Nestle Tollhouse Morsels Coupon + Publix Deal


Here’s a nice coupon we don’t see everyday!  Head over here to print out a coupon for $0.50/1 Nestle Tollhouse Morsels.  These are on sale for $2.50 at Publix through 11/28 – so after the coupon doubles you can pick up a bag for $1.50 each. Nice!

$0.50 off 1 Nestle Toll House Morsels
$0.50 off 1 Nestle Toll House Frozen Cookie Dough
$0.50 off (1) Nestle Refrigerated Cookie Dough


You’ll need plenty of Nestle chocolate chips for making holiday desserts – here are a few of our FAVORITES:

Easy Kentucky Derby Pie Recipe (My go-to Thanksgiving pie)

Christmas Crack Cookie Bites

No-Fail Holiday Fudge

Or add them to this Lazy Girls’ Cookie Mix in a Jar to make it look more fancy!



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Bi-Lo Turkey Deal only $5!!!


BI-LO stores just announced a special offer for shoppers shopping this weekend for their Thanksgiving foods.

Until Sunday, Bonus Card customers can purchase a Honeysuckle brand turkey of any size for just $5 with an additional purchase of $30!!!!  This is a CRAZY great deal and I’m SOOOO sad my Bi-Lo went away :(

Check out all the Bi-Lo Ad deals going on this week to plan your $30 haul.

Below is the official information and exclusion list:

***Friday Nov. 20 through Sunday Nov. 22 only. Limit one per transaction, per customer. No rain checks. While supplies last. Reward Card required. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Minimum $30.00 purchase, not including turkey, required before taxes. $30 purchase also excludes alcohol, tobacco, gift cards, money orders, postage stamps, pharmacy prescriptions, fees, FTD, charity, Western Union, shipping, utility payments, fuel service departments, vending machine, bottle deposits/refunds, event tickets or lottery.

Love the City Project

Giving back is so close to my heart. My father, who passed away 6 years, was such a huge giver. He didn’t teach me about giving through sitting down and talking about it. Instead, I watched his life. As a young girl I remember him stopping his truck to help an elderly lady carry her groceries home after passing her on the sidewalk. I can’t count how many times daddy would take bags of fresh vegetables from my grandfather’s garden and leave them in our pastor’s garage by the back door. Daddy always gave, always. It was just who he was. Not just to me, but to everyone who knew him, daddy was known by his heart to give to others. Because I grew up watching my daddy give, I love to give. But more importantly, I want to teach my children to be givers. However, I know this kind of lesson isn’t something that I “teach.” It has to be something that we purposefully live out as a family. This time of year we love to give back as a family and serve others through the Love the City project at our church, Redemption Point Church, whose mission is to be the most loving church in America. One way that we strive to achieve our mission is through serving the greater Chattanooga community in a way that provides for their basic needs.  This year, Love the City, a ministry of RPC was able to provide Thanksgiving dinner to over 500 families. I couldn’t wait to join together with my family and serve our community together. Love the City 1 First, we gathered together earlier last week to pack bags of groceries for the families. Each food item was spread out at stations throughout the gym. We each grabbed these huge ALDI grocery bags, that ALDI so graciously donated for the project, and walked through each station to fill. We provided each family with all of the items listed below: Pre-packaged items:

  • Green Beans (2)
  • Corn Can(2)
  • Black Beans Can (2)
  • Stuffing box (2)
  • Brownies box (1)
  • Rice (1 bag)
  • Milk (1 Carton)

Fresh items:

