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Scarecrow Crunch Recipe (Festive fall treat!!)

Scarecrow Crunch Recipe

Fall is in the air – and you may want to keep this yummy snack in mind for upcoming parties!

So I have all this Brach’s Autumn Mellowcreme mix that none of the kids at Youth Group wanted for a prize on Wednesday night. (Go figure, right?  They’d pick Reeses cups, Twixes and Snickers over this stuff?  Weirdos…)  So I decided this was the perfect opportunity to try to make Scare Crow Crunch! [Read more...]

Blockbuster Labor Day Promotion | 3 Movies, Popcorn, Candy and Coke for $9.99!


Snuggle up with the family for a movie marathon on the cheap!  Blockbuster has a really nice Labor Day promotion – get this Triple Feature Deal for just $9.99, which includes:

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DIY Crayon Magnet Clips | Perfect for Fridge Art!


I love the beginning of school year – the teacher’s have all put so much creativity into decorating their classrooms!   Walking through the hallways during orientation night gets me inspired to organize and cutesy up my own house – and this year I totally STOLE this crayon clip idea from Mrs. Smith’s classroom at Arnold Memorial Elementary :)

This is a super-easy craft you can make and uses very cheap supplies – most of which you probably have lying around!

While Mrs. Smith had hers hanging on a clothesline in the hallway -  I decided to make them into refrigerator magnets for all the masterpieces my kids will be bringing home from school.


  • Crayola Crayons
  • Clothespins
  • Hot Glue
  • Strong Magnets

1) Let your kids each pick their favorite color, so they will have a special clip just for displaying their favorite masterpiece each week.  Addie picked Blue!


2)  Hot glue a line along the clothes pin and stick the crayon to it, Crayola side up (I think it just looks cuter that way).

3) Now hot glue a nice strong magnet to the back so it can stick to the fridge.   I tried to cut some of those thin magnets into strips (you know the ones you get free from Little Ceasar’s and whatnot) but they could barely hold up the clothespin and crayon, much less a painting as well.

My kids came home and went “cooool” – they loved ‘em!  Let us know if you get a chance to try this out – or if you have more ideas for getting your home ready for back to school!

If you want to remember this craft for later – check out the “Pin-Friendly”  image below!


DIY Lamp Shade Revamp with Spray Paint!

DIY Lamp Shade Revamp

Hi! I’m Amber Anderson, I am a pastors wife, mom of 2 lovely boys, and an avid DIY’er. I post regularly about DIY projects, crafts and family life on

Raise your hand if every lamp shade in your house is cream, beige, tan, or white. Hands down. Now raise your hand again if you wish they weren’t. Perfect! This is the DIY for you.

It’s 2 steps, and can be done by anyone. Ready?

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WonderWorks TN – It’s a Must Do! So Much Fun!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, WonderWorks provided my family free admission tickets to facilitate my review. As always all text and opinions are my own.


A couple of months ago, we went to Pigeon Forge with my in-laws. While we were there, they took my kids to WonderWorks (or the upside down house as my kids call it) while my hubby and I went on a day out by ourselves. As soon as we met back for dinner, my kids could not stop talking about how much fun they had. I’m not sure either of them came up for breath once during dinner. They were so excited, and couldn’t wait to go back.  Last week, we took off for a couple of days to Pigeon Forge on a mini vacation. As soon as the kids heard we were going to Pigeon Forge, they started asking about WonderWorks. Personally, I’ve always been fascinated by the exterior,  a three story building upside down. I couldn’t wait to go inside. [Read more...]

School Lunch Tip: Sandwiches Faces!!

Fun Sandwich Faces!

Jamie here, I’m a terrible morning person – I stumble out of bed wanting to hurt people and drink mass quantities of coffee – so I’d rather not be packing lunches at that point.  We mentioned before that you can make sandwiches for your kids’ lunches ahead of time, seal them up in ziploc bags, and stack them in the freezer.  The idea is – by the time the kids open their lunchboxes, everything is thawed & soft.  I tried this – making a week’s worth of sandwiches on Monday – and it worked great!

But as I stood there ready to load the stack of sandwiches into the freezer, I thought “OOO!  I’ll write a sweet note on each one!”  But then funny faces seemed more my kiddos’ style – who know me for being weird and silly, and not sugar-sweet.  I turned each sandwich into a charactert: Nerd, Pirate, Ninja, Cross-Eyed & Crazy, etc….  FUN!  I stacked them in the freezer and tossed a new one into their lunches each morning that week.

The kids loved them and their friends were duly impressed.  And each day after, as I kissed them goodbye in the morning – they puzzled aloud “I wonder what sandwich face I got today?!”  MOM SUCCESS!

Now your turn – How do you make your kids’ lunch “special”?

Ham & Cheese Sushi Rolls Recipe (Makes Cute Pinwheels!)

Ham & Cheese Sushi Rolls

With the kids back in school this week – I thought I’d remind you guys about a fun lunch you can pack them!  It’s sure to bring a smile :)

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Shark Cake for Shark Week!

As you might know if you have any little boys (or husbands) in your house – Shark Week starts Sunday, August 4th!  Let the kids know you’re super cool this Shark Week, by making a Shark Cake.  It’s not as hard as you might thank – here’s how to make a shark cake:

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