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Saver Tip Tuesday | 4th of July Ideas & Recipes

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Welcome to Saver Tips Tuesday – this week we’re getting ready for the 4th of July with some decor ideas and recipes in a Red, White & Blue theme :)

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DIY: Give An Old Vase A New Look


We got this red vase right after we got married 17 years ago. While I still think it’s pretty, it doesn’t really match with our new color scheme. Instead of reds, greens, tans, and yellows, we are redoing the downstairs of our house with grey and white and a couple of accent colors like turquoise. After having the same colors for so long I was ready for a change and am really loving it. My husband recently repainted our foyer to this beautiful grey color you see in the background.  Instead of going out and buying all new decorative pieces, I thought I’d try my hand with some spray paint. The worse thing that could happen is that it would look terrible and I’d have to trash it. Thankfully, it turned out fantastic and cost way less than it would have to buy a new vase. [Read more...]

Saver Tip Tuesday 6/17 | Summer Games, Flavored Water Combos, Broccoli Slaw

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Welcome to Saver Tips Tuesday – this week we have some ideas for summer fun, refreshment, and recipes!

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DIY Sharpie Mug: Last Minute Father’s Day Gift!


DIY Sharpie Mug

I posted this DIY Sharpie Mug last year as an idea for Teacher Appreciation week (Keep reading this post for full instructions), but it also works great for Father’s Day!  Here are a couple mug ideas to get you started:

  • Best. Dad. Ever.
  • Showcase your kids’ drawing of Dad (this is so cute!)
  • Trace your child’s handprint

Of course, it would still make a darling teacher gift ….


With four kids in school, I’m always looking for frugal gift ideas for teachers who work so hard to teach (and love on) my babies, day in and day out.  I wanted to make something special for them from the whole class – like a mug with all the kids names on it.

Here’s how to make this mug – keep in mind, regular Sharpies DON’T work for this project:

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Homemade Pudding Pops in Paper Cups


My kids are going through the frozen treats like crazy now that the weather is warm – so I thought I’d make some Homemade Pudding Pops with them!  WhenFlavor-Ices and smoothies start to lose their appeal, try these easy, cheap, and delicious pudding pops using paper cups and a spoon.

You only need 5 things for this recipe – and it’s pretty inexpensive to make!  You can also use lowfat milk for a healthier version. [Read more...]

Saver Tips Tuesday – Vacation Time Tips!

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Welcome to Saver Tips Tuesday – this week let’s talk Vacation Tips!

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Star Wars Cake with Lightsabers

Star Wars Cake with Lightsabers

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Organize the Medicine Cabinet (+ Dry Erase Med Schedule)



How to Organize the Medicine Cabinet

+ DIY Dry Erase Meds Schedule!

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