  • Potatoes (10 lb) Pre-packaged
  • Onions (3 lb)  Pre-packaged
  • Bread (1)
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Apples (3 lb) Per case
  • Turkey (1)

love the city2 So many people volunteered to help that we finished in less than an hour. This is my friend, Betsy, her smile and genuine excitement sums up our night. I love that my kids were able to participate by helping get the bags ready. It also created opportunities on the drive down to talk about how truly blessed we are as so many families are in need, especially so during the holidays. 12246677_10207688459360229_2330710259990180195_n Then, on Saturday it was time to Love the City and hand out food to each family. My mom was in town to celebrate both of my girls’ birthdays so she was able to come with us as well. It’s not always convenient or easy to serve others. I want my kids to understand that serving and giving will always be a sacrifice, otherwise they will grow up thinking that it’s something we do when it’s convenient. 12236435_993057150740000_198938466_o Each family that we serve through Love the City had registers beforehand and arrived that day with a ticket. As they arrived they were met with smiling faces ready to help complete their Thanksgiving bags. There were a couple of items that we didn’t prepackage on Tuesday either to insure freshness or for the items we hadn’t received yet.This is my daughter (far left and several of her friends. On Saturday morning they gave each family that walked by a box of brownie mix, which was also donated by ALDI. 12236995_993028064076242_1191764952_o One of my favorite parts of being a blogger is working with incredible companies like ALDI. Y’all this is what generosity looks like. When my church was gathering donations for our Love the City Thanksgiving Project I contacted ALDI about donating brownie mixes. They were so quick to jump on board and donated 500 brownie mixes and 500 large grocery bags.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with ALDI over the past couple of years on several projects and they are by far the most generous of any brand. In addition, ALDI is my favorite place to shop for my family’s groceries on a weekly basis. I can always save money without having to worry about using coupons which is especially important in my very full life. 12235650_993057224073326_97912861_o I just can’t resist sharing our youngest little turkey with you. Someone asked me, “Wouldn’t it be easier to wait until the baby is older?” Of course, it would, but giving and serving others isn’t about what is easier. 12255683_993057194073329_820663333_o I have so many more pictures I want to share with you, but I’ll wrap up with this. Here, the girls are truly loving our city. As each individual or family passes by, they don’t just hand them a box of brownies. The look them in their eyes and offer them a word of encouragement. They see in person real people in need. They see boys and girls just like them who without help wouldn’t have a meal this Thanksgiving. In all the hustle of bustle of the holiday season, I hope more than anything that they are inspired to give more not just get more. At the end of the day, how we love others defines who we truly are. Disclosure: This post was underwritten by ALDI. I am so thankful for their generosity in donating 500 large grocery bags and 500 brownie mixes. All text and opinions are my own. Please see my full disclosure here.

Himalayan Natural Air Purifying Salt Lamp ONLY $20.09 Shipped!

Right now on Amazon you can get this Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp for only $20.09!

I bought one of these for my mom last year who uses it in her bedroom.  She says the soft glow makes a nice night light and she feels that the air smells cleaner. :)  Many of the reviewers also claim that these ionically deodorize the air as well!

  • Wood
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Unique salt lamp is made from Natural Himalayan salt crystals hand mined in the Himalayan Mountains
  • Once lit the lamp will emit a calming Amber color
  • Heating the salt with the included bulb releases negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air

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Creating Holiday Memories & Traditions #HolidayMeans

holiday memories

I cannot believe that Christmas is right around the corner, it feels as though we just celebrated. Maybe it’s because the holidays bring back so many memories for me, who knows for sure. While this post may be more personal than most. Keep in mind that I’ve learned over the years that the holidays aren’t about “things,” they are about memories and the people we love.

Several years ago my daddy was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer. The Tuesday before Christmas that year he was admitted into Hospice without much hope of making it through the Christmas holiday (we were so thankful that he made it another two months).

Although “things” have never been what defined Christmas for me I learned that year what was truly important and it has shaped me ever since. I learned that time with those I love the most is what is the most important. We don’t have to have fancy dinners or expensive gifts to celebrate.

That Christmas my entire family gathered in the family room at Hospice to share Christmas Eve dinner together, we opened gifts beside my dad’s bed, and enjoyed each other’s company.

