Kmart Fab 15 Toy List + FREE Holiday Shipping!


Check out the Kmart Fab 15 Toy List this year – and get ready for some great deals on these items!

Free Shipping Bonus

When you Buy One of the Fab 15 Toys below and purchase online you’ll upgrade to a Shop Your Way Max for 6 months where you’ll get FREE 2 Day Shipping! Plus, you’ll be entered to the Fab 15 Sweepstakes and win all the Fab 15 Toys. Shop Your Way Max how I got lots of our toys shipped FREE last year!


Check out this year’s Kmart Fab 15 Toy List:

1. WWE John Cena Cardinal 31″ Figure, $29.99

2. Doh Vinci Style and Store Vanity, $14.99 (with #10 coupon)

3. Kidizoom Smart Watch, $49.99

4. Simon Swipe, $14.99 (with #12 coupon)

5. FurReal Get Up an Go-Go My Walkin’ Pup, $49.99 (with #11 coupon)

6. Transformers Electronic Grimlock & Optimus Prime, $12.99

7. Lego Guardians of the Galaxy Starblaster Showdown. $19.99

8. My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Stage, $27.99

9. Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll, $34.99

10. Sleep Time Lambie, $17.9 with #7 coupon)

11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lil’ Dune Racer, $159.9 (with #3 coupon)

12. Zooner Dino, $89.99

13. Paw Patrol Deluxe Lookout PlaySet, $34.99 (with #7 coupon)

14. Nerf Zombie Slingfire, $17.9 (with #6 coupon)

15. Barbie Holiday Doll, $34.99 (with #8 coupon)

You’ll notice the mention of the coupons. You can find two full pages of coupons on page 44 and 45 of the Kmart Toy Book. If you have not received your Kmart Toy Book 2014 you’ll want to head to your local Kmart!


- Thanks to TheFrugalFind for putting this list together!

3 Tips and Tricks for Dressing Babies & Toddlers on a Budget


In just a couple of weeks we are adding a new addition to our family. As excited as we are to welcome our new baby girl, she won’t come without added expenses such as diapers, wipes, baby food, and clothing to name a few. Babies grow SO fast in their first year of life! Unlike my older kids who pretty much stay in the same size clothing for a year, babies outgrow several different sizes. Garanimals clothing line at Walmart is perfect for us frugal moms who don’t want to compromise quality for affordability. I’ve included a couple of my favorite clothing pieces below that will be perfect for our new baby girl.

We all know how fast infants grow. This 21-piece set would be a perfect way (on a budget) to start out.

Us southern girls love monogramming! This little t-shirt would be so cute with a big monogram across the front.

We can’t forget denim leggings! Such a cute outfit paired with the t-shirt above at an incredible price. These are just a couple of items that really caught my eye but you’ll want to check out the prices for yourself! I’ve included 3 tips and tricks below for dressing babies and toddlers on a budget.

3 Tips and Tricks for Dressing Babies & Toddlers on a Budget

1. Buy pieces that are interchangeable. For example, purchase several different color combinations so that outfits can mix and match instead of one outfit that doesn’t match anything else. By doing so, you’ll feel like you have a lot more outfit choices and won’t get bored so quickly.

2. It goes without saying that babies can be messy. Even though they don’t typically wear clothes out, they often soil their clothing. Make sure to treat stains as quickly as possible to avoid permanent stains. Throw a stain stick in your diaper bag along with a large zip lock bag to make treating stains on the go easy. By taking care of the clothes you already have, you’ll potentially avoid having to buy extra.

3. Get the most bang for your buck by purchasing affordable and quality clothing lines. Dressing babies and toddlers doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, you can buy good quality at affordable prices. Be sure to check out Garanimals brand at Walmart.

Take a peak at this quick video below, it completely cracked me up! Doesn’t it feel that way? You go to bed one day with a tiny newborn and wake up the next and have a giant toddler?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Garanimals. The opinions and text are all mine.

Diaper Need Awareness Week + Win a Month’s Worth of Free Diapers #diaperneed

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies. All opinions are my own. You can read my full disclosure here.
diaper need

Recently, I shared with you that we have a new baby girl on the way due in November. So, we have lots of diapers in our future. I couldn’t believe it when I heard that 1 in 3 US moms suffer from diaper need? I can’t even imagine. Although, diapers will be an added expense to our budget, I know that we can provide diapers for our baby girl. States across the US have taken notice of this growing problem, and 14 states have issued official proclamations in support of Diaper Need Awareness Week September 8-12. No parent should have to worry about the next time their baby will have a clean diaper to wear.

diaper need awareness week

In honor of this, Huggies is donating diapers to babies in need for every use of the hashtag #diaperneed. How can you help?  For every tweet or RT using #DiaperNeed, Huggies will donate diapers to babies in need! Simply, click HERE to tweet and spread the word and tweet about diaper need.  You can also help by donating your Huggies rewards points to The National Diaper Bank Network HERE.
Additionally, Huggies is sponsoring a giveaway on Time 2 $ave! Huggies will also make a donation of a one-month supply of diapers to a diaper bank in the giveaway winner’s local community. Make sure to follow the directions to enter below and win a months worth of FREE diapers from Huggies!

