How to Make a Rug out of Carpet Remnants

Jamie here! We just finished having carpet installed in our basement, which left us with a nice large piece of leftover carpet.  When you spend the money for quality carpet, it’s not likely you’ll be willing to let a nearly room-sized piece be tossed out without trying to come up with a use for it. (Am I right?)

Our installer gave us some tips on how to use the scraps – and I immediately started calling around town and researching how to make a rug out of carpet remnants.  What I found was a great frugal way to make a large area for very little money!

You can also purchase carpet remnants at flooring centers near you.  We found some nice pieces of discounted carpet remnants while in the process of searching for ours.


There are three ways to make a rug out of carpet remnants - Gluing, Stapling or Professional Binding.

Let’s look at each of these to see which is most cost-effective, with results you’ll be happy with.


1. Bind it yourself with a DIY Carpet Binding Tape

This product is a VERY good DIY solution to make rugs out of carpet remnant.  You basically flip the carpet over and hot glue a binding onto the the back.  The reviews on this carpet binding tape are all good, in fact, many reviewers post photos of their finished project that are nice and professional.  The video tutorial here is extremely helpful and full of tips. You’ll want to consider that the $54 pricetag gets you about 50 ft of binding – so that comes out to about $1 per linear foot.

Other than a little patience and a big space to spread out the carpet, you’ll need a decent hot glue gun with a high wattage + long, pointed tip if you plan to take on this project.  Also, have several glue sticks at the ready.

To decide how many feet of tape you need, add together all the sides of the remnant to be used.  Final cost = About $60.


2. Bind it yourself with a Carpet Edge Binding Stapler

This process involves stapling a binding tape to the edge and the gluing it to the bottom with hot glue.  It’s not as easy, and will set you back a good chunk for the stapler, staples and binding tape.  The first method is much easier and cost-effective, and looks better in my opinion.

Final Cost = Between $60 – $80


3. Professional Binding

A local flooring center or carpet warehouse will offer professional machine-serged binding – for a price.  I called around 6 places near me and found prices between $1 (Sweet!) and $2.75 (Yikes!) per lineal foot.  It really pays to be thorough, the Carpets of Dalton warehouse I called first was who I really thought would be cheapest – but they weren’t.

Since I just want a 4 x 6 living room rug, having it bound at $1/ft will only cost me $20. (Remember – just add each side together for lineal footage).  If you were doing a big 10 x 10′ rug, your cost would still only be $40. A 12 x 12′ rug would be just $48.  Guys – I have never in my life heard of a 12 x 12′ area rug for $48.

If you live in an area where you can find an inexpensive carpet binder, then this is DEFINITELY the way to go.  (There are some things that just aren’t cheaper to DIY!)

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5 Ways to Tell if Amazon Reviews are Fake


If you do a lot of shopping on Amazon, you may have started to notice an unsettling trend in the rising number of fake reviews.  In fact, last year Amazon actually sued over 1,000 people who were selling fake reviews.  Don’t be duped – before you buy check out these 5 ways to tell if Amazon reviews are fake!



1. Weed out Paid Reviewers

Some “buyers” leave reviews in exchange for a free or discounted product.  While many of these reviews may be genuine – it’s good to take those reviews with a grain of salt.  Folks who are getting a free item are not the MOST reliable source for honest feedback.  They’ve essentially been paid with a product – so they’re more likely to leave a glowing review.

A trick for quickly weeding out all the “paid-for” reviews is to use the simple keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F.   This will bring up a mini search bar in the top right corner of the screen – and will search all the text on the page for a specific word/phrase.  I usually click to sort reviews from most-stars to least, and search the word “Honest” or “Unbiased” or “Discount”.  (All of these are common words you’ll find in “paid” reviews.)

2. Be Suspicious of Vague, Short Reviews

If a writer wants to add to the star-ranking on a product, they have to leave a review.  If that’s their only goal, the review may be very short, and won’t tell you much about the user’s experience with the product – such as “Looks great – I liked it!”.  This could apply to ANY product just about – and a false reviewer could be copy/pasting this review onto multiple products. We all know what it looks like to “pad” a paper in school with meaningless drivel. Look for that too.



3. Too good AND bad to be true?

If an item is divided between awesome reviews and terrible reviews (5-star and 1-star) – it’s probably terrible.  While 5-Star Reviews that are full of glowy praise aren’t always fake – but they’re worth taking an harder look at when a number of others had an opposite experience.

