Mason Jar Giftcard Holder


Jamie here! How cute are these mason jar giftcard holders?   I love making crafty gifts but sometimes the best gift you can give someone is just a giftcard – plain and simple.  Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it cutesy!

I stopped at Target this weekend and picked up a 2-pack of these red-lidded jars for $3, and a 6-pack of wood snowflake tags for $1.  I already had the Burlap ribbon at home from a previous project so this was a fairly inexpensive gift to make (about $1.50).  Actual Mason or Ball jars are even less expensive – but I liked the red lid on these :)




What you’ll need:

  • Burlap Ribbon OR Jute, Hemp or some other natural looking rope
  • A Mason jar
  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Giftcard
  • Printable Labels (optional)


First, slide the giftcard into the empty toilet paper roll.  This will hide it better and also fill up more space in the jar.

Next, Wrap the burlap ribbon loosely around the cardboard and insert into the jar.  You might need to fiddle with it a bit to make it look nice.   I pulled the inside loop of ribbon up towards the top to cover any empty space.  Screw on the lid and add a cute gift tag like the wooden snowflakes.

Makes a super cute gift card holder that will be able to be repurposed for other things :)

DIY: Give An Old Vase A New Look

Ready to change up your decorating for the Season?  You don’t have to go out and buy all new pieces, give some of your older ones a facelift!

We got this red vase right after we got married 17 years ago. While I still think it’s pretty, it doesn’t really match with our new color scheme. Instead of reds, greens, tans, and yellows, we are redoing the downstairs of our house with grey and white and a couple of accent colors like turquoise.

After having the same colors for so long I was ready for a change and am really loving it. My husband recently repainted our foyer to this beautiful grey color you see in the background.  Instead of going out and buying all new decorative pieces, I thought I’d try my hand with some spray paint. The worse thing that could happen is that it would look terrible and I’d have to trash it. Thankfully, it turned out fantastic and cost way less than it would have to buy a new vase. [Read more...]

Organize Video Games with Hanging Shoe Organizers!


Organize Video Games with Hanging Shoe Organizers!

My kids have an assortment of handheld tablets, video games, electronics, chargers, and all the paraphanelia that goes along with it.  It gets overwhelming trying to find a home for everything –  but the best solution I’ve found so far is this Over-the-Door Video Game storage idea.  I started using it a couple years back (as you can tell from the pictures when all my now-big boys were still using their MobiGo’s) – and it was a lifesaver!  
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Mason Jar Sewing Kit DIY {Practical + Cute Gift!}

Mason Jar Sewing Kit DIY

Jamie here!  I’ve always got guys losing buttons, ripping seams and generally needing a mend.  I made this Mason Jar Sewing Kit to keep in the kitchen drawer, and it is the cutest and handiest little thing!  The top is a pincushion and the bottom holds the day-to-day essentials I may need for mending. (Including a couple spare buttons).
Here’s how to make one for yourself, or a cute gift!

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Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes



I don’t know about you, but our neighborhood was sadly lacking in trick or treaters this year.  I have about 4 bags of leftover candy  (yikes!) and I’m too weak-willed to have it around for long.  Here are some leftover Halloween candy recipes to use up that stash in a creative way!


Turkey oreo 3-3

Oreo Turkey Cookies

Save your candy corn, whoppers and peanut butter cups – you’ll want to use it on these cute Turkeys for Thanksgiving!

Candy Cookie Cake

Have a birthday coming up?  Bake up a cookie cake and instead of chocolate chips, chop up lots of chocolate candy, throw in m&m’s and whoppers, and make it a super treat!  Here’s how to make a cookie cake. (Refrigerated cookie dough makes it crazy simple!)



Rice Krispie Pumpkins for Thanksgiving 

Save up those tootsie rolls!  Pumpkins are NOT just for Halloween – make these easy Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins for the kids on Thanksgiving, because not everyone likes (or due to certain allergies can eat!) pie :)

Ice Cream Sundae Toppings

Announce a special ice cream sundae night with all kinds of candy toppings (make it a celebration of good grades, or just no reason at all)


Cake Mix Cookie Bars

Bake up these easy cake mix cookie bars and sprinkle liberally with candy.   Great for a class treat!

Pinata Party

Another way to get rid of the candy is to make a pinata and fill it with your Halloween surplus.  Then throw a little party!  Find out how to make a pinata for cinco de mayo here!


Fall Candy Popcorn

Plan ahead for a family movie night and get some Fall Candy Popcorn ready to roll out.

Thanksgiving Candy Bark

Just like the Easter Candy Bark we made here – you can easily buy colored candy melts in Fall colors and add candy to make Fall Candy Bark.


Frugal Christmas Gift: Cookie Mix in a Jar

Put aside the chocolate or m&m’s for later and when it gets closer to Christmas you can make up this Frugal Christmas Gift of Cookie Mix in a Jar as teacher or coworker gifts!

Save for Gingerbread Houses

Lots of the candy will keep until December – so save it to decorate your Gingerbread cottage!

Freeze for Later

Don’t have any pressing reasons to bake?  Just freeze your candy and it’ll save until a rainy day when  you’re in a baking mood.

NOTE: During the freezing process, the paraffin wax in the chocolate sometimes separates from the chocolate a little, which is what causes it to look white when you open it.  As long as you’re cooking with it it won’t matter, but if you’re gifting the candy it’s not going to look pretty.



Do you have any creative uses for your leftover Halloween candy?  We’d love to hear them!