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If this is your first visit, we’d like to thank you for stopping by.    We are excited to have the opportunity to serve you and hope the information we provide guide you as you enter the world of couponing. 

Like most, the effects of our nations economy hit our family’s hard.  As a result, we attempted to save our family money by eliminating family vacations, taking our children out of extra curricular activities and buying only store brand foods.  However, the savings didn’t add up.   

Out of great skepticism we started couponing.  After hundreds of hours of research, months of practice, and many trials and errors our tenacity paid off.  We began to see our grocery bill dwindle each week as we learned how to use coupons effectively.  Ultimately, we cut our grocery bill from $150.00 – $200.00 a week down to $30.00.

Now, to keep this in perspective we don’t LOVE COUPONS.  We don’t wake up every morning excited to cut up coupons or jump on every deal that we can find.  Simply put – couponing just happened to be the tool that brought hope to our family’s finances.  Most importantly it has afforded us the incredible opportunity to give into the lives of others in ways we never imagined. 

You’ll see quickly that we want to offer our community much more than just grocery/drug store savings.  Only a small part of our life is spent at the grocery store,   .  We want to speak encouragement to each of you, bring you content that is relative to your life, introduce you to thousands of others in our community and have FUN all at the same time!

If you have thought about using coupons, or attempted without success, don’t quit now.   Learning an entire new mindset to shopping doesn’t happen overnight.  It will take time to understand the process, take one step at a time.   I (Kasey) remember the first time I saved $12.00 on my grocery bill, I floated out to the parking lot to my car.  We encourage you to celebrate those moments, give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy how great it feels to save.  

From our own experience, it’s important to keep couponing in perspective in our lives.  We remind ourselves that couponing is a tool that helps our family’s finances not a tool that takes over our lives.  For us that means that we don’t chase every deal and we don’t go to every store.  Our goal is to shop one grocery store per week, and if time permits one quick drug store trip.

Below I have listed helpful tools to help you get started

Step By Step Power Point Tutorials:

Helpful Links:

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Reminder: Order Your Coupons Early!

For those of you who get frustrated with missing out on some of the better coupons in your weekly inserts – I want to remind you to stalk the grocery/drugstore lists EARLY (like check ‘em all out today!) and order the coupons you need but don’t have/don’t have enough of!

Here’s the envelope I received yesterday of the $.55/1 White House Apple Sauce Coupons.  I ordered them from Ebay on the first day of Bi-Lo’s sale last week, and got them in the mail just in time to run in on the last day of the ad and get (20) packs of Apple Sauce for a measly $1.68 total!  At $.04 a pack, I knew I had to get in on this deal, which I didn’t have the coupons to do.

Let me know what you’ll be ordering off Ebay this week!

Saturday Savings Report (Link-Up!) – 10/2

This just in!   If you’re looking for a spot to share your shopping trips & stockpile runs – come by the Time2Save News Desk every Saturday to leave a comment or link-up!  We LOVE hearing your stories, so spill the beans!

This week, I ran out to Food Lion randomly to fill my freezer with cheese – but I never had time to stop and take pictures or figure my totals.  Graciously – our wonderful Deal Detective Kim offered to step in and share her Food Lion shopping trip for this week’s Savings Report!  If any of you would like to share your trips for a Saturday Savings Report – please send it to me in a similar format, with a picture – and we’ll feature your Saving savvy!

Kim’s Food Lion Trips:

12 Hamburger Helpers = $12 *Done over 4 transactions
-  (4) $1/3 Coupons = $8
Paid $8 ~ Got back (4) $1.50 Off Meat Catalina Coupons

4 Glade candles @ $3.19 +(4) Kraft Cream Cheese $1 ea + (1) Kraft chunk cheese $1.39 = $18.15
- $5/5 Kraft Coupon
- (2) BOGO Glade + $1/2 Glade from 9/26 SS
Paid $5.77
~ Got back (2) $2 Off Next Purchase Glade Catalina coupons

3 Lbs ground Chuck + 2 Lbs Chicken =$20.92 (Pre-MVP Price)
- MVP Savings = $10.46
- (4) $1.50 Hamburger Helper Catalinas = $4.46
- (2) $2 Glade catalinas = $.46
Total after Tax: $1.28

Grand Total: $14.05  (For SEVERAL Meals worth of food!)
Total Before Coupons/Sale: $52.58

Your Turn!

