Candy Cane Hearts for Valentine’s Day (Get them for pennies on Christmas Clearance!)

Photo courtesy of LittleBitFunky

Candy Cane Hearts for Valentines

Jamie here! I posted around the 2nd week of January about  Target 90% OFF Christmas Clearance   - and I was whining that my Target basically had oodles of candy canes on clearance and that was it.  However, reader Denise commented on our Time2Save Facebook Page that this is JUST THE THING for making cheap Valentine’s Day treats!

You can make Candy Cane Heart suckers filled with melted candy melts and stuck to sucker sticks (See how HERE)  Actually – you can probably use the leftover chocolate chips you have lying around instead of buying the more expensive candy melts at the craft store.  Fill with sprinkles – or not!

Photo courtesy of SouthernVogue

….or if you’re more of a cupcake-mom, make these cute little cupckaes with candy cane hearts stuck on top!

The Basics:

  • If you’re placing your candy canes against a sucker stick, and filling with melted chocolate, you won’t need to really melt the canes themselves (the chocolate will heat them a bit and glue them together anyway).
  • If you’re just sticking your candy canes together without filling them up with chocolate – lie them on wax paper on a cookie sheet in a 250 degree oven for about 10 minutes.  Arrange them as hearts, and when you pull them out press them together quickly to make them stick.

What creative ways do you use Christmas candy you find on clearance?  Let us know!


  1. Pat says

    Add left over candy to cookie or cupcake batter. U can crumble up any hard candy and many of the soft candy and just add to the batter.
    Or sprinkle on top of the cookie batter before baking.
    Also if u r a cupcake / cake baker u can do the same with left over crumbles on top of the frosting to go with what u added to the cake batter.
    Lastly if you should happen to have any candy melts, or baking chips melt them and add the crumbles and any broken up pieces of pretzels and spread on wax paper. Break it up like peanut brittle.

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