FREE Kindermusik Class


If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your little one, while meeting other moms – you may want to check out Kindermusic Classes!

Right now you can sign up in your area for a FREE Kindermusik Class.  I always wanted to go to these when my kids were little, but I didn’t know they had free trials back then!
More about Kindermusik:

  • Classes for children from newborn to age seven
  • Child development through music and movement
  • Immerse your child in a musical atmosphere of play, song, and dance – while developing fundamental skills
  • Connect with other moms, dads, and families
  • Learn how music can help make great parenting easier
  • Kindermusik is the best per-class value

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“Bee-Sting Paste” (Mom’s recipe!)


Bee Sting Paste – Best Treatment I Know!

Summertime means bare feet and bee stings.  There’s something about squeezing grass through your toes and having nothing between you and the warm earth, it kinda makes the risk seem worth it. :)   But when your kid inevitably squashes a bee underfoot and runs through the door screaming, you need to do something FAST.  Here’s my (and my mom’s and my grandma’s and on and on) recipe for Bee-Sting paste.  It’s cold and comforting and pulls out the stinger as it dries.

Baking Soda + Water = Bee Sting Paste!

All you need a a little baking soda and water to make this quick paste.  You want the consistency to be thick – so much so that if you hold up your spoon it takes a good long while for the paste to slide/drip off. 

You’ll need a couple tablespoons of baking soda to about 1 tsp water (more or less).  It will feel sooooo nice and cold as you plop it onto the stung area, and it eases the pain almost immediately. (It really really does!) Let it dry as your child lies on the couch eating a Flavor-Ice and once it’s dry like hardened icing, pull the paste off.  While it dries it will pull the bee’s stinger up and out (if not all the way, definitely enough so that you can see and tweeze it out).


Once the stinger’s out, the pain will be much less.  As a child, my pain was always totally gone by the time my mom wiped away the paste – and I was ready to run back outside again!

What do YOU use to ease the pain of bee stings?  I’ve heard of tobacco paste and other such things – have you ever tried a remedy like that?

FREE National Parks Admission this weekend!

Are you looking for a little outdoorsy adventure?  This is the week to do it!  Get free admission to nearly 400 national parks this weekend! Get details HERE and to do a search for a park by name, state or other criteria.

If you can’t tear yourself away this weekend – mark your calendar for the KOA Campgrounds free night of camping in May!  They’re offering a BOGO camping night on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of May.  Search for campgrounds near you HERE!

April Fools Pranks: 25 Fun Practical Jokes


25 April Fools Pranks

Jamie here! I’ve always loved playing April Fools Pranks on my family – and if you do too, here’s a roundup of 25 of the BEST April Fools Day Pranks we’ve heard!

Plus, check out my all-time favorite April Fool’s Day prank – the Cat Facts prank!


Around the House Pranks:

  1. Rubberband the Spray Nozzle|  Rubberband the sink sprayer handle so that it immediately sprays out as soon as someone turns on the water.

  2. Glue Money to the Ground|  Hot glue or superglue a quarter, dime, etc… to the sidewalk or porch and watch everyone who comes in try to get it up!

  3. Water Cups| Fill two cups with water and ask if someone wants to see a magic trick.  Tell them to put out both hands flat on the table palms down and then quickly set both full water cups on top of their hands.  They’ll be stuck that way for awhile :)

  4. Car Accident|  Leave a note on someone’s car (someone who would FREAK OUT if their car were scratched) and apologize profusely for scratching/denting their car.  They’ll be looking for the scratch forever.

  5. Zoo Prank|  Get a family member or friend to “return a call” to someone named Harry Lyon, or Mr. Fox, etc…

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Cat Facts Prank – The best April Fool’s prank I’ve EVER pulled! (UPDATE)


If you’re looking for an April Fool’s Day prank that will really “get” somebody good -  I highly recommend the Cat Facts Prank!! 

(NOTE: I’ve updated this post with directions to set up a Google Voice account – which you’ll need to text anonymously)

Jamie here, over the years I’ve pulled lots of little April Fool’s pranks on family and friends, but this by far the BEST April Fool’s prank I’ve ever done to anyone. ;)

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