote (LUT, for short) is perfect for grocery shopping, days spent at the baseball field, or just for all the “stuff” that junks up your trunk. LUTs also make great pool bags, crafting bags and they’re perfect for camping trips because they’re so easy to clean. Pair the LUT with a Top-A-Tote to add a lid, and add a Pocket-A-Tote to complete the solution.
Need help getting organized? Let me find the perfect solution set for you. Visit my site to contact me, shop online, view our current catalog, or join my team. Keep up with me on Facebook by joining Thirty-One Gifts by Katy.


Thirty-One gifts was started by Cindy Monroe after studying the proverbs of hardworking women in Proverbs 31. Now, Thirty-One focuses on celebrating, encouraging, and rewarding women for the hard work they do in their daily lives.Katy Manley is an Independent Consultant with Thirty-One Gifts. The views, ideas, and solutions expressed here are exclusively her own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Thirty-One Gifts, LLC. Images are property of Thirty-One Gifts, LLC and are used with permission.

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