Are you a frugal blogger?  If so come link-up here every Saturday with your favorite savings story of the week!

How to participate in the Saturday Savings Report:

  1. Write a short blog post about your Savings Adventure.
  2. Leave a direct link to your savings post.  Not a blogger?  Leave a comment in the comment section!
  3. Make sure to include specific info like which store you shopped – so other readers can try out your brilliant plan

Catalinas: What They Are & What To Do When They Don’t Print!

We get lots of questions concerning “Catalinas” – and I thought it would be helpful to repost this handy-dandy guide from earlier this year!

Keep this number handy:



This is the number to call when a catalina does not print. Have your receipt on hand, and if a store club card is involved, have it ready too. They have resolved many a problem for many a couponer.

What IS a “Catalina”?

A catalina is a coupon that spits out after your receipt, when you buy certain items. The coupons can be either “$$ OFF Coupons” or “$$ Off Your Next Order(ONYO). For instance, recently there was a Pillsbury Catalina deal going on at a few stores, including Kroger, Bi-Lo, etc.
(Catalinas are often regional, or store-specific – and I’ll always try to let you know which stores are included)
Buy any pillsbury refrigerated baked goods between 1/25 and 2/21:
Buy 4 – get $2 OFYO
Buy 5 – get $3 OYNO
Buy 6 – get $4 OYNO

Why Didn’t My Catalina Print?

Is the store just out to get me?  Did I do something wrong?  Is it even worth all the hassle???
In this case, if you bought 6 crescent rolls, and your $4 didn’t print, you should definitely call the Catalina Phone Number to get your refund. This happens often to customers, and here’s why:
  • Stores sometimes do not have the catalina info updated in their registers towards the beginning of a sale.
  • Catalina machine is not working/turned on. (Check for green light!)
  • Some of your items were not participating items. (Wrong ounce size, or variety)
  • That store is probably out to get you.  (Just Kidding!)

I hope this helps you a little, catalina’s can be a GREAT way to save money (and sometimes even make it!) if you know what you’re dealing with. Remember that you can usually roll catalinas: Use them ($$ OYNO) to buy the participating products again, thereby earning another catalina, and so on and so forth…..
If you have any questions, leave it as a comment and I’ll get to it as soon as I can!

Catalina didn’t print? Who you gonna call?

Who’s responsible when a Catalina doesn’t print?

Catalina Marketing Company

Phone Number: 1-888-8COUPON
Have your receipt handy.  They will either mail you a coupon, or go over your receipt with you to explain why the Catalina wasn’t earned.  If you don’t want to worry about all of that, you can kindly ask your cashier if you can return the product.

What is a Catalina?
Catalina Category Marketing (CCM) rewards purchases of promoted products with “catalinas.”  You may refer to these as “check-out coupons.”  Catalina’s offer incentives good on your next shopping trip to that retailer.  They are generally manufacturer coupons unless the Catalina states that it is a Store Coupon.  For example, Food Lion offers both store and manufacturer coupons via the Catalina machine.  The store coupon may state,” $5 off any $15 Baby Purchase at Food Lion.”  While a manufacturer Catalina might read, “$2 off your next purchase of Tyson Chicken.”  Typically you will have a week up to a month to redeem the Catalina on any  program/incentive promotion.

FAQ’S From Catalina Marketing Home Page

Q: How are your communications delivered to consumers?
A: Catalina Marketing promotions and advertisements are triggered based on the consumer’s purchase behavior (either UPC scans or Card IDs) and delivered at the point of sale, via a full-color, high-speed printer. Catalina Health Resource communications are triggered based on patient’s Rx purchase behavior (NDC scan) and delivered at the pharmacy via a high-speed printer.

