A “Tall Order”!

We got this email a little while back – and wanted to share:

“I just wanted to share a copy of my prized receipt from Publix. They had an awesome sale this week and it worked great for me.

I spent $54 and saved $258.  This is my 17y/o son standing beside it to show just long it was.

Have a great day!! Thanks for teaching me these techniques. I have loved it and we love out donation box that we have set aside for The Ronald McDonald House. We are making a visit to them this week with 2 boxes of goodies.  I cant wait.  I’m a single mom and love to help others, but never had the means to do it until now.  Its awesome and the kids have really gotten into with me.”

Sandy -what can I say?  You’re downright inspiring!  Thanks for sharing your fun picture and encouraging words, getting emails like this is one of our favorite things!

Do you have a picture or story to share?  We love to hear them!  You can email us or leave it on our Time2Save Facebook Page to encourage the whole community!

Time2Save & Time2Give Reader Testimonies!

As a community, we try to encourage each other not just in our struggle to save money – but also in our calling to give to others in need.  When you’ve come from a place of need into a place where you are able to give – you know what a joy it is!  So I have a few “Saving” and “Giving” testimonies to share with you today:

Terri French posted this on our Facebook Wall:

“Woohoo!!!! First time shopping while couponing. Spent $102 for $301 worth of product.”

Rose Thompson Smith got all this for $3.24!  Way to go Rose!

And now for a story we received from a sweet lady this week (Grab a Kleenex!):

“This last Sunday in our life group meeting (some call it Sunday School), a lady told us about an unchurched family, where the dad has lost his job, they have no car, and there are 4 children ranging from 8 to 16.  School is about to start and then I actually found out that the oldest son and his dad were sharing the same pair of shoes.  It was through the love of Jesus Christ and the Ministry that you have brought to some of our church ladies that enabled us on Thursday morning to take 2 boxes of slightly used clothes and 2 boxes of food and staples, and school supplies to help this family.  My husband said that they were so appreciative.  I would have never thought 3 weeks ago that we would be able to do this.  God has truly blessed us.  Thanks again for all you have taught me.   The bible says that before we start telling, to start by showing.  I believe that we truly got to show Gods love this week.”

Kathy Smith

Time 2 $ave ~ Time 2 Give ~ Time 4 Hope

It’s not just getting a deal, it’s about making a difference!!

Those of you who have already attended a workshop know that Time 2 $ave isn’t just about saving money.  God has spoken a vision of ministry in our hearts to teach people how to save for their family so that they can then turn around and make a purposeful committment to give to others.  Thus creating hope in the lives of hurting people.  We received the testimony below today and had to share it with all of you.  What an inspiration of a heart to bless others. 

I attended a workshop at the end of March @ Allen Elementary in Soddy Daisy. When I left I was so excited! Not only because I could help my family save money, but because I felt like I could do something else…something MORE!! I think it is awesome how you followed what God was leading you to do regarding giving, and am excited to say your workshop has been an answer to my prayers!!

My son Nikolas, who is 3 1/2 was diagnosed last year with Wilms Tumor. This is a form of kidney cancer. You can read his story at www.carepages.com/carepages/nikolas

On our year long journey I have come to realize how a cancer diagnosis, while not something you wish to encounter, can be a ‘blessing in disguise’ – we just have to ask God to pull the mask off and reveal the blessing to us!! I have become more patient with my children, appreciate the ‘mundane’ things, and am more quick to lend a helping hand. When Nik was diagnosed, he was admitted to TC Thompson and we were blessed with wonderful nurses and doctors. Not only that, the Ronald McDonald House Family Room was right there on the Oncology floor – not even 2 minutes away from our room. If you have never heard about the Family Room, go to RMHChattanooga.com. This small area was a great place for me to go get a cup of coffee, take a real shower, or just sit and get my thoughts together. While there I could also wash my clothes or get a snack – sometimes even a full meal. When we left the hospital, I knew I wanted to help Ronald McDonald House Charities, but wasn’t sure how.

Nik started chemotherapy at TC Thompson Oncology Clinic and, again were blessed with wonderful clinic nurses and staff. Chemo days are not easy for anyone – The patient, for obvious reasons, and for me as a caregiver, the days were long. While OUR days were long, we were blessed because Nik had his chemo administered via a push, and was not hooked up to an IV for hours, some kids were there 8, 10, sometimes even 12 hours! The longest part of our ‘chemo days’ were waiting for the blood work to come back letting us know if Nik’s counts were high enough to get his dosage. I am thankful to say he was able to get all of his chemo and was never admitted to the hospital – he even overcame the dreaded Swine Flu!! He has been in remission since October and just yesterday he had his port where the chemo was administered removed!!

Many times while we were in the clinic we would visit the kitchen for something to eat or drink. The kitchen was stocked with sodas, juice, Little Debbies, cereal bars, and some non perishables like microwavable mac and cheese, soups, and peanutbutter. This got me thinking how hard it is for a caregiver to be in the clinic over the lunch hour – while these foods are good, they don’t really ‘satisfy’. I have petitioned businesses, churches, and organizations to commit to supplying a full meal to the clinic – with zero luck.

