When You Need a Break from Couponing (Part 2)

I got 10 packs of Trix Yogurt for $.59 each!

Couponing can be stressful and overwhelming at times, especially when you need to run out for groceries and you just don’t have time to check the ads, print coupons, clip them and form a gameplan.  You’re not alone – we’ve ALL needed a break from time to time, and there are options to combat “coupon fatigue”!  (In fact, last night Kasey co-hosted a chat as part of Ebates Savvy Living Community on just that topic!  You can view it HERE)

In the first part of this series, we talked about UGO Grocery Outlets.  I live near one, and this week was able to pick up 8 boxes of Sunkist Fruit Rollups for $.50 each!  I also got Kraft American Cheese Slices 24-pk for $1.99 and Smart Balance Peanut Butter for $1.49.  (Woohoo!)

Here are some more places that I like to shop when I just don’t have the energy to coupon:

  • Aldi  (Yep – we do weekly lists for them too!)
  • UGO (United Grocery Outlet)
  • Big Lots
  • Merita Bakery Thrift Stores (Do a Google search to find one near you)
  • Little Debbie Thrift Stores (Do a Google search to find one near you)
    *I picked up Blueberry Mini-Muffins for $.50 per box a couple weeks ago!

Where are your go-to places for good deals without coupons?  Please share them in the comments!

New Video: Bi-Lo Shopping with Kasey (FREE Bounty Napkins!)


Watch the video above to see Kasey’s “Happy Dance”.  Oh yeah, and also how to shop at Bi-Lo for free things…. ;)

Currently, Bi-Lo has Bounty Napkins (the small pack) on Price Lock for $1. Using the $.50/1 Bounty Napkins coupon from the 4/1 P&G Insert, we were able to get FREE napkins this week!

“Good Things Come in Small Packages”:
One tip to keep in mind when couponing is that sometimes the smallest-sized products are the best deal (I know, counter-intuitive when you’re used to buying in bulk to save money, right?). Because some coupons don’t have size restrictions on them, you can use a high-value coupon on a low-priced item to get it FREE!

How To Print Coupons Online

Using coupons is a great way to save money – heck, we’ve devoted a whole site to it! – but you’ve got to get some coupons in your hands before you can start.  Printing coupons online is an easy way to get them right now – on almost anything you could imagine.  Manufacturers release a limited number of coupons online for consumers to print out – usually with a limit of 2 prints per person.(Your computer won’t let you print more after that)

Here’s how to access and print those coupons from your computer:

  1. Register for Coupon Sites:  First, register for the following coupon printing sites and install each of their coupon printer software when prompted.  The major sites that offer printable coupons are totally safe and will not send you spam or put spyware on your computer – they are:

  2. Manufacturer & Store Websites: You will also be able to print some coupons directly from manufacturer and store websites – like Pillsbury.com or Target.com.  These are safe as well and in most cases will send you an e-newsletter occasionally with new coupon offers or product info.
  3. Problems Printing?  In most cases, switching browsers will solve your printing problems.  Some browsers work better for different sites, I use Firefox, and I usually have no problems printing at all.
  4. Searching for a specific Coupon:  Most of the main coupon printing sites will have categories that allow you to find a certain coupon more quickly (Like “Baby” or “Beverages”).  If you don’t see a coupon that we mentioned here on Time2Save, you may want to try changing your zipcode.  Some coupons are targeted at specific parts of the country, and changing your zipcode to that of a large city (for instance, 90210) may bring up a wider array of coupons.One more great way to search for a coupon is to visit our Coupon Database!  This is a search engine that ONLY searches coupons – so just type in what you’re looking for (i.e. Frosted Mini Wheats) and it will pull up the links where coupons for Frosted Mini Wheats are available to print!
  5. Print 2 Coupons: In most cases, you can print each coupon twice by using your back arrow or simply going through the process again to print.

Video: 3 Steps to Save with Meat Mardowns!

We get lots of questions on how to save money on meat. While we usually just have to wait for a nice sale – there are a few more ways to save on meat.  In this short video, join us as we hit the Meat Markdown jackpot – and go over a few tips to save even more!

      1. Stores start marking down meat as it nears it’s expiration date, in order to sell it quickly.  Scan the meat cases for “$$$ Off” stickers to find these deals.  If you can find “$$$ Off” stickers on an already low sale price – even better!
      2. Since a meat markdown sticker is a discount from the store, you can still stack a manufacturer coupon with it for even more savings.
      3. Even though it may be on or near the expiration date – if you’ve found a great deal you should still stock up. Buy it and either cook or freeze it right away.  If buying raw meat – cook it and season it, the portion into freezer bags for easy taco nights, pasta nights, etc….  Lunchmeats will freeze pretty well in a freezer bag for later use.


