Hey Girls, Wanted to tell both of you Thank You!!!!
The first thing I check when I get on the computer is your blog spot, to see what you have added I LOVE IT!
Just to share a lil bit of a few trips to the stores with you.
The week of 8/26-9/2 Publix had A-1 Steak Sauce BOGO, Woohoo $2 each! We love A1. You had typed “great Ebay” out by the A1 when doing match-ups for Publix that week. I broke down went to Ebay & searched it, I bought 10 A-1 coupons for $2.00/1 for $1.75 on Thursday. Guess what was in my mailbox on MONDAY!!! I went straight to Publix bought 10 bottles of A-1, 5 bottles were $2 each & 5 were $1.99 each. all for $1.75 and a little patience. This really works!!!

Bilo trip 9/12 this was exciting because it was the first time the cashier said to me “Wow that’s awesome when you save more than you spent” That will put a smile on your face

Subtotal before savings was $70.20
My savings $42.75
Subtotal after savings $27.45
tax $ 3.28
Total $30.78

CVS trip 9/8
1 Cvgrl Foundation $4.99
1 cvgrl press powder $4.99
M&M’s $0.67

Coupon for $1 off of Foundation
coupon for free product with purchase of foundation
$5 xtra bucks
Total paid OOP was .99

This is so much fun to see what you can get for CHEAP!!!!

Monday Evening my husband decided he wanted to take me out for dinner, I said well let me see where I have a coupon for, his statement was”Life is not all about a coupon” I dare him. I did not say a word. After dinner we take a little tip to Publix to pickup $10 worth of groceries to get our .1 item as he figured out we were paying .25 for Toaster strudels he asked “you have anymore of those coupons?” I politely said “life is not all about coupons”. After actually going with me & seeing his already ask whats on sale this week!
I can’t say THANK YOU enough for what both of you are doing.
God Bless
Melissa S.
received via email 9/17/2009


I went to your seminar in Jasper last week. I went to Publix this week – not my normal store but it was 7 miles one way from my school. Using your recommendations I spent $43 and saved $26. The coupons saved me $10 and the reg. retail sales saved me $16. Thank you!!! I love couponing (and get cheap or free stuff!)

Beth Ake
received via email 9/17/2009


The savings are going great. I don’t know how I ever thought I was saving money before – but when I have to buy something without a sale and coupon -it kinda hurts my feelings, not to mention my wallet.

Do you ladies happen to know if there is a couponing group around here – a coupon round-robin if you will? I have lots of baby and make-up coupons that I know someone else could use – as I am sure there are people that may have coupons that I could use.

BTW – I followed up on your advice about the expired coupons and have discovered that you can actually adopt a military base over seas. I have adopted my husband’s former base in Korea to send my coupons to. I recently recieved a letter from one of the families telling my how thankful they were that there are still people here who care about them. That just made my day!

Thanks for all of your help, tips and kind words. You have really turned my year around.

Thanks again,
recieved via email 8/28/2009


Okay, this is by far the best and funniest testimonial we have read in a while.  Kelly and I nearly laughed our britches off this morning when we got this email.  Coupon Lady, thank you for taking the time to send us your story.  To everyone else out there who has a “story,” email us at time2save@hotmail.com. We are launching a new campaign – Time 2 $ave Time 2 Give and we want to hear from you.  Also, if you read our previous post HERE it might land you a spot on TV.

~The Coupon Lady~

I am a 31 year old man, with three kids…and now my nickname at work is “The Coupon Lady.” You know what….I don’t care. Neither do the other husbands from our church that all went on this little coupon class of yours. Here is our story.

“How much could this actually save us?” we asked. Spending hours disecting a newspaper to save $1.45 from a $2.00 Sunday paper did not sound like a good deal to me. Being the good husbands that we were, we all submitted and escorted our loving brides to this henfest. We were all expecting to be subject to the incessant babbling of a hundred women about the best place to buy candles, and why their husbands who didn’t come were a bunch of dogs.

What we learned, changed our lives…and those of the ones around us. I’ve said a hundred times before “If it doesn’t say Great Value on it…we don’t need it!” Oh how mistaken I was. I now have two jam packed refrigerators, two packed freezers, and my wife has rearranged the kitchen three times to find room for our new found food wealth. The kicker is, that it is all BRAND NAME food!

This week at church, a family in need was brought up that needed food to survive. Instead of blowing the dust off of that one can of Sourkrout in the back of the cupboard and a few other items I didn’t think we’d ever eat, we were able to gladly supply this family with GOOD brand name food. We were able to give them what we would normally buy in a grocery trip for our family. Because of our newfound skill, we were excited to pick out things we knew this family would enjoy.