The good news is though, with the gift of knowledge of how to save money by using coupons, I can make a difference at both the Ronald McDonald House Family Room AND the TC Thompson Children’s Oncology Clinic!! I plan to take $20 each month and use it with my coupons, of course to get things that are needed – from food to laundry soap.

I began praying about 6 weeks into Nik’s journey how I could ‘give back’ and am excited and thankful God lead me to your workshop so I can.

Thank you again for this great opportunity to share blessings!!

~D. S. ~ married 15 years with 3 children, working PT, saving money on my groceries and making a difference to cancer families!!!!

 Our vision is to inspire consumers across America by creating Hope.
Time 2 Save = Hope 4 your family’s finances
Time 2 Give = Hope for your community
Time 4 Hope = Hope for eternity

Strut Your Stuff!! Come share your testimony with us!!

From the moment we were asked to teach our first class God has given us favor and OPENED doors that we didn’t know existed.  We know it’s not us – we are incapable without Him.  We always want to honor God with what he has entrusted to us and a very big part of that is all of YOU.  We know there are money saving blogs all over the internet, but we want to thank you for attending our workshops, visiting our blog, and most of all passing on the message of hope to others through your heart to give.

 Come by and share your testimony today (Saturday April 10th) at 2:00pm at the Mountain View Inn at 2400 Executive Park Dr. Cleveland, TN 37312 (formerly the Holiday Inn).  Don’t be shy…we really want to hear your story.  We want you to be a part of an incredible project we have in the works!!  Leave a comment & let us know if you’ll be able to stop by. 
Share your Testimony.  Speak hope into the lives of others!!
Mission Control – We call it a Miracle in the Making!

Another Testimonial – Keep them coming!!