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Cooking with Kids

cooking with kids ub
When I was little, my grandparents kept me during the day while my parents worked. They had a huge garden we spent a large part of our summer days. As you could imagine, we enjoyed our time in the garden and preparing meals using the produce we had grown. I’ve been cooking as long as I can remember, or as we say it in the south since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

I remember sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen, smelling lunch cooking all morning and not being able to wait to taste test her famous green beans or Lima beans. My friends were always shocked at all the vegetables I loved, but that is what I grew up eating and cooking with my grandmother. I remember my aunt picking me and my cousin up from school and asking if we wanted to stop at Wendy’s for french fries on the way home. My response? “No thank you Aunt Orlyene, when I get to Mama Knight’s house I’m going to eat some fresh collards.” I know, what kid prefers collards over french fries? Seriously!

As I got older I realized what a gift I had been given. Not only did I know how to cook, but I loved vegetables and other healthy foods. Now that I am a mom, I really enjoy cooking with my kids. In fact they like to call it “kitchen chemistry.” You won’t find us doing very many craft projects, science experiments, or art projects around here. Instead, you’ll find us in the kitchen cooking together. Besides everyday meals we always celebrate a new season, holiday, or birthday by whipping up something special in the kitchen together.

According to University of Michigan’s Project EAT, kids that learn to prepare healthy meals with their parents form healthier eating habits compared to those who are not taught cooking skills. I have found this true in my family, as we cook together we talk about what kinds of foods fuel our bodies and how important it is to eat healthy meals.

Many times, if people didn’t grow up with this skill taught to them, they may not know where to begin with their own kids. This may seem intimidating at first, but just know that it is never too late to start. If you want your kids to eat healthier, but haven’t included them in helping prepare meals, you can start tonight. In fact, I’ve included a quick list of tips below to guide you along the way. I understand that cooking with kids can be stressful, especially if the proper preparation and expectations, so this list of tips can help ease that stress.

So what benefits are there to cooking with your kids? Well, I have found that cooking together opens the door for great communication and connecting. Not only do they share their hearts with me, but I a can also sneak in a math lesson or two without them realizing. Such skills include measurement, fractions, addition, reading comprehension, and sequencing. Additionally, when they are older they will know how to cook and won’t resort to quick fixes like fast food as easily.

If that isn’t incentive enough, why not use this chance to cook with your kids to enter the The Ben’s Beginners ™ Cooking Contest? After all, everyone loves a fun challenge! You can read details here for a chance to win $15,000 and a cafeteria makeover to your child’s school (homeschoolers are also eligible) and be the star of your household!

So are you ready to begin? Before you get started make sure to check out my helpful tips below!

Cooking with Kids - 10 Helpful Tips


  • 1. First, decide on a kid friendly recipe together.
  • 2. Next, have your kids gather all the ingredients that they can easily reach, while you get out the rest if needed.
  • 3. Make sure you've got the necessary tools handy such as measuring bowls, measuring spoons, cutting boards, etc.
  • 4. Know your limits and allow your kids to help in a way that is age appropriate.
  • 5. Make cleaning up part of the process by teaching kids to clean up as they go. For example, put ingredients away as soon as you are finished with them and dirty dishes and silverware in the sink.Otherwise, you'll have a huge mess to clean up all by yourself, plus you are helping to teach lifelong habits.
  • 6. Expect a bigger mess than if you were cooking by yourself.
  • 7. Decide what will drive you crazy in advance and avoid it at all cost. I've tried letting my kids crack eggs, however for this season it's going to be my job. Digging out egg shells and cleaning slimy eggs off the floor sends me over the edge, so in my family I'm the one in charge of eggs.
  • 8. Celebrate your kid's accomplishments. Let's all agree that if you've got little ones helping in the kitchen, then whatever you are cooking is going to look like they've helped. You might not win the most beautifully plated award, but the smiles on their face for a job well done is well worth it.
  • 9. Don't cook together on days when you've lost all your patience by 10am. You know those days, we all have them! Use good judgment, wisdom goes a long way.
  • 10. Enjoy! Relish every moment connecting with the incredible children that you get to do life with.
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Cooking with your children makes for a great beginning! Visit and click on The Ben’s Beginners™ Cooking Contest page to learn more!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Uncle Ben’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

Kuddles: New Baby Line at BI-LO + Enter to Win a Year of FREE Diapers (Signal Mountain BI-LO)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BI-LO. As always all opinions are my own.
kuddles logo

Recently, BI-LO announced Kuddles, its new line of quality, affordable formula, diapers and baby essentials, now available in store. Backed by the line’s 100 percent happiness guarantee, parents can rest assured that Kuddles will keep their babies smiling, making more time for what matters most.

kuddles baby line

Last weekend I had the opportunity to check out the new baby line at a baby event at the Signal Mountain BI-LO. I was really impressed at the quality and variety of offerings. Until September 2nd, drop by the customer service desk at the Signal Mountain BI-LO in Signal Mountain, TN to register to win a years worth of FREE DIAPERS!! Whoa! Free diapers for a year could really come in handy!

