Wendy’s: FREE Jr. Frosty Trick or Treat Booklets

Wendy’s is offering booklets of 5 FREE Jr. Frosty Coupons for $1 to hand out to your Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween.

My kids gets these from a neighbor every year and get so excited to go get their treat!  Plus – I love knowing that the proceeds go to help the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and foster care.

These sell out super fast so make sure to grab them quick.  These coupons are valid between 11/1/15 and 2/1/16 so pick up some for your family for later!

Also – don’t forget about the McDonald’s Halloween Books!

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Christmas Day 2015: List of Stores Open



Wondering what stores are open on Christmas Day?  If you need to run out on Christmas day to grab something your choices are limited.  Below is a list of stores open on Christmas Day 2015.  If you were hoping to run out to Walmart, Target, Toys “R” Us, or Best Buy®they are all closed today but you can still shop online! Please make sure to verify with your local store, as there may be regional variations!

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McDonald’s Halloween Coupon Book (12 Freebies for $1)



The McDonald’s Trick-or-Treat coupon booklets are BACK!!  I love these little booklets, and I get several every year.  For just $1 (Cash Only – Proceeds go to charity) you get a booklet with (12) Treat Coupons.

  • (4) FREE Apple Dippers
  • (4) FREE Small Ice Cream Cones
  • (4) FREE Apple Juice or Milk Chugs!

There is NO EXPIRATION DATE in my booklets – which means we’ll still be using them to get free ice creams this summer, probably :)

These are so handy for taking the kids for an after-school snack, or a rainy-day trip to the play place.  Racking up the Cool Mom Points!!