4. Check the Reviewer’s Recent Activity

Some writers have left a trail of fake reviews that’s pretty easy to follow.  Click on the name of a reviewer who you believe may not be legit – and see if they’ve made a lot of other reviews in a short period of time.


5. If in doubt – are they a Verified Purchaser?

Amazon keeps track of whether or not someone actually bought, and was sent, an Amazon product.  This is a good way to weed out reviewers who review things they’ve never even seen or tried.  It’s not foolproof however – as there are some extra-shady ways of getting around these, but it’s a good box to check off the list.

TIP: Of course – with Amazon Prime you will always be taking less of a risk in buying ANYTHING - because your Free 2-Day Shipping includes Free Returns as well :)


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Help Save Money with Coupons | 10 Best Tips for Beginners

If you’re looking for tips on how to help save money with coupons, you’re in the right place!  We’ve put together 10 of our best tips for anyone who wants to try couponing but doesn’t know where to start.  {Find more articles on how to save money.}

*Since we’re starting with the basics, you might also want to watch this brief video of Kasey explaining the basics of couponing.

1.  Get some coupons, pronto!

Coupons are EVERYWHERE.  You can print them out online from these main sites – as well as others:

The Sunday paper is the main source for coupons.  Each Sunday newspaper has a couple coupon inserts inside.  If you glance through these before you buy it, and like what you see ( are there several coupons for things you buy often?) go ahead and get 4 or 5 newspapers. (More on that later)

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How to watch the Super Bowl without Cable (FREE Live Streaming online!)

Wondering how to watch the Super Bowl without cable?   We found the answer!

UPDATE: This year we also get to have all the Super Bowl Commercials with the live stream – that’s much better than last year where they recycled the same 4 lame commercials over and over ;)

To save money last year, we began using a Hulu/Netflix combo that serves most of our tv needs – and we thought a quick trip to Walmart to buy a satellite would solve our Super Bowl problem.  Unfortunately, for some reason we still can’t get NBC.

I was starting to mentally run through a list of all my friends who wouldn’t mind hosting us (and 4 extra kids) for their Superbowl hangout, when my smart hubby went searching for answers.  He found out how to watch the Super Bowl online using NBC’s free live stream – and will be setting it to connect to our television so we can watch it in the comfort of our living room.

Just head over here to watch the live stream – or download the app here.

To watch it on other devices – mainly your television:

You can watch the Super Bowl on your big screen (instead of hunching over your laptop or phone) if you have any of the following.

Head over to TechHive for more details about exactly how to do that ;)


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Spring Decorating Ideas on a Budget (Day 2)

I’m so excited about starting a new series on ways to save money – this time it’s a super-fun topic: Spring Decorating Ideas on a Budget!  Each day for the next 12 days, I’ll be sharing or linking to a way to freshen up your home for Spring on the cheap :)  Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments – we may include them in the list!

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DIY to Save Money on Curtains! (4 Easy Ideas)


DIY to Save Money on Curtains

This fits in great for Day 2 of our new segment 12 Spring Decorating Ideas on a Budget.

(I’m actually scrolling through Ikea curtain panels today looking for a good one to make myself some new kitchen curtains.  Oftentimes Ikea curtain panels are CHEAPER than buying fabric and already hemmed on 4 sides!)

Jamie here! I’m no Martha Stewart, but I’ll happily embark on a little DIY to save money on household items I want but can’t afford.  In this post, let’s take a look at how to save on curtains by purchasing things that aren’t exactly curtains… and making them work!

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10 Ways to Save Money Shopping Holiday Clearance

10 Ways to Save Money (Shopping Holiday Clearance)

Jamie here!  I’ve been helping my brother learn how to save money lately, as he makes a fresh start in a new home with few belongings.  He needs a good deal on LOTS of items – from kids’ toys, new photo albums, furniture, food and everything in between.   Right now, we’re working on using the Holiday clearance aisle to get him set for the kids upcoming birthdays.

Since I was at it already, it seemed a good time as any to start a new frugal series!  Here are 10 Ways to Save Money by shopping Holiday Clearance.  Check in each evening for a new “Pro Tip” and we’d love for you to pin the ones you find helpful!

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