Thanksgiving Family Funnies

Of course the most important part of Thanksgiving is to look back and to reflect on all the blessings in our lives.   At the same time in the midst of all the thankfulness, when family gets together there is bound to be something hilarious that happens.

Everyone is thankful, full, and sooo sleepy.
Gary, Kasey, and Caleb Trenum napping at Mi Mi’s house on Thanksgiving.

1. My mother (Kasey’s) has become a texting, facebooking, picture taking maniac. Today, she got a mischievous streak and took the picture above and posted it on facebook.  This was a surprise to us!  


My husband gave me permission to share this as long as I clarified that he had a very full tummy at the time. 

2.  My grandmother has alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home.  Although her memory isn’t the best, she’s still in good health so she was able to leave the nursing home to spend Thanksgiving Day with us.  It had been a while since she saw my kids, so we had to introduce them to her several times. 

Okay – here’s the funny part.  My daughter was sitting on my husbands lap when my grandmother came around the corner,  to ask  her name again.  As my grandmother bent down to hug Morgan,  she poked my husband in the tummy and asked very innocently if  he was pregnant while she was laughing.  She was so cute because she was completely serious and walked away excited as if a new great grand baby was on it’s way.   Again – my husband asked that I stress he was very very full.

It’s your turn ~ some of you have to have a great family funny.


 If you haven’t already shared with us on facebook, 

Time 2 $ave Let’s encourage each other. What is something that at times you’ve found difficult to give thanks for…but looking back you know it was used greatly in your life? Click HEREto share on Facebook.

*Money-Saving Monarchs*: A cool new feature!

Don’t you love having insider knowledge on extra deals going on at your store?  You know – like when you find out there’s an amazing clearance on makeup, or an unadvertised bargain, a cool catalina, or some awesome coupon booklets hiding in the produce aisle….  I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

Wouldn’t you love to have more of that kind of store-specific reporting?  ME TOO!

That’s why we’re very excited to present a new feature: Money Saving Monarchs

What is a Money Saving Monarch?  Basically – a store expert or the “Queen” of a grocery/drugstore.

  • A Money Saving Monarch is a frequent shopper of a particular store, someone who’s in and out at least once or twice a week.  This person can report on things they find:  extra deals, clearances, found coupon booklets/tearpads and catalinas
  • They can help by spreading the word by posting on Facebook, or in our BlogFrog Community Forum (See bottom of sidebar) and leaving comments on the weekly grocery posts.  Also – they can email me tips to
  • We’ll list all the MoneySaving Monarchs on a special page of the Time2Save Website – with a picture of each store leader and a few lines about themselves.

If this seems like a fun way to share deals – let me know and I’ll get you started!

Grab our Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas Button!

Our fantabulous one-woman design team – Nicole, of ThePixel Boutique – has put a little button together for our newly launched Christmas planning project.  If you are a blogger, please consider placing this button on your site and joining us in a common goal for a peaceful Christmas!

Ways bloggers can participate over the next few months:

  • Email us at time2saveworkshops @ to contribute deals, crafts, ideas, and tips.  We’ll use them in our daily suggestions and we’ll make sure to thank you!
  • Encourage your readers to check out the series, and link to the printable pdf’s.
  • Write a post describing what you’ve been able to check off your Christmas To-Do list, pretty soon we’ll have a Christmas Progress linky for you to link to each week!

If you haven’t printed out the first page of our Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas Planner yet – you can do so by clicking the image below to get started!  You assignment for this page is to jot down your goals for this Christmas.  What traditions do you want to start/solidify?  What things do you want to have done early?  What is something you’d like to include this time around?  Read more about your first assignment HERE!

A Purposeful Peaceful Christmas
Page 1: “Tis’ The Season…

Christmas Poll: Extended 1-More Day!

You guys absolutely blew us away yesterday with your comments on the Christmas Poll.

