Catalinas: A new way to find out about them!

Coupon Network, one of the newer printable coupon websites, is run by a company called “Catalina Marketing”.  This is the same company that runs the catalina deals we talk about sometimes.  I just noticed on CouponNetwork that you can register with them to get something called “YourBucks Offers“.  These are essentially just a heads up for Catalinas that will be running at the stores in your area!

Once you  choose all the stores you shop at from their list – they’ll include catalina notifications for those specific stores in the list of coupons that appear for you.  See below (Notice the Splenda Offer we talked about!):


Here two catalinas (or YourBucks Offers) are listed for stores I shop at.  I have to print them to see all the details included – like how many to buy to get the catalina, etc…

They’re not very specific on exactly WHERE you can do these deals – just the “how”.

So – although this isn’t the most effective sysem in the world – it is one more way to get a heads up on catalinas being offered.

Now wouldn’t it be great if they’d stop making it such a big secret and just post a huge list for us – store by store - so we could plan ahead?

Sigh….    a girl can dream can’t she?

While you’re there – make sure to print these hot coupons while they’re still around:


  1. stephanie says

    OK, just printed the splenda offer & it did print out on the bottom where it is available at. This is gonna be a whole lot of wasted ink, if I have to print every offer to just figure out where it is located at. UGH! Don’t you think they could have come up with a better plan?!?!?!?!

  2. stephanie says

    Question: To see the SPlenda Catalina offer & if it is available at other stores, I have “add to cart” and then print that offer. Correct?

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