I attended your workshop on Saturday at Westside Baptist in Warner Robins.Here’s one of the deals I was able to get at Walgreens: Buy 4 Dayquil orNyquil @ $5.00 each. Use the $2.00 coupon off on each from Telegraph 1/17,making them $3.00 each. Then Walgreens prints you a $10.00 coupon on thepurchase. After, the first purchase they are practically free. I haveattached photos of my purchases! Dawn B.

~~~~Okay Gals, you middle Ga folks mean business!!~~~~~

Thanks for sending in your testimonial and pics.  A week ago that would have cost you at least $100.00!!  That is an amazing feat to tackle Walgreen’s like that.  You Go Girl!!
Thanks to all of you for your patience last week.  For those of you who did not attend the workshop, Kelly was planning on teaching.  She was already in Macon, GA and had set everything up on Friday ready for the next morning.  THEN……. she was either hit by a virus or food poisoning.  She called me around 3:50 am to tell me that she had been up all night vomiting.  So I jumped up, got dressed as fast as I could and drove down to Warner Robbins which is about a 3 1/2 – 4 hour dirve.  I arrived at 9:10am with about 100 ladies waiting for me.  Thanks again for everyones patience, I enjoyed spending the day with you and am so excited to hear from each one of you how much are saving!!  (Kasey)

Testimonial ~ Just 4 Days after attending workshop!!

This is a pic of the groceries I just bought at Publix after attending your class last Saturday.
Total cost: $ 93.68
Coupon/Store Savings $48.52
Transfered Rx received gift card for: $25.00
Cash paid: $20.16
Total Saved: $73.52
Percentage Saved: 81.5%
Thank you!!!Trasee D. 
recieved via email 1/20/2010
WOW!!  It has only been FOUR days since the workshop and look at how much Trasee saved!!  Thanks for emailing us your pics and savings!  You guys are the best advertising we could ever have!  Thank you for supporting us, attending our workshops, and all of your kind words of encouragement.
A word to those in desperate need of hope……
God is faithful, no matter where you are financially, there is HOPE!  We both have testimonies of God’s goodness and faithfulness to us during extreme financial pressure.  Your hope will go far beyond cutting your grocery bill in half, which in itself is an incredible testimony.  This journey can take you to a place of radical giving out of your abundance.           
Ephesians 3:20 (New King James Version)

20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think,
according to the power that works in us

Time 2 $ave in the News ~ Testimonial

Below is an article in The Herald-News.  Debby attended a workshop in Cleveland at Wesley Memorial Church this past July.  Then, she hosted a Time 2 $ave Workshop at her church, Dayton First Baptist, last month.  Wow!  Debby, you are awesome!  Looking forward to coming back to your church March 6th 2010!

The coupon craze: Local women taking hints from ‘coupon queens,’ use clippings to save cash.

Coupon-clipper Debby McCuiston of Dayton shows off a long receipt and a counter full of goods that cost a fraction of their original prices. Thanks to numerous coupons, McCuiston has saved close to $1,000 since July.

Shoppers shouldn’t be so quick to toss those coupons in the trash; in the right hands, they could be as good as gold.  Dedicated coupon clippers from Rhea County have already saved thousands, and Dayton local, Debbie McCuiston, is one of them.

“It’s just amazing,” said McCuiston. “A couple weeks ago I spent $250 [at the grocery store] but walked out having paid $47.”

McCuiston got started in huge coupon savings when she heard about a coupon workshop based in Cleveland, Tenn.  The coupon workshops were the brainchild of two Tennessee stay-at-home moms who, like many in the area, were struggling to make ends meet in the economy.

After heavily researching coupons, deals, online savings and common store policies, the two women started saving such significant amounts that others started noticing. Interest in coupon clipping grew so great that after a small couponing class drew a crowd of 200 people, their business, Time 2 $ave, was born.

These two moms, nicknamed the “coupon queens,” now travel around the country teaching others the same strategies and techniques that have worked so well for their families.  In the workshops, people learn how to find good coupons, whether in-store, directly from the manufacturer or an online resource, then how to wait for the sales and put them to good use.

Many area businesses, such as Spring City’s Piggly Wiggly and Dayton’s Bi-Lo and Fred’s, allow the “doubling” of coupons, where customers can use both the in-store coupon and the manufacturer’s coupon on the same item up to a certain amount.

“Just make sure to monitor the expiration dates on the coupons before bringing them to us,” said Bi-Lo manager Jane Draper. “If we take out-of-date coupons, the store loses money, and that loss will eventually lead to higher prices.”

Bi-Lo also offers its own online collection of printable coupons, available to anyone with a bonus card, said Draper.  Some stores go so far as to accept coupons from any store:
“Publix in Hixson is wonderful,” said McCuiston. “They take everybody’s coupons as long as they cover the same brand. A lot of times you pay pennies for things.”

The typical response from many people is that they don’t have the time to deal with coupons, but after the initial setup and figuring out a good filing system, it’s not that hard, said McCuiston.  “It’s a ministry and a comfort to know I’m doing the best for my family,” she added. “I can send my kids [who live out of state] $100 worth of stuff that cost me less than $25.”

Avoiding the stingy, difficult stereotypes of coupon clippers takes some work as well, said McCuiston, who makes it a point to shop at less busy times and “stay nice.”
“Some people [using coupons] are not considerate, but you’ve got to protect your testimony at all costs,” she said. “Don’t be demanding. They’re doing you a service by taking your coupons, and we’re doing them a service by [shopping with them].”

McCuiston hopes that more Rhea county vendors will become increasingly cooperative in their coupon policies.

“I would rather stay in Dayton and keep my money here,” she said.

For those interested, Dayton First Baptist Church will host one of the couponing workshops in March. Unused coupons can be dropped off at the church as well. More information can be found at www.time2saveworkshops.com or by calling Debbie McCuiston at 775-6517.
Elisabeth Hollingsworth can be reached at elisabeth.hollingsworth@rheaheraldnews.com

Published: 5:03 PM, 11/06/2009
Elisabeth Hollingsworth
Source: The Herald-News


Thank you Debbie, for stressing the importance of how we present ourselves to others.  As we tell anyone who attends our workshops ~ we are all a light and a testimoney everywhere we go, don’t let it ruin your testimony.    

Incredible results in five weeks!

~Testimonial from recent couponing workshop~

Before we were married, my husband and I decided live on one income so I could be at home with any children we might have. The Lord has blessed us with 2 kids and I have been able to be home with them since birth. But doing this, financially, is not always easy. Even though I don’t bring in any money, by spending wisely and saving, I am contributing. My family and I are on the Dave Ramsey system. For 3 years now, in every area of our lives, I have been able to stay on a budget. I have even cut back in some areas, but my grocery bill never seems to go down. With a 3 and 5 year old, it seems to go up every year. That is until I met you two. It has been 5 weeks since I took your first class and my grocery budget has gone down from 95 to 75$ per week. My goal is 45$ per week. The rest will go to my kids college fund (another way I can contribute).

I have always loved getting a deal and being frugal, so this was right up my alley. Now, I regularly save 50% or more on my stockpile items. I get to shop at Publix and Bi-lo and I don’t have to buy great value!!! I love Wednesday and Sunday mornings, when I run to get the paper in the driveway. It’s taken me a few weeks but I am not embarrassed to take my coupon binder into stores. I am in awe of the ladies with the binders too thick to close. My best shopping trip to date was to Publix. I spent 4.17 and saved 28.36. My husband was with me and when he saw the total, he was amazed. During that trip, I asked the manager for clarification on a sale item. Later, he found me in the store to see if he could help me with anything else. We about fell over from shock. Never would have happened at Wal-mart! The next day at Publix (a new sale week), I spent 7$, saved 21$ – on 14 items. I got cheerios for 40 cents per box. I can’t thank you all enough for your ministry. God is blessing you two for being good stewards of his money.

Sincerely, Elizabeth
received via email 9/19/2009

Thanks Elizabeth!  We appreciate your sharing your $avings with us.  We know that without God’s hand on us we are incapable of this.  He has been faithful to us to open doors, give us favor, and to send hurting people in need of hope in their finances.