In case you missed my earlier announcement, we are expecting a new baby girl to our family in November. My kids are older, so we are starting completely over with this baby. It’s been years since I had to buy baby items and so much has changed! I’m thankful for the opportunity to check out Kuddles baby line at BI-LO. We’ve got so much to do before our baby gets here!

Join Me at the Making Happy Happen for Mom Bi-Lo in Store Event on 8/17 #KuddlesMom

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BI-LO. As always all opinions are my own.
kuddles logo

Recently, BI-LO announced Kuddles, its new line of quality, affordable formula, diapers and baby essentials, now available in store. Backed by the line’s 100 percent happiness guarantee, parents can rest assured that Kuddles will keep their babies smiling, making more time for what matters most. On August 17th from 2-4 p.m. I’ll be at the Making Happy Happen for Mom in store event at store 3515, located at 703 Signal Mountain Rd. I’d love for you to join me for the super fun event. Bi-Lo will have Kuddles products on display, refreshments, plus great giveaways including Kuddles product, BI-LO gift cards, floral arrangements and the chance to win free diapers for a year. Whoa! Free diapers for a year could really come in handy!

In case you missed my earlier announcement, we are expecting a new baby girl to our family in November. My kids are older, so we are starting completely over with this baby. It’s been years since I had to buy baby items and so much has changed in. I can’t wait to find out more about the new Kuddles product line at BI-LO at this in store event. Grab your girlfriends, and lets have a fabulous afternoon. Can’t wait to see you there! (Kasey)

Shell Fuel Rewards Network Program‏ and $25 Gas Card Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by my on behalf of the Fuel Rewards Network. All opinions and text are my own.

Recently, I told you that I was currently in a season where I haven’t been couponing very much lately. Pregnant with a broken foot, I’ve been on crutches the past eight weeks which makes grocery shopping very difficult. As a result I’ve really had to slow down and depend on my husband to help me things I usually take care of. Not wanting to add anything else to his plate we’ve just put coupons on the backburner. But, that doesn’t mean that we stop saving money or making wise financial choices instead we focus on other areas. I was super excited to find Shell’s fuel rewards network, especially since I drive a gas guzzler. It’s so simple to use and can really help you save money on gas. Who wouldn’t agree that saving money on gas is FABULOUS??  As always our goal is to simplify the money process of saving money for you, so I have outlined the most important aspects of the Shell fuel rewards network below. Also, I am giving away a $25 Shell gas card!

The Fuel Rewards Network™ program offers you real savings at participating Shell stations:

  • Simply earn Fuel Rewards savings when you purchase the items you normally buy like groceries, clothing and household goods and redeem them for cents per gallon savings at participating Shell stations.
  • For a limited time, new members of the Fuels Rewards Network program can get a 25c/gal sign-up bonus when they join the program.
  • To qualify, you must purchase at least 8 gallons of fuel on your first fill-up using your Fuel Rewards Network Card, while enjoying at least 3c/gal savings. Then, the 25c/gal will be credited to your account for your next fill up.
  • Signing up is simple! You can request your free Fuel Rewards Network Card online at FUEL REWARDS DOT COM or pick one up at any participating Shell.
  • Savings can be redeemed on any grade of Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasoline including Shell V-Power Premium Gasoline as well as Shell Diesel, up to 20 gallons per purchase! Simply swipe your Fuel Rewards Network Card at the pump before you pay and watch your price drop instantly before your eyes.

 How to earn Fuel Rewards savings:

  • Shop online with your favorite online brands through the online mall at More than 700 online merchants offer at least 5 cents per gallon for every 50 dollars spent.
  • Earn rewards from dining out and purchasing groceries
  • Earn rewards at select Shell stations on items like your morning coffee or weekly car wash.

 Also, you can receive an additional 5c/gal every time you refer a friend or family member to join the Fuel Rewards Network program!

How would you like to win a $25 Shell Gas Card? Follow instructions below to enter! Most importantly, don’t forget to sign up for Fuel Rewards Savings, go here to get started!

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Summer Fun with a Great Deal on a Nerf N-Strike Elite Stongarm Blaster! “#KmartSummerFun

“This is a sponsored post, I am a Kmart blogger, though all opinions are my own.”

NERF GUN "#KmartSummerFun

I don’t know about your kids, but I want my kids to have an incredible summer. I want us to make memories and have fun together. Unfortunately three days into our summer break I broke my foot and have been on crutches ever since. So, we have had to adjust our summer fun a bit. I usually take the kids to the Y to swim a couple of days a week, but I’ve been looking for a good deal on outdoor toys that will keep their attention for a while on days we don’t make it to the pool.

Kmart has a great deal for outdoor Summer fun with your family! TODAY ONLY 25% Off a Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster and Dart Refill Pack Bundle. Originally $13.99, now you can get it for only $10.49. Plus, you can pick it up at the store and save on shipping. I’m super excited about being able to order online and pick up at the store. After walking on crutches for 6 weeks I am super thankful not to have to walk around in the store to shop! 

Head on over to “#KmartSummerFun and take a peek at this deal!