To all of us husbands at church now, gone are the talks of Football scores, and NASCAR races. We bring our receipts and brag of our savings, or finding the deal that they didn’t. “You saved 70%…that’s not to bad. I SAVED 80%!! TAKE THAT!!! Have you ever seen men that raced to the grocery stores on Wednesday morning before work….we do now!

I am such the nerd, that I have been keeping a spreadsheet of our savings. You will find it attached. In only three weeks we have filled our cabinets, eaten better than we ever have, and saved over $1,000 while doing it. Thank you for your classes, and we at Boynton Church of God are glad you will bring your class to our church.

Jay “The Coupon Lady”


Just Added New Workshop in Ringgold, GA

Boynton Church of God

1956 Three Notch Rd
Ringgold, GA 30736
November 6th (Friday)6:30pm – Couponing 101
November 7th(Saturday) 10:00am – Couponing 102
November 7th (Saturday) 1:30pm – Couponing 103

After some of the girls from Boynton Church of God attended the workshops at Bethel Baptist Church in Harrison, TN it created such excitement in their community that they decided to host a workshop.  One of the ladies called today to make sure that she had the workshop booked before attending church tonight so that she could share the good news!  See testimony below:

First of all thank you so much for introducing us to another world of savings…we are addicted!! I attended the workshop at New Bethel Baptist in Harrison on August 14th and 15th.  Can you see what dates you have available now? Our members, family, and friends are going crazy when we tell them about our deals and ask me daily if I have scheduled a workshop for all of them. My pastor’s wife called me this morning and gave me the few dates that we have something on our calender. I am looking forward to getting you guys scheduled and seeing you both again!
J.M. via email received 9/8/2009


Dear Kelly and Kasey,
My sister, niece and myself attended your class this weekend. I’ve been couponing for quite some time and didn’t really know if I would learn anything new at your workshops. To say the least…..I did! You both really know your stuff! I tried out all that I learned, by using the coupons that I had in my “stash”. the store ads and your website! I was able to save a total of 53% on my one-day shopping spree! I saved more in some places, less in others, depending on my coupons and the store deals. My next goal is set at 70% Total Savings!

Thank you both for your ministry. I know that this will be a “life-saver” for so many people in these tough economic times.
Peace & Love to you both-
M. B.

Publix -
Spent $ 41.83 –
Saved $ 25.34
Saved around 38%
Biggest Bargain – $ 1.34 for Aunt Jemima Pancakes – Used Target coupon and clipped coupon totalling $ 1.50 – $.16 cents overage

Spent $ 70.73
Saved $ 49.86
Saved around 42%
Biggest Bargain- Budweiser Barbeque sauce – paid 25 cent bottle after coupon!

Spent $ 13.07 ($ 12.07 after RR)
Saved – $53.40
Saved around 80%

Still have $ 1.00 in rolling receipts (RR)
What I brought home- Tide Detergent, 2 Gillette Fusion razors Regular $ 9.00 each (Found.On Clearance – 57 cents each after coupon), 1 off brand razor set (free), 2 Colgate total toothpastes, 1 Rembrandt toothpaste Regular $ 5.00 (free)., Thera Flu Liquid nighttime cough syrup, feminine pads,

Spent – $ 16.81 ( $ 5.81 after extra bucks)
Saved – $ 29.37
Saved around 88% after extra bucks
Still have Extra Bucks to spend – $ 11.00
Total amount paid out of pocket after extra bucks $ 5.81
What I brought home – 1 bounce dryer bar ,(reg 3.99), 3 – 2oz. glade candles (free after coupons), 1 bottle head/shoulders shampoo (reg 4.99), 1 Fusion Razor, (reg 8.99) & 1 Large Glade Candle (reg. 6.99)

Spent – $ 38.28
Saved $ 27.85
Saved around 41%
What I brought Home – Axe shower soap, 2 arrid deodorants, q-tips, scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaner, scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner, Scott bath tissues – 2 – 4pkgs, all detergent, ocean spray juice,(not on sale and busted some of my budget) 2- 20lb tidy cat litter containers, bottle of novelty drink (not on my list either)
Total Shopping for the day –
Paid out of pocket $ 169.72
Saved – $ 185.82

Total Savings – 53%
recieved via email 9-1-2009


~Testimonials from recent workshops~
Thanks to all of you who have attended Time 2 $ave workshops. Your testimonials are awesome!! Keep sending us your savings and examples of your giving. Your hearts to give are such an inspiration, and will encourage those who have not yet attended a workshop the added benefit to saving is being able to give.

