DIY Oil-Rubbed Bronze


DIY Oil-Rubbed Bronze

This is one of the oldest DIY tricks in the book, updating brass or gold fixtures to oil-rubbed bronze. You won’t believe how easy it is! Face it, we all have them….ugly brass or gold light fixtures, door handles, bathroom knobs, brass lamps, etc. Most anything could easily be updated to a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze in a matter of minutes.

In my case we have these:


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12 Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Guys – can you believe we are only 10 DAYS away from Christmas?  And only a few short days left until school lets out – that means TEACHER GIFTS need to happen pronto!  If you’re scrambling for something new – here’s a list that might help you out….

Mason Jars are handy little ways to hold all sorts of things – especially giftable goods from your kitchen, or other small treasures.  From sewing kits, to spa supplies, to a chic planter – these Mason Jar gift ideas will give you a few easy options!



1) Mason Jar Gift Card Holder

This Mason Jar Giftcard Holder is an easy way to disguise a gift card for a more festive-looking gift!


2. Brown Sugar Scrub

Skip the pricey department store scrubs – make a frugal and luxurious scrub that they can enjoy over and over!  I recommend our Homemade Brown Sugar Coffee Scrub recipe – or here are a couple more:


3. Hot Chocolate Mix

Layer ingredients in a pretty way with marshmallows and mini chocolate chips – handy and yummy!  Use a smaller mason jar for this recipe or double it for a bigger one.

  • 3 tbsp powdered creamer
  • 3 tbsp powdered milk
  • 3 tbsp powdered sugar
  • 1½ tablespoons cocoa powder


4. Homemade Salsa

This easy summer salsa recipe is my absolute favorite – and it uses *canned* tomatoes – which REALLY cuts down on the work!

5. Homemade Granola

My friend Shawna made this for me last year – and it was sooooo good.  (The recipe had almonds in it and looked a lot like this one) I munched on it for breakfast several times.  A very cool idea for the more “granola” folks on your list!



6. Cookies in a Jar

If you’re giving this to a teacher, a cute note for this would be “Thanks for making me a Smart Cookie!”  And if you’re REALLY pressed for time – check out our Lazy Girl’s Cookies in a Jar

7. Spiced Nuts in a Jar

My father in law always says he’s never met a nut he didn’t like – and that is the kind of person who deserves a jar of awesome nuts.  Get the recipe here for Sweet & Spicy Nuts.


8. DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kit

This one is for the crafty folks in your life – this DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kit is adorable – love that the top doubles as a pincushion!



9. Mani/Pedi in a Jar

Fill with nail clippers, files, polish, and mini lotion or cream!  Sign up for Julep and get a free box of super-high end nail polishes to get you started :)



10. Muddy Buddies

Muddy Buddies are great because you can make a huge batch and fill up several mason jars – and everyone loves them!  Add a note that says thanks for being my “Buddy”!  Here’s the recipes for How to Make Muddy Buddies. (AKA Puppy Chow)


11. Smores Snack Mix

This S’Mores Party Mix is just a fun little snack that looks cute in a jar too :)


12. DIY Herb Garden or Succulents in a Jar

Never ever thought of this – how adorable!  Herbs would take a little while to be ready to gift, but succulents you can purchase and plant and gift right away.  New to succulents?  Check out how to plant a succulent garden!



How to Make Paper Snowflakes Using Coffee-Filters

How to Make Paper Snowflakes with Coffee Filters

There’s an Arctic front coming into Tennessee tonight – and we may get a flurry!  But if not, you can always create your own pretty flurry.  Here’s how to make paper snowflakes using Coffee Filters!   This would be a fun way to pass the afternoon this Christmas Eve – my kids had lots of fun making theirs!

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Mason Jar Giftcard Holder


Jamie here! How cute are these mason jar giftcard holders?   I love making crafty gifts but sometimes the best gift you can give someone is just a giftcard – plain and simple.  Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it cutesy!

I stopped at Target this weekend and picked up a 2-pack of these red-lidded jars for $3, and a 6-pack of wood snowflake tags for $1.  I already had the Burlap ribbon at home from a previous project so this was a fairly inexpensive gift to make (about $1.50).  Actual Mason or Ball jars are even less expensive – but I liked the red lid on these :)




What you’ll need:

  • Burlap Ribbon OR Jute, Hemp or some other natural looking rope
  • A Mason jar
  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Giftcard
  • Printable Labels (optional)


First, slide the giftcard into the empty toilet paper roll.  This will hide it better and also fill up more space in the jar.

Next, Wrap the burlap ribbon loosely around the cardboard and insert into the jar.  You might need to fiddle with it a bit to make it look nice.   I pulled the inside loop of ribbon up towards the top to cover any empty space.  Screw on the lid and add a cute gift tag like the wooden snowflakes.

Makes a super cute gift card holder that will be able to be repurposed for other things :)

DIY: Give An Old Vase A New Look

Ready to change up your decorating for the Season?  You don’t have to go out and buy all new pieces, give some of your older ones a facelift!

We got this red vase right after we got married 17 years ago. While I still think it’s pretty, it doesn’t really match with our new color scheme. Instead of reds, greens, tans, and yellows, we are redoing the downstairs of our house with grey and white and a couple of accent colors like turquoise.

After having the same colors for so long I was ready for a change and am really loving it. My husband recently repainted our foyer to this beautiful grey color you see in the background.  Instead of going out and buying all new decorative pieces, I thought I’d try my hand with some spray paint. The worse thing that could happen is that it would look terrible and I’d have to trash it. Thankfully, it turned out fantastic and cost way less than it would have to buy a new vase. [Read more...]