Printable Christmas Planner: A Purposeful Peaceful Christmas

Printable Christmas Planner

2 Months and Counting!


Kasey here! Y’all I cannot believe that Christmas is 2 months away this year has gone by so fast! I am so excited to announce to you that we have revamped the Christmas Planner we designed a couple of years ago and are releasing it to you today! I so want to have as little stress in my life as possible where Christmas is concerned. I don’t want the most wonderful time of the year to come and go with regrets. But, I know that unless I make preparations now and start planning then I will end up missing out on special moments with my family. I’ll be honest planning and lists are not a normal part of my personality at all. But, with a new baby coming any day and Christmas quickly approaching I’ve got to plan ahead! You are going to love our updated printable Christmas planner. [Read more...]