Let us know how you have been able to bless the lives of others through such an unlikely source,”couponing.” You can be the hands and feet of Christ reaching out to a desperate nation.

~Time 2 $ave, and Time 2 Give!!!~
Email us your stories at time2save.hotmail.com

I wanted to tell you both how much I enjoyed your class. I think I had a preconceived notion that this would not be a “fun” class to attend. I stand corrected. :) You both had a wealth of knowledge, you engaged the crowd, and kept it upbeat and positive! I was amazed that two hours had passed by so quickly. Thank you again for the wonderful service you provide our community, especially during this tough economic climate.

Tori M.
received via email 8/16

I had my first transaction yesterday where they actually owed me money. At Walgreen’s I bought the Neosporin ($2.00 Activity Book coupon and $1.00 manufacturer coupon) and Baid Aids (50/1 coupon)and 2 of the Listerine Agent Blue (B1G1 coupon and $1.00 off coupon), total out of pocket was $6.57,and then I got RR’s for $4.00 on the Neosporin deal and $3.00 on the Listerine deal. I then turned around and bought 3 Huggies diaper wipes ($2.00 activity book coupon x3, 3- 50/1 coupons), 4 Velveeta cups ($1.00 Back to School book coupon, 2-B1G1 coupons), 1 3-pack Orbit gum at $2.00, 1 4-piece set of children’s squirt guns clearenced priced at $2.50, also got 2 free Sharpie Highlighter packs (2- 99/1 coupons)and 1 free Ecotrin (1- $2.25 coupons. I used a $3.00 off $15.00 money coupon then the $4.00 and $3.00 RR’s and then my manufacturer’s coupons then the Walgreen coupons and with that layout of coupons I had not problems and they owed me .14 cents, had to buy a sucker and give them .47 cents but what the heck. Ah the thrill of the deal…….GG

Thank you so much for all you do to keep us informed.

Just wanted to post another deal I did at lunch in case someone wants to try it……..I bought 2 boxes of the character band aids (used the $2.00 coupon in the activity book and 2- 50/1 manufacturer’s coupons) and bought 2 Listerine Cool Blue rinses (used B1G1 manufacturer’s coupon, 2 $1.00 manufacturer’s coupons and the $1.00 coupon out of the activity book) Total out of pocket was $5.27, would have been $4.27 but she took off the free one before running the $1.00 coupons so it would only take 1. I received a $4.00 RR and a $3.00 RR for this transaction……I then bought 4 Huggies Wipes (used the $2.00 coupon in the Back to School coupon book and 2- $1.50 off Huggies Diaper Product that I found on Coupons.Com, they work for the wipes). I bought 4 Soft Soap pumps at 2/$2.79 (used 4- 2.00 coupons) and I bought 2- 3 packs of the Orbit gum at 2/$4.00. I gave her my $4.00 RR and the $3.00 RR and my manufacturer’s coupons and when all was said and done I owed them .03 that’s right 3 cents and got a $1.00 RR to use the next time. This coupon stuff rocks……….

GG -
received via email 8/13/09
Just wanted to let you both know what a blessing you have been to so many people. Thank you ,Cennetta C.
received via email 7/27
************************************************************************************* Good morning!
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your workshop at Sherwood this past weekend. You have gotten me absolutely on fire for couponing!!!

I’ve got my 5 meals (with ingredients) planned out, my “must-haves”, and bought 2 copies of the Sunday paper (it’s a start!)..

I’m starting by checking out Publix’s B1G1 and matching them up w/ coupons from some of the sites you recommended. My kids are SO excited about the future “gift boxes” we’re planning to give to the local pregnancy center, and an in-patient drug rehab center that a friend of ours runs (looking forward to your class on CVS and Walgreen’s for that one!).

I talked to 3 people already that missed your class and had wanted to attend.
Can’t wait to hear back from you!!! You have an absolutely wonderful – and needed – ministry! May God bless you and your families a thousand-fold!

Pat F.
received via email 7/27
************************************************************************************* Hi Ladies! Thank you so much for all of the info you shared last week at the coupon 101, 102 and 103 classes in Cleveland – I really learned a lot. I have done back to school shopping and regular grocery shopping – using your tips – I have saved over $200. This is very exciting for my family! The past couple of years we normally would have bought the minimum and the off brand things to get started for school – but this year they will be starting with enough supplies that are known and trusted brands for a fraction of what I have spent in the past for cheaper items. Also – the pantry and my two freezers are beginning to fill – and this is thrilling for everyone in my home.