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Ebates Video Tutorial: Earn Cashback for Online Shopping!

Do you like to shop? (YES!) Do you ever shop online? (Yes-Yes!) Do you get paid cash back whenever you do?

If you’re not getting cash back yet for all the online purchases you make, then you’re missing out on a big chunk of change!  Want to learn more?  Check out this little video tutorial I made last night, showing you how to use Ebates to get cash back.  It’s under 5 minutes long and you can sit and watch in your PJ’s with your coffee (I am in my PJ’s right now, as a matter of fact).  It will be just like we’re hanging out together – staring at my computer screen. (Fun, right?)  Lights, Camera, Action!

After you watch – sign up for Ebates HERE to get that sweet Welcome Bonus I tell you about in the video!

Watch this tutorial on a much BIGGER screen by clicking the little “full screen” icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the movie above.

CVS Coupon Policy BOGO Updates (For the better!)

CVS just made my day!  I already love that store – but now I love them 10 times more!  They’ve just updated their coupon policy to get rid of ALL CONFUSION about BOGO sales and coupons.  They’re allowing the use of multiple coupons as well as BOGO coupons on BOGO sales!  Check it out:

  • Two coupons may be used on a Buy One, Get One Free promotionas long as it does not exceed the item total- Ex. Suave Shampoo is on sale for $2.00 Buy One, Get One Free and the customer is purchasing two shampoos; customer may use two coupons for $1.00 each and pay the applicable tax.
  • Buy One, Get One Free promotions may be combined with Buy One, Get One Free Coupons. Customers are responsible for paying applicable tax- Ex. Suave Shampoo is on sale for $2.00 BOGO and customer has a MFG coupon for Suave BOGO. Customer will receive both items for free but will need to pay any applicable tax.

- Thanks to FrugalReality for the heads up!

You can see more of the CVS Coupon Policy HERE.  See our explanation of How to use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO deal HERE!


8 Questions to Ask to Find a Good Tax Preparer

Well, the cutoff date to get your 1099′s has passed – so that means you can start looking for a tax preparer to help you through tax time.  When choosing a tax preparer – it’s best to ask questions and get referrals from friends and family members.  You want to get the most bang for your buck, right?  LearnVest did a great article this week on 8 Questions to Ask, and there are some great tips, like:

#3 – Can you give me an idea of how much it will cost?
Because tax pros charge differently, some based on the number of forms, some hourly, some a combination of both – it’s best to ask up front.

#8 – Are you available during the year if I need help?
Will your tax pro pack up and disappear after tax season, or will the be around in the even of an audit or to answer any amendment questions you might have at a later date?

Read the full list HERE at LearnVest - it’s a fantastic site that helps keep you financially savvy by sending bite-sized tips and articles to your inbox to keep you “in the know”!

If you plan to do your taxes on your own, make sure you also read their article “Are You Eligible for Any of These Tax Deductions?” – in which they lay out all the deductions and forms you need to get the money you deserve!!

Then again – if you know that your taxes are plain and simple – you can do them totally free with H&R Block’s FREE Home Filing!  This is what we’ve used in the past few years – and it was wonderful!

Upgrade Your Firefox Browser! (Or else… DunDunDun)


Have you updated your browser lately?  If not – you are more susceptible to viruses, slowwwwwness and yes – COUPON PRINTING PROBLEMS!


I personally use Firefox and I find that it gives me the LEAST problems in printing coupons or viewing special offers/promotions/playing instant win games on Facebook/ – you know, all that good stuff we like to do :)

I often ignore the update because I don’t like change – but in this case, it really won’t change anything but your speed, security and ability to view/print things properly.  All for the better of course.

I also have Google Chrome – which takes up less memory and syncs things up with your gmail account – but I just honestly like the way Firefox works better.    My husband shakes his head every time he walks past me while I’m working – but I care not!!

TIP: It’s good to have Chrome, IE and Safari as well – just ready to use if you need them – because once in awhile there will be a coupon that only prints in one or the other.  It’s not often – but there have been times that everyone in the comment section realized together that this bricks coupon was only printing in Safari or IE – and it was nice to have those to turn to.

What is your personal preference?  Have you updated your browser lately?