Q: Does your company just do couponing?
A: No. consumer driven incentives (coupons) are just a piece of the range of solutions that Catalina provides its clients. The company also provides consumer driven advertising, healthcare patient education, interactive solutions, data services and more.

Q: How many stores does your network represent?
A: Catalina is installed in more than 23,000 U.S. grocery, drug and mass merchandise chains, along with more than 17,500 stores installed with the pharmacy network. In addition, the company is installed in nearly 7,000 international stores.

Q: What is the redemption rate of your promotions?
A: Catalina Marketing incentives redeem at an average rate of 6.3%*. This percentage is more than eight times greater than other non-consumer driven traditional promotional methods.

Q: How effective is Catalina consumer driven Advertising?
A: In recent tests, brands utilizing Catalina consumer driven Advertising:
•Raised ad awareness by +16% points*
•Improved ad recall by +24% points*
•Drove volume lift as high as +35%
*Test results of six advertising pilots. Statistically significant difference between test and control at 90% confidence level. Results represent the weighted average performance across all tested executions within each brand pilot.

Q: How many consumers can you reach with your network?
A: Catalina has access to more than 250 million transactions each week, allowing brands to do micro-targeting on a truly mass scale.

Q: How long has the company been around?
A: Catalina Marketing has been targeting consumers with effective communications for nearly 25 years. The company’s history can be viewed online.

Q:How can I contact a representative from Catalina?
A: You may contact Catalina at 1(888) 8COUPON

Solutions for Printing Problems

Printing Problems???
  • Most websites require you to install coupon printing software. This free software download enables your printer to print barcodes.  If the coupon printer doesn’t install, you may need to adjust security levels to allow ActiveX items – (like the coupon printer) to install. If you are using Windows XP, SP2, or Vista, a yellow information bar should appear at the top of your window. That bar can only appear if your security levels are set to “medium” and all ActiveX items are set to “prompt” or “enable.”  The yellow bar may ask you for permission to download content before installation starts.  In that case, follow the instructions to allow the download.
  • You may have had a problem in the past with another download that has disabled the prompt for downloads.  If so, you can try downloading a new browser to give your browser a fresh start.  If you have Internet Explorer you can try downloading firefox.   (www.mozilla.com/firefox.com)
Buddy-up to your Browser!!

Just knowing which browser you use is a great start!  A browser is the progam you use to open internet pages such as: Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari.

How do I know what browser I am using??
  • Click “Help” on your toolbar menu at the top of the screen. One of the options should be “About Mozilla Firefox,” “About Internet Explorer,” or “About Safari.” Select this option and a window will open that displays the name, version number, and copyright date of your browser.
  • Or look at the very top of the computer screen right above the area that you type a web address to see what browser is  displayed.
  • If after clicking a link to print a coupon you get “Please wait”….and you wait and nothing happens, or “Please Install The Coupon Printer” even if you already have, or “You have already printed this coupon” and you know you haven’t… you are not alone and there’s really not much you can do at that point.
  • If a coupon link is created in FireFox, and you have Internet Explorer or Safari, they don’t work together.  In other words, the browser that your computer uses and the link that you click to print have to both use the same browser or it won’t work.  For example, if you use Internet Explorer and the link that you click was created in Safari – they won’t work together and vice versa.
✷The Trick✷
The following is a FireFox link:


Note the “wg” in the URL.  If your browser is Internet Explorer you will continue to get the message “Please Install The Coupon Printer.”  To change the link to work on an Internet Explorer link simply change “wg” to “wi” or “vi.”   Most of the time either will work, however there may a coupon  that works on one and not the other. (“wi” or “vi”) In that case it’s trial and error.


In a Nutshell, find out what browser your computer is operating on.  When you have trouble printing check the letters in the URL.  If the letters don’t correspond with the browser you are using, then change the two magical characters to match your browser.  Below is the list of browsers along with their matchups:
Firefox = “wg” or “vg”
Internet Explore = “wi” or “vi”
Safari = “xs”