Thank you again – the rest of the year is already looking much brighter now. I think we are going to be okay.

Tiffany F.
received via email 7/23/2009
************************************************************************************* Hi, Thank you so much for yesterday’s workshop @ Omega Harvest Church.
I really enjoyed it & all the information you shared. I hope to be able put it all to use.
You are doing a great service for a lot of families by sharing your knowledge.

Amy M.
received via email 7/19

Our 1st receipt when we saved more than we spent-yeah!
David H.
received via email 7/16

Last week I found my 1st “find”. My Publix had a display for Pepperidge Farm bread on sale for $2 per loaf. The vendor had placed a $1 off mfg coupon on it. I had target coupons for $.75 off for Pepperidge Farm bread. Before the $2 sale went off, I had bought a dozen loaves of bread for a quarter each! Thanks for teaching us how to do that!

I can’t tell you how much I’ve saved already because I haven’t taken time to add it up. But from my normal budget last week I had $20 leftover that I didn’t need to spend!

Sharon D.
received via email 7/06/09
************************************************************************************* Hi Ladies,

I wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed your Sunday PM workshop. I hope I can find a way to attend the first and third classes.

I’ve filled up my baseball card holders already and am anxious to get out and get more. I saw someone else from the class at Publix tonight, so your disciples are out and working!

I think you’d be proud of my trip. I bought a few items that weren’t rock bottom, but that I really like anyway :)

Here’s what I got for 21.53 incl. tax:
2 large coffee mate liquid creamers
4 boxes Kotex liners
1 Kraft and Shells meal
2 jars Claussen pickles (which are yummy–I’d never bought them before)
2 packages Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
28 pack Publix water
6 packs Athenos feta
1 Apple juice (penny item)
1 Pepperidge Farm Bread

So 21.53 OOP, 33.50 saved. This is the first time I tried to use a competitor coupon with a mfr. The cashier wasn’t sure about it, but I swore I’d checked the policy and wasn’t trying to do anything wrong.

Thanks again. I enjoyed meeting you both. Your personalities complement each other well and you make a good team!

Sharon M.
received via email 6/29/2009

Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the couponing classes. They are really coming in handy. I am saving a bundle. Thanks again!
received 6/22 via email



Testimonial from the Wesley Memorial Workshop
Hey girls!

I really enjoyed your class this week! I came away with some great information that I can’t wait to use! I just wanted to share my little bi-lo trip with you. I ordered me some sunny d coupons on ebay the other day and they came in today….couldn’t wait to use them. I bought 10 bottles of sunny d and 1 box of pasta salad. After using all my coupons my subtotal was 19 cents and after tax it was 66 cents! My kids love sunny d! I’m going to try to get a few more sunny d coupons before the end of the month to stock up with a few more!:)

I went on Saturday to Publix bought 20 box of waffles for 19 cents each and got $10 in fruit for free…and also sent off the rebate for the kellogs products..so I will get back $10 too. That is just the greatest deal!:)

Thanks Again,

WOW!! You are doing awesome. We can hardly believe that you just attended the workshops last week and you are already saving so much!! Thanks for sending us your savings.


Here is a testimonial from Jamie, who attended the first coupon class that we were asked to help teach. After that class we started Time 2 $ave and have been “busy as beavers” teaching workshops ever since. (That’s what my dad always said)

Since attending the workshop Jaime has not only been extremely successful in saving her family tons of money,but has also started her own website. Go over to chattanoogacheapskate.com and check out her money saving tips. The gals got a good thing going:)

