Couponing for the Rest of Us

Holiday Coupon Booklets: Tips for the Hunt!

The Holiday season is one of the BEST time to find great coupons at all sorts of places.  When you head to the store, keep your eyes peeled for booklets, tearpads, blinkies and rebate offers for traditional Thanksgiving & Christmas fare.  Here are some tips to make sure you don’t miss out on these treasures!

1. You’re Getting Warmer….
Don’t just scan the shelves for coupons- get creative. Think, “If I were a tearpad, where would I hide?” A-HA! That cardboard display! or A-HA! That Arrangement of Baking Supplies!  Basically, if there is a display of any sort – strip search it for coupons :)

2) Variety is the Spice of Life!
If you ALWAYS go to Bi-Lo, and you’ve got everything they have to offer, shake up your routine a bit. Stop in a Dollar Store for toilet-paper or milk, swing by K-Mart for wrapping paper. No matter what store you find yourself running into, take the time to speed-walk down every aisle looking for tearpads and blinkies. I have even gone out of my way (to SuperSaver) on a hunch that they might have good tearpads that haven’t been stripped bare. They did!

3.) Ask and You Shall Receive
Occasionally, coupons are kept behind counters. For instance, sometimes the cosmetics counter at Walgreens has coupons that they haven’t put out yet. I can’t guarantee you they will give you one, but it never hurts to ask! Also, sometimes gas stations keep coupons behind the counter. Give it an extra glance next time you’re paying for something!

4.) Share the Love!
There’s only one rule in this Scavenger Hunt, and that is the Golden Rule of Couponers:

Take a COUPLE, leave the rest! There are so many of us, and so few tearpads…. please don’t be a “Scrooge” this Holiday Season!

There are TONS of ways to get your hands on great coupons – reader our post HERE on how/where to get coupons, blinkies, booklets, printables and more!

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Banks Remove $5 Debit Card Fees (Hip-Hip-Hooray!)


I went into the bank last week and while I was filling out my deposit slip I noticed a sign that said “Due to popular demand – no more Debit Card Fees!”  (Well, it basically said that :) )

I subscribe to LearnVest – which is how I found out that LOTS of banks are now revoking the fees they just rolled out last month.  I highly recommend getting the Learnvest newsletter – it’s FREE and it helps me keep up with just the most important/interesting topics in money.  You’ll get tidbits of info delivered in a daily newsletter – each one containing a few hot-button financial topics, in small easy-to-understand articles.

Manilla: FREE household organizer with great perks!

Do you occasionally feel buried by the amount of information you have to keep track of?  I know I do all the time – it’s like I’m juggling too many balls – and if I drop one, something awful will happen.   I just found out about an awesome web-based organizer called Manilla.   It’s a totally free service that helps you out BIG TIME by making it easy to manage things like:

  • Bank & Credit Card Accounts
  • Bills like Utilities, Dish or Cable, and Phone
  • Subscriptions to Netflix and magazines
  • Loyalty Programs (auto, hotel, airline, etc…)
  • Vouchers bought from Groupon or Living Social

So you can stop juggling all those balls – and just put them down sanely in one spot with *1* Password.  Manilla keeps your info secure under just ONE login (so you don’t have to remember all the other ones from all those other sites).  It presents everything in an organized way Look at the example below of a typical account.

Doesn’t that just make you feel more sane?

If you were to click on the little orange “Reminders” tab on the top right hand of the above example – you would see something like this (See below):

That’s right – Manilla even sends you friendly reminders when it’s time to pay a bill, renew a subscription – or use a reward before it expires!  (I LOVE THAT)

Oh yeah – Manilla has a Free mobile app too!

I almost forgot – they’ve just come out with a new mobile app for iPhone & Android – so you can easily check out your accounts on the go!

How is it Free?

So how is all this awesomeness free?  (You’re gonna like this!)  Companies are tired of spending all that money on paper bills and statements – and as a result, they’re willing to foot the bill for us to have this Free Bill manager!

Sign up for Manilla Today!




*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Manilla.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Android Apps for Frugal Folks

If you have an Android, you’ll want to check out these great money-saving apps!  If you have an iPhone, see our post here instead. Know of any other good ones?  Please let us know!

1. Keyring App – for those serious couponers out there that have a million loyalty cards on your keyring, this is the app for you! Say, goodbye to those bulky tags and hello to technology! Enter all of your loyalty cards onto one app and have the cashier scan your phone!!

2. Barcode Scanner – this is a must have app! You’ll need it to scan any and everything! Many stores are now using barcodes to help you check in at their store. You can scan upc codes at stores to find the lowest prices (this requires a different app, but you need the scanner for it to work).

3. Redbox – did you know you can now reserve your movies on your phone and pick them up when you get there! No, more standing in front of the machine agonizing over what movie to get, because the one you wanted is already checked out. Just reserve it early and pick it up at your convenience!!

4. Gas Buddy – I can’t stand to pay more than I have to for gas! It’s already high enough as it is, so why pay a ton if you don’t have too? Just search for the location nearest you and it will pull up all of the gas prices in that area!

