Homemade Pudding Pops in Paper Cups



Homemade Pudding Pops in Paper Cups

My kids are going through the frozen treats like crazy now that the weather is warm – so I thought I’d make some Homemade Pudding Pops with them!  WhenFlavor-Ices and smoothies start to lose their appeal, try these easy, cheap, and delicious pudding pops using paper cups and a spoon.

You only need 5 things for this recipe – and it’s pretty inexpensive to make!  You can also use lowfat milk for a healthier version. [Read more...]

Cat Facts Prank {The best April Fool’s prank I’ve EVER pulled}


If you’re looking for an April Fool’s Day prank that will really “get” somebody good -  I highly recommend the Cat Facts Prank!! 

(NOTE: I’ve updated this post with directions to set up a Google Voice account – which you’ll need to text anonymously)

Jamie here, over the years I’ve pulled lots of little April Fool’s pranks on family and friends, but this by far the BEST April Fool’s prank I’ve ever done to anyone. ;)

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School Lunch Tip: Sandwiches Faces!!

Fun Sandwich Faces!

Jamie here, I’m a terrible morning person – I stumble out of bed wanting to hurt people and drink mass quantities of coffee – so I’d rather not be packing lunches at that point.  We mentioned before that you can make sandwiches for your kids’ lunches ahead of time, seal them up in ziploc bags, and stack them in the freezer.  The idea is – by the time the kids open their lunchboxes, everything is thawed & soft.  I tried this – making a week’s worth of sandwiches on Monday – and it worked great!

But as I stood there ready to load the stack of sandwiches into the freezer, I thought “OOO!  I’ll write a sweet note on each one!”  But then funny faces seemed more my kiddos’ style – who know me for being weird and silly, and not sugar-sweet.  I turned each sandwich into a charactert: Nerd, Pirate, Ninja, Cross-Eyed & Crazy, etc….  FUN!  I stacked them in the freezer and tossed a new one into their lunches each morning that week.

The kids loved them and their friends were duly impressed.  And each day after, as I kissed them goodbye in the morning – they puzzled aloud “I wonder what sandwich face I got today?!”  MOM SUCCESS!

Now your turn – How do you make your kids’ lunch “special”?

Graduation Quotes | 20 Sayings to Motivate, Encourage & Inspire


20 Graduation Quotes

Graduation season will be here soon …  Those of us waiting proudly in the wings are now set with the task of presenting our graduate with a card filled containing the perfect encouraging words to send them off into the world. In case you need a little help being “memorable”, here’s a list of 20 graduation quotes to motivate, encourage or inspire a graduate.

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Valentine Gift for Teenage Son

Valentine Gift for Teenage Son

Jamie here!!

Once the kids hit the teen years, it gets a little trickier to guess what things they like or think is cool, partly because that changes on a weekly basis.

One thing that doesn’t change with my teen is his oversized sweet tooth.  He’s headed off this Valentine’s weekend to be part of a leadership team for a middle school reatreat (proud mama moment!) and Valentine’s Day gave me a chance to provide him with a goodie-stash to take with him.  I found this caddy at the Family Dollar for $1, and I filled it with his favorite candy and gum.

I’m certain he’ll share with his leadership team buddies – which is why I may have gone a teeeeensy bit overboard. ;)

I feel like he’s going to walk in from school, see this on his bed, and love me twice as much as he did this morning.  Am I above bribery when it comes to moody teens?  No I’m not!  His card, which is nothing to write home about – says “We love you *sweet* heart” – you know, just in case you needed to make your point.


All that’s missing is a bag of Takis and some Cool Ranch Doritos (to be added later today when I make it to the store) – and he’ll be in heaven!

If you feel guilty for rotting out their teeth – feel free to throw in an electric toothbrush or a couple apples or something.  It’s really whatever kind of munchie basket you want to make it – tailor it to your child’s snacking preferences.

This is also perfect as an extra birthday gift if your teen is inviting friend over for a sleepover – a gift that doubles as party snacks.

More ways you could personalize this Valentine gift for a teenage son and make it work for other occasions:


See more really fun Themed Gift Basket Ideas  and get creative with your gifts!

Disney Cakes Magazine, Cookie Cutter & Molds only $1 Shipped



If you like to bake and decorate for your kids’ birthdays – or sometimes other people’s kids! – then here’s a great offer :)  

Right now you can try out the new Disney Cakes & Sweets magazine (The 1st issue) + you’ll get a Free Mickey Mouse cookie Cutter and Free Winnie the Pooh Cupcake molds for only $1 Shipped!

Just go here and order - $1 will get you everything in the photo and shipping is free – awesome deal!  (I can totally picture using that Honey stencil for Valentine Cupcakes/Cards that say “Honey Bee Mine”)

To compare, on Amazon the Mickey cookie cutter alone is going for $4.06 (You can only find him as a set of 2, and he’s pretty tiny compared to this one.)

IMPORTANT: After trying out the 1st issue, if you wish to continue receiving further shipments do nothing and you’ll be charged $7.95 monthly + Shipping for new issues and baking tools.  If you’d like to avoid future shipments, make sure to end your subscription after the free trial :)