Free Printable Valentine Cards: Mustache Valentines!


Free Printable Valentine Mustache Cards

Here’s a fun Valentine printable card project that will work for any age child, boy or girl, and is cheap and easy!

Jamie here! This is my kitchen table a few years ago, the night before Valentine’s Day….   we made these awesome Mustache Valentines and my kids loved them so much they asked to do it again this year.  As you can see by this photo of my kitchen table last Valentine’s Eve – I was up to my elbows in fake mustache hair and fake lips. ;)

Here’s how to make these cute valentines and also a free printable template:

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How to Build a Desk with Bookshelves (8 Ideas)


All four of my sons share a room with one brother – so their space is at a premium.  When my 13 year old declared he needed a desk for homework and his hobbies, I knew that the only place it could go was in the spot that currently houses their bookshelf.  So I went looking for how to build a desk with bookshelves


I found some super creative ideas – including tutorials for how to build a desk using cheap store-bought bookshelves or file cabinets – to some genius organizing desks using the Closetmaid Cubeicals, to some really impressive ones like this HUGE and awesome Craft Room desk - big enough for cutting patterns and sewing, etc…

I started AND finished my project this weekend (and I’ll share it on here once I get the pictures uploaded!!) – but for now….

Here are my favorite ideas on how to build a desk with bookshelves:

1) EASY Desk using 2 Bookshelves and Project Board

Anna White made this one and she’s ridiculous – when she says easy, I translate “Requires power tools and my dad”.  But if you didn’t make those bookshelves underneath all by yourself – and bought some instead – this really WOULD be easy!

2) Desk over Shoe storage shelves 

This is kind of genius – what a great way to browse the interwebs AND store all your shoes if you don’t have a large closet!

3) Bob Villa’s SERIOUS Kids’ Storage Desk

It’s Bob Villa – so you know he isn’t kidding around when he sets out to make something useful.  This one is FULL of storage for all kinds of doo-dads and books and art supplies.

4) Ikea Hack Desk under $60  and DIY and Free (to Me) Desk

These projects use those cheap particle board storage cubbies so it keeps the cost LOW.  You probably already have one or two of these in your house (I have one in my laundry room right now)

5) File Cabinet Desk

Looks simple enough – you’ll want to scout out some file cabinets at yard sales or thrift stores and paint them though – because otherwise those can be pretty dang pricey.  And interestingly (Because I’d thought of the same thing and then dismissed it as weird) – she suggests using table leaves as the top!

6) Crazy Crafting Desk

This is huge and drool-worthy.  If you have a craft room and a capable building person – get on with it!

7) LEGO Building platform over Rolling Plastic Storage

I know – that’s not what I set out to find, but Pinterest… ya know.  How cool is this thing?

8) Pallet Desks 

YEP – more things to do with pallets!  There are a bunch in this article, I like the ones where you just stand up two pallets for the sides, and nail one pallet to the top.  Done and done.


Garage Organizing Tip



If your basement or garage is wall-to-wall clutter – here’s a garage organizing tip: Go vertical!   Anytime you can move something from the floor to the wall, you give yourself that much room to work with.   Not only that, but it’s safer and it just looks nicer.  A great way to start your garage organizing project is with a wall-mounted tool holder.

These Mop, Broom, Shove. Rake and general tool holder will help clean up your garage in no time.  Right now it’s on sale for $9.99 with FREE Prime Shipping! (Reg $20)

(This is by far the lowest price we can find it at.)




Or start smaller in the kitchen or laundry room, with the Mop & Broom Wall Organizer - $8.29 + Free Shipping



Or try this highly-rated Evriholder Magic Holder 5-Position Wall Organizer$14.28


But my favorite is this one:



Evriholder Sliding Magic Holder – Reg $25.99

Besides helping with your garage organizing project – this baby will hold all your brooms, mops, swiffers, etc… in that space between your fridge and the walll – and then slide out so you can get to them!  I never knew one of these existed – but now I must have this for my kitchen!!


Please note that Amazon’s prices fluctuate and can change at any time.  Be sure to verify current price before placing your order.  Find more great Amazon Deals in ourAmazon Category!  


If you’re motivated to get organized – check out these posts!

How to Make Boot Trees: 3 Thrifty Options (Posterboard, Magazines, Paper Towel Rolls)

If you have boots you love and you don’t want them to get creased from flopping over in your closet – check out these DIY boot trees.

I love my boots – and I wear them whenever possible.  In cold weather they go great with jeans, leggings or tights – and in summer, I pair them with sundresses.   Although they’re always in rotation, they do spend a lot of time hanging out in my closet.  In order to keep them from sagging (which causes deep creases and eventually cracked leather) or lying on their sides and taking up the whole bottom of the closet – I make boot stands or “trees” to keep them upright.

Here are a few ways to make your own!


Grab a posterboard and cut it in two halves.  Roll each piece into a slightly conical shape, with the widest part the size of the boot opening.  Don’t make the bottom too pointy – you want it about the diameter of your ankle in order to hold the ankle part of the boot upright.  Tape it together and trim off the excess.

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