5. Amazon Kindle – for those of you who love to read, download the Kindle App from Amazon and read your favorite book on your phone!!

6. Google Voice – I like this app, because if you’re in a meeting and can’t check your voicemail, then Google Voice will transcribe your voicemail into text so you can read it!!

7. Zedge Ringtones and Wallpaper – I love this app! You can choose from thousands of wallpapers and ringtones. My husband has the Dixie horn (from Duke’s of Hazard) as his ringtone :) Your options are endless!

8. Google Maps - I absolutely love Google Apps! I don’t even have to use our TomTom anymore! This is just like it only it’s on my phone!

Thanks Stretching Your Budget!

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If you just heard Time 2 $ave on Living Wealthy Radio with Teresa KUHN
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If this is your first visit, we’d like to thank you for stopping by. We are excited to have the opportunity to serve you and hope the information we provide guide you as you enter the world of couponing.

Like most, the effects of our nations economy hit our family’s hard. As a result, we attempted to save our family money by eliminating family vacations, taking our children out of extra curricular activities and buying only store brand foods. However, the savings didn’t add up.  Out of great skepticism we started couponing. After hundreds of hours of research, months of practice, and many trials and errors our tenacity paid off. We began to see our grocery bill dwindle each week as we learned how to use coupons effectively.

Now, to keep this in perspective we don’t LOVE COUPONS. We don’t wake up every morning excited to cut up coupons or jump on every deal that we can find. Simply put – couponing just happened to be the tool that brought hope to our family’s finances. Most importantly it has afforded us the incredible opportunity to give into the lives of others in ways we never imagined.

You’ll see quickly that we want to offer our community much more than just grocery/drug store savings. Only a small part of our life is spent at the grocery store. We want to speak encouragement to each of you, bring you content that is relative to your life, introduce you to thousands of others in our community and have FUN all at the same time!


Couponing has to FIT into YOUR LIFE  ~ NOT become YOUR LIFE.

If you have thought about using coupons, or attempted without success, don’t quit now. Learning an entire new mindset to shopping doesn’t happen overnight. It will take time to understand the process, take one step at a time. I (Kasey) remember the first time I saved $12.00 on my grocery bill, I floated out to the parking lot to my car. We encourage you to celebrate those moments, give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy how great it feels to save.

From our own experience, it’s important to keep couponing in perspective in our lives. We remind ourselves that couponing is a tool that helps our family’s finances not a tool that takes over our lives. For us that means that we don’t chase every deal and we don’t go to every store. Our goal is to shop one grocery store per week, and if time permits one quick drug store trip.

Below I have listed helpful tools to help you get started

Helpful Links:

  • How to use our site here.
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  • Learning the lingo short version here & detailed version here.
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  • 2011 Newspaper Insert Schedule here
  • Rainchecks – Don’t Pass them up! here
  • Catalina’s – What are they & what do I do if they don’t print here.
  • Freezer help printable list here.
  • How to work a Cataina here.

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  • Photo Deals here
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  • Hot Deals / Flutterbuys here
  • Two great ways to earn free gift cards and a quarterly check in the mail here.

Grocery and Drug Store Sale matched with Coupons
You can check out our grocery store and drug store match-ups – click here. You’ll see a list of grocery, drug and national retail stores – from here, click the store that you shop at and you’ll be directed to that stores weekly sale items matched with coupons. Don’t worry we walk you step by step through the process at a workshop.

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Where to Find Coupons

Coupons are everywhere! Like so many others, we just weren’t looking in the right places. Below you’ll see some of the common places to spot coupons. Remember even though you may not be purchasing the item at the time, you still want to get a couple (no more than 2) for when you do purchase the item. Goal: Store Sale + Coupon = Rock bottom prices!

  • Sunday Newspaper Inserts – most manufacturer’s coupons come out weekly in the Sunday paper. These coupons are regional, though so you’ll still want to use other sources. The key is to buy multiple copies of the newspaper. This will really help you with stockpiling and allow you to buy multiples of the products. We recommend buying one newspaper per member of your family. Each week we let you know what inserts to expect on Sunday.

  • Internet – most manufacturers offer coupons on their website, facebook page and other medias. We help you sort through the madness by directing you to the reputable sites that offer the best deals.

  • Stores – you’ll always want to keep an eye out for tearpads, blinkies, booklets, special offers, and many other coupons are scattered throughout most grocery stores. Is this Coupon Lingo all greek to you? Check out our Lingo Decoder Page HERE!

  • Manufacturer – if there’s a particular brand that you buy regularly, but can’t seem to find coupons for the products, contact the manufacturer. A simple email Just for kicks, see our short movie here!
  • Magazines – the most popular is All You Magazine. It is a money saving magazine that also offers tips to save in all areas of your life. Monthly issues usually carry $50-$100 worth of coupons. You can subscribe on our website store.

  • Other Sources: When you’re looking for several of the same coupon, you might want to consider ordering coupons from coupon clipping services like CouponDede or Ebay. Sellers charge for the time spent to collect/cut/and ship coupons – not for the coupons themselves.