We knew that God had impressed this on our hearts many months ago, but had no idea the response it would receive.  We’d like to extend the poll one more day to include as many people as we can.  For each one of you that expressed stress and anxiety, there are hundreds more that feel the same way.  Help us to reach as many people as we can so that we can work together each week towards a common goal – A Purposeful Peaceful Christmas.
Check out Facebook - send this link to everyone in your inbox – post it on your wall.  You never know what kind of difference you can make in the lives of other families just by helping us spread some HOPE.
No matter what your comment was – whether you already enjoy Christmas or find yourself desperately wishing you could -  this purposeful planning-ahead will benefit you.  Reading over your comments has made us even more determined to help our little community work toward a Peaceful Christmas Season!

So far, in reading your comments, these seem to be the biggest stress factors:
1. Budget
2.  Buying gifts
3.  Holiday meals and baking
4. Traveling
5. Creating purposeful traditions with your kids and family and being able to relax & enjoy them
So again, we ask you pass this link along to your friends and family, inviting them to join our Time 2 $ave Community as we take a Step-By-Step approach to Christmas Planning.  Tomorrow morning, when you wake up, the first installment will be waiting for you!  Subscribe to our daily email updates so you won’t miss anything!

The Christmas Poll

Christmas is coming.  Yes, it may be a few months away – and we may try to push it out of our minds as long as possible – but it’s coming just the same!  Which brings me to a new Reader Poll: When you think of Christmas, what are the first words that come to mind?
Now I’m not talking about what you SHOULD think about – I’m talking what you REALLY think about.  Okay – here are my Christmas worries.

Tis the Season for:

1) Stress, stress, and more stress!

2) Regret. Each Christmas I look back guiltily – wishing I’d had the time to make those special cookies, or done that fun craft with the kids, or just plain enjoyed the season.

3) Debt. No matter how much I try to hit those holiday sales – I always end up putting things on the credit card – which weighs heavily on me.

And honestly, I immediately think of several other things that have nothing to do with Baby Jesus, and Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards men.  That’s just the truth, no matter how much I wish it weren’t so.

Well friends – that’s all about to change.  This year the Time2$ave Team has been working diligently behind the scenes on a big Christmas Project!  Starting tomorrow, we’ll begin unveiling our grand plan to help you organize, prepare, and take little steps together to make this Christmas a joyfully different experience.
Would you like to take this journey to a stress-free Christmas with us?  Then stay tuned throughout the next few months as we plan with purpose for a PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS!

Now for the Reader Poll:

Tell us what YOU think about when you hear the word Christmas.  What causes the most stress and takes away that joy and peace that we all want during the season?  Leave your comment below, and on Wednesday we’ll give a prize  to one reader who comments !

Chattanooga Area Coupon Swap!

Call up the gals and dust off your scissors – there’s a local coupon swap going on this weekend for all you Chattanooga- Area Clippers!

September 18th from 12:30-4, Kelli & Corrie want to invite everyone to a coupon swap at Middle Valley Church of Christ! Go HERE to say if you’ll be attending – or just leave a comment below.

If you’re hosting a local coupon swap – send me an email at time2saveworkshops @ gmail dot com – I’ll be happy to post them!  Another great way to get a group together is to announce it on our Facebook Wall and ask people to join you!

Baby Deals… & a BIG Announcement!

While we offer a weekly roundup of Baby Deals here on Time2Save – Kelly, Kasey, Rosie & I (Jamie) don’t have any babies left to buy diapers for (They’re all 3 & up!).   But that’s all about to change, the Time2Save Team is about to get tiny new member……

Our wonderful Rosie is PREGNANT!

She just found out at the Doctor yesterday – and she gave me the okay to tell all of you. Woohoo!!  She and her husband have been trying for 4 years to add to their happy little family of three – and God answered their prayers with a peanut-sized picture on the ultrasound yesterday.  Praise God!

Up next…… Baby Deals!

Time2Save Community Shopping Trip: Tomorrow!

Alright Ladies (& Gentlemen) – just a quick reminder that if you live anywhere near Cleveland, TN – we’d love to have you meet us tomorrow night for a Community Publix Shopping Trip at the Ocoee Crossing Bi-Lo!  We’ll be meeting at 7pm to do our Labor Day Shopping Time2Save-style,  so drop in and say hey!

To get your list together – go HERE & print/clip out all the coupons you’ll need ahead of time!  ALSO – anyone who shows up will get a FREE Time2Save Keychain Fob & Shopping Tote!  Please leave a comment to let us know if you’ll be able to make it.