Catalinas: A Mini-Refresher Course!

With the Bi-Lo catalinas making for $.30 Fiber One Bars & $.50 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks this week (See Here), we’ve had a few email questions about catalinas.  I thought it’d be helpful to pause and have a mini-refresher course!

* You can also watch this video of me working a Betty Crocker Fruit Snack Catalina.
* You can also check out the current National Catalina List HERE.
* If more “Coupon Lingo” has you scratching your head – head over to Learning the Lingo!

What is a Catalina?

  • A catalina is one of those coupons that occasionally print at the register for no apparent reason.  I love them – and I want you to love them too!

  • Catalinas are triggered to print by a purchase you made – or a combination of purchases.  They normally will say something like:  “Thank you for your purchase.  Enjoy $2 Off Your Next Order (OYNO)”.
  • You can use this “OYNO” coupon for any other purchase you make – including buying more of the item that produced the catalina.
  • There is often a formula for how many of a certain item you need to buy to produce an expected catalina.  Find the formula for most catalinas HERE.

How do you know what catalinas to expect?

  • We have a very generic list of “National Catalinas” that are expected Nationwide.  The dates on these aren’t always the same for each store though – plus many stores have catalinas that don’t show up on our National Catalina List.
  • Sometimes you will get a heads up in the form of a Catalina Notification.  It will print out with the dates of the Catalina promotion on it, and how many of an item to buy to get the OYNO coupon.  If you ever receive one of these, let us know and we’ll add it to the list!

What if the catalina doesn’t print like it should?

  • KEEP YOUR RECEIPT.  If you double-check it against the details and you bought all the right stuff (Size, quantity, variety) that you were supposed to – then call the Catalina Hotline!


(You need to have your products’ UPC codes and receipt ready, because they will ask for both!)


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