My name is Jamie Miles. I have been married to my husband Matthew for almost 10 years and I have 4 beautiful boys. I am so lucky to be able to stay at home with my family, but it doesn’t come easily. To make ends meet, I started selling Vintage clothes on eBay about 4 years ago to supplement our income. It wasn’t enough. We had to go on food stamps and WIC, because we had no room in the budget for food. But despite our monthly stipend and extra income, we still ended up putting groceries on the credit card a couple times a month. We were digging ourselves in deeper and deeper. I started looking into part-time work, just hating that things were coming to this. That’s when I started hearing the buzz around the grocery about a coupon class.Here’s the thing. I am a thrifty person. I was raised to be a thrifty person. I take pride in being able to make do on very little. I consider it an art- the Art of Making-Do, and it is one of the few talents I have. Besides that- I am exceedingly cheap in a way that offends my husband’s generous nature to the core. All that to say: I didn’t think I needed anyone to tell me how to save money. When I heard about this new coupon class, I dismissed the idea at first. A 50¢ coupon seemed a sad reward for all the clipping and organizing and planning it takes to actually use them. Okay, yes, I will collect dryer lint and egg cartons and stuff old candle remnants in the cabinets for months just so I can make Boyscout campfire starters….. So maybe the coupon game was something this make-doer should look into after all. When I heard that there would be free child care (The Holy Grail of the stay-at-home-mom!) it sealed the deal- I signed up right away.I walked in about 10 minutes late, as usual. The room was packed with women of all ages. I slid into a seat at the end of a table and glanced down at the packet of papers in front of me. It correlated to the PowerPoint presentation being given at the front of the room- and it was…… Daunting. There were rules, lingo, several different store policies, organizing options – in short, ALOT of work! Then again, what worthwhile thing comes easily?I looked around at rows and rows of housewives who had their eyes glued to the instructors, hanging on their every word. An exciting atmosphere of subversion hung in the air- it felt as if we were being initiated into some sort of underground, anti-establishment movement. We were a veritable army of hunters and gatherers struggling to protect our families from uncertain times. We were a frugal sisterhood.I left that meeting with a thrilling sense of purpose. I called my mom, I called my friends, and I talked to my husband about it until his eyes glazed over. I dove into couponing headfirst and I’m not sure I’ve come up for air yet. Besides the occasional meat or produce purchases that I cannot wait on a sale to buy- I generally save 50-75% off every receipt nowadays. This shift in spending has allowed me to take our inadequate monthly food stipend and stretch it far enough to not only cover our grocery expenses without using the credit card, but I even have enough food stamps left over each month to pick up essentials for a single-mom friend of mine. If this seems like a loaves and fishes story, it’s because it is. God blessed what was meagre and it became more than enough. We are not out of the woods yet, we have a lot to learn about spending and discipline and a lot of debt to shed in the long years ahead. But what I took from that class back in February has been a huge blessing to my family in just helping us make it paycheck-to-paycheck. I’m thankful. I love that this movement is a serious thing- that there are tenets for success, efficiency guides for storage and usage, coupon “lingo”, and real need behind it. I love the thrill of finding an amazing deal! I love that even though it’s time consuming, it is of real value to the family budget. I might not be able to make my family recession-proof, but I’m confident that I can do my part to ease the strain.


Many of you have asked how we started teaching couponing workshops. We wanted to share a short version of how God’s faithfulness brought us here.

~ Our Story ~
We are excited you have expressed interest in our company, Time 2 $ave and the world of couponing. We’ll start with a brief introduction. Time 2 $ave was started by Kasey Trenum and Kelly Thompson. We are two stay at home moms who started couponing out of financial necessity. Both of our families are involved in construction and with the housing bubble bursting, we needed to find a way to contribute to our household income and still be able to stay at home. We did some research and started with a few coupons. After seeing that we could make a difference by keeping more of our money through savings on our grocery bill, we dug in deeper. We spent many, many hours researching blogs, deals, coupons and store policies. As our knowledge increased, so did our savings. Currently, we save around 75% on our weekly purchases from what we used to spend. Then, interest came from fellow shoppers and store employees. Just as we had seen people in the news that could save hundreds, so had they. But they’d never seen it in person. People began stopping us in the store and asking us questions about our coupons or store deals. We were surprised when others began following us to our cars wanting to know how we’d accomplished so much with so little. Finally, requests started coming in from people wanting to go shopping with us or meet us during our strategy planning. While all this attention was a little embarrassing, we decided to humor them (and ourselves) by teaching our first couponing class. We’d hoped 25 people would come and were shocked when over 200 attended. We realized there was a much greater hunger for our information and people were looking for hope during a struggling economy. We spent time in prayer about what the next move should be and finally felt it was time to step out on faith…thus Time 2 $ave was born. Were we ready for what lay ahead? Only by the Lord leading us and directing us have we been able to move forward. He has opened many doors that were impossible to us. We have found favor and been humbled all at the same time. It is so exciting to hear the story of a first time coupon user who has saved twenty or thirty dollars on their grocery bill. We rejoice with them and feel our family has expanded. There continues to be many benefits that we did not anticipate, but are honored to be chosen to bring a message of hope…”for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14).

Keep in mind that we are two stay at home moms with a 5,4,3,2 & 1 year old between the two of us. We can teach you how to “save more by spending less.”

What a blessing to know that learning to coupon is a guaranteed lifetime investment. Wouldn’t you like to have just 1/2 of the money that you have already spent this year on grocery / household items back? Think of the difference it would make, and how many bills it might pay. In the month of January and February I (Kasey) kept all of my receipts and saved my family over $1,600. Praise God that he made a way when there seemed to be none.