Pool Party Fish Cake Recipe


To celebrate summer break – the kids and I made this fun Pool Party Fish Cake and invited the neighborhood kids over for cake and water games!  Check out our post on 15 water games HERE!

It turned out super cute – and would be appropriate for any pool party, summertime soiree or even Father’s Day for the fishing dad.  Here’s how to make your own Pool Party Fish Cake.

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DIY Book Paper Wreath

Oh my goodness y’all – our friend Cortney (of Cortney Wheeler Photography) shared this on facebook yesterday and I completely fell in love!  She made this gorgeous Book Paper Wreath and it’s by far the prettiest I’ve seen.  She hung the larger one over her mantle, and a smaller version over the baby’s crib.

(SO Sweet!!  I would’ve never even thought of that but she shot me a picture and darned if it doesn’t look completely perfect in there!)



After getting some tips from Cortney and reading some other tutorials along the way – here are the basic instructions to construct your own DIY Book Paper Wreath.

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DIY Flower Planters | How to Choose & Arrange Flowers for BIG Impact!


Jamie here, if you’re wanting to try your hand at DIY Flower Planters this year (rather than buying the super-cute-but-crazy-pricey arranged pots at the garden center) I have a super-simple 3-Step Rule to share with you ;)  You need to purchase each of these types of flowers for maximum impact:




You’ll want to begin putting together your DIY Flower Planters by searching for these three types of flowers/plants to fill your pot.

*Keep in mind that they each need to have the same sun requirements






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DIY Pebble Trivet


DIY Pebble Trivet

If your mom is a tea drinker – this would be a lovely gift for resting her tea pot on!
Jamie here!  I made a really easy little craft recently that I wanted to share with you.  This DIY Pebble Trivet uses only a bag of assorted pebbles from the Dollar Tree and a couple other household items.  And I think it’s just darling! It only cost me $1 and it’s one of the cutest things  my kitchen now :)

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