My UGO Trip: Cheap Yogurt, Bread, Flowers, Vitamin Water and Juice Boxes!

I stopped by United Grocery Outlet this week and found lots of good deals to share with you guys!  The availability of the items shown varies by store – but if you go early in the week (the big truck comes on Sundays, the bread truck on Thursdays) you’re likely to get the best deals.

I got Yoplait Trix Yogurt for $1.99 for (4) 6-Packs and Yoplait Go-Gurt for $.79 per box.  My kids were thrilled – they can have yogurt every day after school for a snack!

  • Earth Balance Peanut Butter is $1.59
  • Russet Potatoes for $.69/lb
  • Green Giant Carrots for $1.29/bag
  • Stokely’s Italian Flat Green beans for $.50/can

  • Sara Lee bread was $1.29 each (reg. price there!)
  • Chicken Noodle Soup (from Applebees YUM!) $1.99 for a 9-Serving Bag
  • Floral Bouquet $1.99

  • Vitamin Water 6-Packs for $1.50 each
  • Genesis Today Power Ranger Juice-Box 6-Packs for $1 each

If you’d like to get these deals  – just locate a UGO close to you and start getting their weekly ad!  Let us know what you find in your store – I love to go in and find bargain surprises each week – it’s a nice little way to get a break from couponing once in awhile!

Win a $20 UGO Giftcard + $1.59 Peanut Butter!

It’s time for another $20 UGO Giftcard Giveaway!

United Grocery Outlet (or UGO) is a grocery that offers bargain prices on everything from yogurt, bread and produce to name brand cereals, snacks and frozen entrees.  Depending on your local UGO store, they may even have a meat department.  While they do not accept coupons – you can get some truly amazing deals there!

For instance, this week you can get peanut butter for $1.59, and Lunchables for $1.29 each!

I like to stop in at my local UGO in Cleveland, TN (located behind the Goodwill off South Lee Hwy) every week to check out the dairy deals in particular.  I often come away with Kraft cheese for $1.50 per bag or Yoplait yogurt for ridiculously cheap prices.  In fact – recently week I was able to get an entire case of 48 Yoplait Trix yogurts for $2.50!  I also consistently buy bread there for $.89 -$1.29 a loaf (including Nature’s Own brand and more).  It gives me the ability to head out the door WITHOUT my coupons once in awhile -  a nice little break!

To encourage you to try them out, our local UGO is offering a $20 Gift Card to one lucky Time2Save reader.


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Hot Deal Alert! Texas Toast 3/$1

Do you have a United Grocery Outlet near you?  If so, this is a great deal on Texas Toast!  I’ll be posting later this week how to make DIY Frozen Texas Toast with Garlic Butter!   I’ve never made it before, so if you’ve got any tips, please share in the comments below.


If you’ve never shopped at United Grocery Outlet, they have some really good deals!  They don’t accept coupons, however their prices are really low.  A couple of weeks ago, I got an 8 pack of Apple and Eve Juice Boxes for $1 and Nestle Refrigerated Sugar Cookie dough for $0.30 a box!


Several months ago, Jamie posted a series “When you need a break from couponing.”  If you missed the post about shopping at UGO, click here.  Not sure if there is one in your area?

Find out if you have a UGO near you by checking their site HERE.


When You Need a Break from Couponing (Part 1) UGO Grocery Outlet has AWESOME deals!

Get ready for your jaw to drop – because this might come as a surprise to some of you – but I can’t coupon all the time. I just can’t.  Sometimes I need a break, for my own sanity, and I want to just run out and grab something for dinner or for the kid’s lunches without having to clip a coupon, print a list, or check my laptop for any new deals.  But that doesn’t mean I want to pay full price!!


When I give myself a break, I still shop frugally – and one of my best sources for non-coupon deals is the UGO Grocery Outlet in town. (They’re also known as “Bargain Barn”)  I’m lucky to live right down the street from one – and I stop in about once a week just to grab a couple items.  They carry discounted groceries from stores around the country – as well as cheap produce and milk and AWESOME deals on bread!  (We’re talking $.89 for Merita bread or buns, consistently.  Also – $1.39 for Arnold Health Bread!)

Their ads run from Sunday – Saturday, and you can check out the weekly ads HERE.

Check out a couple of this week’s deals (ending 2/25):

  • Philadelphia Cooking Creme – $.50
  • Dole Peach Fruit Crisp – $.69
  • Weight Watchers Smart Ones Artisan Creations Southwest Fiesta Chicken – $1
  • Pop Secret Popcorn 3-pack – $1

I will warn you ahead of time, that you will probably find expired products there as well.  You’ll have to decide if it still seems safe to you.  I often buy items that are just a couple days past their expiration date – because I know that they’re not spoiled yet.

Find out if you have a UGO near you by checking their site HERE.