Here’s what I learned that I hope to always carry over into my family’s holiday celebrations. My goal continues to be the same every year, simplify the season, be purposeful in planning, and savor every moment.

1. Gather with family and friends - enjoy being together. The holiday means spending time with family. Seriously, while everyone pushes the gift agenda, it’s so nice to just relax and enjoy being in the presence of family.

2. Prepare food/meals in advance when possible so as not to complicate and cause stress. There’s nothing worse than a stressful holiday where you spend hours slaving in the kitchen while the rest of the family enjoys each other’ company. The holidays for me mean planning ahead and making the day as stress free as possible.

3. Stay within our budget as gifts are quickly forgotten but experience, traditions and memories together last a lifetime. Staying within budget is so important in our family. We love to buy gifts, but want to stay within our budget because people mean more to us than the presents we buy them.

4. We are purposeful to focus on the real meaning of the season for our family. We love the holidays, but really try not to get caught up in the commercialism of it.

5. Create traditions that last a lifetime. My mother always prepared the exact same breakfast for Christmas morning. Now, as a mother I cook the same breakfast for my family. It’s something we all look forward to. It’s fun to see my kid’s faces on Christmas morning, 2/3 have been around long enough to start to expect it on Christmas morning and I love it! This is just one of many traditions that my family enjoys. Plus, we have traditions with each set of grandparents. No wonder Christmas feels so magical to me as family traditions are my favorite way to celebrate!

6. Teach Purposeful Giving. It’s so important to look beyond ourselves and serve others all year long, but especially during the Holiday Season. I want my children to understand how blessed they truly are. One way to do that is to serve as a family. Personally, we join with our church in a project called, “Love the City.” Each year at Thanksgiving we help package bags of food for Thanksgiving meals that go out to 500 families in our community. Then, at Christmas we serve by helping with “The Magi Project,” which serves hundreds of families by providing brand new toys for their children for Christmas. Finally, each year we pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Holiday Savings

Planning with SunTrust

Just as I’ve learned things over the years, SunTrust has also taught me a thing or two. While I haven’t always been at a place in my life to be so mature about the holidays, I was astounded by some of their statistics. “According to the National Retail Federation, the average American planned to spend about $800 celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas and/or Kwanzaa last year?” Can you imagine dropping $800 on toys? Apparently it does happen.

Holiday Budget Tool & Holiday Guide

Even if you do plan on spending that amount on Christmas, which is totally up to you, you don’t have to go broke buying Christmas for your family. SunTrust actually has some really cool resources available to people like you and I. I love their Holiday Budget Tool, you can download a planning worksheet, set limits, track expenses, and so on. And I love that SunTrust allows you to make automatic transfers into monthly savings to help you reach your holiday savings goal. You can also download their Holiday Guide, which includes tips to help keep you focused on the task at hand. The holiday season should not stress you out and SunTrust wants to help. There are some great tips in there and I encourage you to check them out.

Join my family and SunTrust and make your holidays mean more. Use the tools that SunTrust offers to help plan for the holiday season, so you don’t end up overworked and overstressed. Use the tips I gave you to keep the meaning of the holidays in check. Don’t get caught up in all of the commercialism, enjoy your family and friends. What do the holidays mean to you?

Visit SunTrust’s resource center for actionable information, tools, tips and calculators to help you make this holiday season a smart financial one.

The holidays are for focusing on moments that matter. But for many Americans, financial stress can get in the way. This year, you can make small changes that make a big difference for your financial well-being.


In this holiday planning guide, you’ll find tips for getting organized and making a plan for holiday spending so you can feel confident in your ability to stay on track with your budget. You’ll see how other Americans are shopping, traveling, celebrating and giving in ways that make the holidays cost less, but mean more.

Download Guide


For more holiday planning advice visit  holiday resources


Meaningful spending made easy with a budgeting tool to help you make a plan and stay on track with your holiday spending.  Download here.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust. The opinions and text are all mine.

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